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Camcorder Kauf. Es ist so schwer..... Hilfe !!

Purchase camcorder. It is so hard ..... Help!

Frage von Milkshake:
Oktober 2006


after tagelangem Search through forums and comparisons, I have now this camcorder in my closer Choice:

Panasonic NV-GS 27 EC-S (about 240 Euro)
Canon MV 930 (about 270 Euro)
SonyDCR HC-23 (approx 285 euros)
Samsung VP-D 361 (approx 215 Euro)

Has anyone experience with one of these devices?
Can someone recommend me or not recommend?
For any help I would be very grateful. Wants to do no wrong ...

Antwort von Markus:

At least the Samsung forget who's usually not as well off (on the other models and the relative price!).

Antwort von Milkshake:

Ok. The Samsung is already out.
Stay still three.
I think I will be well between the Panasonic and the Sony decision.
Incidentally, I have seen that the
SonyDCR HC-35
only slightly more expensive than the 23er.

This means that there would be synonymous.

Panasonic NV-GS 27 EC-S
SonyDCR HC-35

Antwort von adminc:

nimm pana!

Antwort von Chezus:

The Panasonics, you can almost never what wrong. Synonymous with the Canon is not bad. Have the ever tried and the price makes the really good pictures.

Antwort von Milkshake:

ok. So you recommend the Panasonic.

But why? simply because of the name .... or because the cameras are designed to distinguish and the Panasonic is better?

Are there no good reason?

Antwort von Chezus:

Continuous good test results and positive opinions
not enough?

Panasonic halt what it has in the camcorder area. Also, the processing often speaks for itself.

Not always but in most models as far as I know.

Antwort von Milkshake:

but that would be rich, but the Sonyhat synonymous very positive opinions:)

A good reason for Sony not to buy or vice versa .... that's it.

Maybe someone is still what a. I would be very grateful to you:)

ps. thank you again for the previous answers

Antwort von Niemand:

Apparently nobody has a clue here ... sry but more than 3 short sentences solllten already be inside!

ps: "no better for a while but is usually not have always" will not suffice as conclusive answer but have tried ihrs yes.

MFG raptorfhm@yahoo.de

Antwort von cutaway:


My opinion: Sonyist good, the FX HD 1 of Sony is even better.


Antwort von Milkshake:

ich werd crazy.
what now?

and None can have a good reason to say.
Why did I just come up with the idea myself a camcorder to buy:)

Antwort von Jan:

grgrgr what is going on here?

Honestly a normal film (like in the automatic and rarely filmed and has no significant prior knowledge) will be with all 3 major Canon MV 9xx & SonyHC 23 & GS 27 Panasonic satisfied, so Samsung is still cameras in the back and a piece for me not recommended (see the test pictures)

If you have to trot out the ambitious filmmaker, you should use the main advantages / disadvantages of the Camera's familiar, although in many test reports are available, such as test pictures for VAD:

Antwort von Milkshake:

wow. thank you for your effort. echt super.

ok, one last question I have:

What does this point:
"only 2 Einblenmöglichkeiten (black / white) and not directly or SW Sepia Recording - what for me but not so high one - Thanks editing program"

If I still synonymous someone could answer, I would be happy tomorrow and run into a store and buy me my camcorder:)

Antwort von AndyZZ:

Means you can use your picture of a black or white background displayed. Nonsense! Can you s.PC much better.

No direct SW (black / white) Recording and no sepia (beige colored, made of old) recording directly to tape. You need not be synonymous => PC editing program!

Antwort von Jan:

That I say yes more often, better everything feasible s.PC. Well some people want to hold it still in the camera settings, which was 8 mm in times of doing it. Today more no more, pretty much any editing program has two to three effects. Panasonic does it the right way, I find.

Black or white fade-in Pana means (black) is darker then slowly the sound louder and the picture comes from the black background gradually into the foreground.

Although once again relating to it with a schmalbrüstigen eh Einsteigercam can not demanding films are expected to attend, but you can work with a lot of knowledge & the best rausholen (For the professional & semi of you the people with PD 170 & Betacam turn and after my remarks probably barely able to hold the stool). Well Everyone starts small at times .....


Antwort von Chezus:

I recently film synonymous with PD 150th I agree with you too. I have a cheap and shitty cam shots synonymous quite ordinary gschnitten videos.

With a PD 150/170 up, you need not hold too much masking. And if you're not necessarily at night films are doing it the other cams synonymous until you get something else can afford.

As I said, if one with an expensive cam scheisse film helps the whole rumgeschneide nothing more

Antwort von Milkshake:

"And if you're not necessarily at night films are doing it the other cams synonymous"

What does that mean?
If, for example, the Panasonic so bad in the night that they already get problems at dusk?

I had been more favorable synonymous Cams zb PocketCam of Aiptek.
In the case where it is so that if it does not strahlendheller tag is nothing more we can recognize.

So the wars Cams already synonymous with interior shots or really just problems in the middle of the night?

Antwort von Chezus:

Sleep light, candlelight, twilight, etc. Strong
Such lighting conditions strike most small camcorder. Lenses are usually not too heavy and so light they start pumping s.zu then once it is dark. So they can not properly represent sharp. In addition, the Picture in grieslig

The PD of 150/170 is fairly light as Stark. That makes the shooting in the night really fun
The Panasonic NV-GS 500 is synonymous in the field not be bad, but synonymous costs 900 euros upwards again.

Bad camcorders are the other reason is not. I need a light holding strong because I often camcorder in low light conditions filme

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Video / Still Image / movie requires light. The best lot of them (although still image has the advantage that one can make long-exposure). Just because we are still around 0:26 clock at full moon through the woods and meadows and can still pound the way from the field may differ, the car is not for the camcorder. And if we look closely about it, is synonymous easy to understand.

Antwort von Chezus:

The long-term exposure have camcorder so synonymous (night mode). But as with cameras must halt synonymous not much movement takes place.

I've synonymous Photographed at concerts, and the problem was always the light. As I said you can adjust shutter speed so that the aperture open longer. But how should we say for example that they Seeed times please keep quiet while people cheer grad 25000. Remedy would have given only a random flash created s.nicht but it was allowed and b) destroy the atmosphere.

The ideal lens for my purposes would be summasummarum cost 2500 euros.

So you see that everything bad light bypasses much. Camcorders with good light just like the Lenses with Image Stabilization and high light intensity.
There is no shame if your new camcorder in bad times is not as light as you are filming you imagine. Thus I have long been part. Now I have the more expensive option

Antwort von Milkshake:

ok, of course, the quality suffers,
but it is not so bad, that when you in a room with normal lighting conditions is filming that you will only see little points of light (lamps) and the rest is black?

You can come see what ... ?

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

No, the less light, the more pegelt after the camcorder. Similarly, increasing the image noise with an. It is now actually very good. Just a few more lights turn on ... and possibly by weak pears stronger replace.

Antwort von Chezus:

Kommt drauf s.was you in normal light conditions understand.
Let s.du films s.Weihnachten just like children unwrap gifts. The light is dimmed or completely out and the room is limited only by the tree lighting brightened. Ansich really well lit, but the camcorder is slightly overwhelmed as Hell and Dunkel is quite unevenly distributed (by the candles on the tree).

Or just when the sun in the winter goes down quite early and it dawns.
A normally lit room is of course where it is synonymous to the so-called pump if you can come of a bright lit room in a slightly darker space walk. This happens when the more expensive camcorders synonymous, but not so bad.

As I said the more you ausgibst the better the quality, although not synonymous with any camcorder, but at the most. 400-600 Euro würd ich schon invest, then you will have more fun on it, believe me

Antwort von Milkshake:

I do this now just so that I will buy me the camcorder and then werd ichs'll see:)

In any case, many many thanks for all the help!

In a two weeks time I will report back if I'm satisfied or not:)


Antwort von Jan:

"Milkshake" wrote:
"If, for example, the Panasonic so bad in the night that they already get problems at dusk?

Panasonic, Canon & JVC Consumer night mode when taking a longer shutter speed (1 / 3 or 1 / 6 sec) depending on the program and model. Longer exposure means "bright" to make, with the disadvantage of the s.1/25 sec downward movement with recordings closes.

Sonyversucht at least when the Slow Shutter function for NightShot, the cap on the popular 1 / 50 to rest and with light, and the sensor Infarotlicht a little push a brighter picture without even synonymous slower shutter speed to obtain. In motion, the Night View, Night Scope Night Mode or useless, with the Sony's you can picture a little bear.

But if one's correct is you need a lamp. Therefore spaß professionals on the NightShot function.

Under normal indoor lighting, the latest cameras rather fewer problems, depending on the model in light slumber light without light you get a nearly black or, as GS 500 & HC 96 a dark but acceptable Picture synonymous without night program. With very little ambient light there is almost synonymous to see only black.


Antwort von Boris99:

"Milkshake" wrote:

In a two weeks time I will report back if I'm satisfied or not:)

Well then let something hear ...


Antwort von Mora57:

"Milkshake" wrote:
ich werd crazy.

I read only about 10% of the postings here and it is only because swarms of so-called Panasonic. As crazy as it is beginner actually be that you do not immediately recognize? :-))

Antwort von Markus:

"An unnamed guest wrote:
As crazy as it is beginner actually be that you do not immediately recognize? :-))

Pretty crazy, I suppose. - But that's not what you really wanted to know, right? ;-)

Antwort von Jan:

A HC 23 or Canon MV 900 cameras are good, when you see my list of synonymous to have advantages.

At the end of abdominal decision.

Filmneueinsteiger love - You will no preference which of the 3en used - satisfactory - the perfect camera is not available for 250 ¬.

Panasonic is holding in the consumer market with great features and included accessories.


Antwort von king_porno:

Well, it is. One can not for 250 or 400 ¬ a pro device expected.
However, the ¬ 150 has a positive effect on the quality noticeable.

Do not know what people there think. Are we all somehow HDTV spoils. How about with professional cameras? If so then go for 5000 ¬, top little gibts limits?

Antwort von king_porno:

Although now I'm late to respond here, but these three cameras, I had to narrow Choice. However, I have now read more often, it appears that all three problems in the post with Windows XP SP2 have? Who can I report here what otherwise?

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Problems in the post with Windows XP SP2?

This is not a problem of individual camera models, but one that is in conjunction with SP2 Firewire cause. Find More:


Gruß Bernd E.

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