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Apple'amp;s AR glasses - Gamechanger for ?

Apple'amp;s AR glasses - Gamechanger for ?

[14:05 fri,5.February 2021   by ]    

bildDer Spiegel reports that the news portal "The Information" has allegedly picked up exclusive details about Apple&s upcoming data glasses. Since Apple is keeping a low profile on this, but Der Spiegel is not exactly known as a purveyor of empty rumours, we would assume that Der Spiegel has at least a second source for this information, which also basically confirms the rumours.

It is not supposed to be a typical, closed VR (virtual reality) goggle, but the signs point to augmented reality (AR). Here, virtual objects can be plausibly faded into the normal field of vision in three dimensions. Apple is not the first company to try to market such a technology; companies like Magic Leap have done so before failed spectacularly or, like Microsoft with the Hololens, are pushing marketing outside the consumer sector.

It is to be expected that Apple will not let itself down technically here: two 8K displays and at least 12 camera and lidar sensors are to be installed for tracking and displaying the outside world. And all this at a targeted price point of around 3000 dollars.

It has been said before that Apple wants to enter the AR market and this seems to be confirmed once again. The big question mark, however, remains the target group and thus the content. As a tool for industrial design - as Microsoft is currently primarily marketing its Hololens - an Apple device does not seem to suit us. For more than a decade, Apple has wanted to exclusively address mass markets and no longer serve professional niches.

This in turn means that the device will be more for consumer media content. And here, as we know, content sells devices. Since there are no standards for this in advance, Apple currently has to co-develop the killer apps under its stealth cover. This, in turn, could also be a reason why the device is now being leaked so early before its actual launch: Because external content suppliers such as game studios are probably already working hard on exclusive titles.

At the same time, Apple will also have to provide tools for content creation at the latest with the release of the glasses, and this is where things might get interesting for slashCAM readers. Because if Apple&s AR glasses gain a foothold, interesting new possibilities for telling scenic stories are likely to open up. Just as the game and film industries already have strong overlaps, AR worlds could bring a new virtual component into play here.

Until then, however, we can still fantasise a little, because Bloomberg expects a finished AR product from Apple in 2023 at the earliest. Whether Apple will really succeed in developing AR applications into a mass market is another matter. But it should certainly be exciting.

Link more infos at bei www.spiegel.de

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Apples AR-Brille - Gamechanger für 3000 Dollar?

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