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Frage von patenkueken:

Hello and a beautiful Sunday.

I have a DVD movie, a yoga DVD with runlength an hour. This movie has no chapters. But now I want the individual exercises "extract" and as an individual video -/Filmdateien such as MP4 to save my calculator. (I want to practice and individual sequences do not always do the whole hour yoga).

I have Nero available. Now I have only with the Recode DVD to MP4 and recoded this Titel-/Kapitelmarken set. It has lasted quite long, because, as mentioned, there were no chapters. But the result was a large MP4 file. No different.

Then I have vision and open the file there purely pulled (I wanted the individual chapters, which I had defined), then make a menu selectable. In vision, these brands can not see!

When I look at the MP4, but back in Recode presentation, very well.

Can someone help me? Council would be grateful.



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Virtualdub Download

Film open - in and out set point - the top of the bar in video to make Direct Stream - press F7 or File / Save as Avi - done

Now the point of the body eg s.die previously used to point out, and forward to the position again where you want to cut there again Out Point set. Then again F7 and location.

In and Out points set down with the last 2 buttons that look like arrows.

B. DeKid


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