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No plan of video editing in DaVinci Resolve? Here 10 Tutorial Clips free on deusch

[14:01 mon,5.December 2016   by ]    


Those who would like to create an overview of the interface functions of DaVinci Resolve or simply want to synchronize its "average competence" in Resolve times to date, here are 10 free video tutorials in German, which have been produced by Blackmagic Design, in collaboration with Digital Production and Stefan Reiss. We have always rediscovered interface functions when Durckskippen with which we were previously less familiar - rummaging is worthwhile ... VY = wfZm2YH5kPY list = PLY4pUpHwxSJQ0FRarRTySYESw12CK5N5k VY = pFthRiwY9xQ list = PLY4pUpHwxSJQ0FRarRTySYESw12CK5N5k VY = UkI3yncZZWg list = PLY4pUpHwxSJQ0FRarRTySYESw12CK5N5k? VY = arq2Wh_R0J8? list = PLY4pUpHwxSJQ0FRarRTySYESw12CK5N5k VY = mEtwAGOeKbI? list = PLY4pUpHwxSJQ0FRarRTySYESw12CK5N5k VY = IfDEMJ1zB-Q? list = PLY4pUpHwxSJQ0FRarRTySYESw12CK5N5k VY = M0ZVOsHditg

Link more infos at bei www.youtube.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Keinen Plan vom Videoschnitt in DaVinci Resolve? Hier 10 Tutorialclips umsonst auf deutsch


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Keinen Plan vom Videoschnitt in DaVinci Resolve? Hier 10 Tutorialclips umsonst auf deutsch

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