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AMD, Intel and Nvidia at the CES 2020

AMD, Intel and Nvidia at the CES 2020

[11:09 thu,9.January 2020   by ]    

We had already reported last year that RED is already allowed to play with AMD&s new Threadripper: And so it was not really surprising that AMD is now (as also announced earlier) putting its monster processor Threadripper 3990X with 64 cores (and 128 threads) on sale from early February 2020.

The price of 4,000 dollars sounds pretty heavy at first. But considering the fact that Intel has nothing comparable to offer in this HEDT performance class, this also shows that AMD has absolutely justified self-confidence. Thus, AMD could show on the CES stage how a Threadripper 3990X clearly left a Dual Xeon solution from Intel behind for 20,000 Euros in rendering. And they also let Jarred Land of RED enthusiastically report that 8K-RED material can be played in real time with this processor.


But before one slaughters now its piggy bank, one should consider likewise, what we among other things just again in our New Year Editorial wrote. The CPU plays an ever smaller role in video editing programs. So as long as you don&t have to transcode a lot of clips on the CPU or render many CPU effects (keyword After Effects), the money would be much better invested in a fast GPU. For 4.000 dollars you could put three Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti into your computer and would probably have used much more "effect power". By the way: For 8K-RED decoding by the way, an Nvidia RTX GPU should already be enough easily.

Speaking of Nvidia. Here it remained unusually quiet at CES, although many users hoped to learn something about the upcoming GPU generation (amps). Judging by the silence, it should be at least until the middle of this year before we see new GPUs from Nvidia. Since Nvidia will switch from 12 to 7nm with this next generation, we can expect quite a big leap in performance compared to the previous generation.

Intel didn&t really have anything new in their luggage either and indirectly underlined with a rather embarrassing presentation that they can hardly oppose AMD&s upcoming processors in the notebook market. The background to this is that Intel has simply still not got its 10nm production up and running for the large quantities in the mass market and therefore still produces many new processors in 14nm. But 14nm are simply no longer competitive in many respects (e.g. in efficiency or die area yield). By the way, these problems also affect the Intel desktop market, as now also mainboard manufacturers confirmed half-open at the CES.

AMD is allowed to do so. The Ryzen 4000 series for laptops looks extremely strong and seems to be taken seriously by all major laptop manufacturers.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: AMD, Intel und Nvidia auf der CES 2020

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