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Panasonic S1 and S1R on approach: Even more video specialization in the future?

Panasonic S1 and S1R on approach: Even more video specialization in the future?

[14:26 fri,4.January 2019   by ]    

DPReview has conducted an interesting interview with Yosuke Yamane, President of Panasonic's Imaging Network Business Division on the upcoming Panasonic full-format mirror-less S1 and S1R. The main topics are Panasonic's claim to achieve pros with the new S1 series and this above all through higher robustness/reliability such as more than 200,000 guaranteed shutter cycles, the highest resolution viewfinder of all competitors, particularly high-quality video functions beyond 4K 60p ("We cannot disclose the exact specification beyond saying that it will be capable of 4K/60p video but you can expect more.") as well as ergonomics aimed at professional users.


Interesting in this context is also the categorical exclusion of APS-C cameras and the reference to models not more specialized in video in the future as well as the mention of future beginners full format models.

Of course, we are especially curious about the video functions of the S1, which with its 24 MP sensor will rather be aimed at video-affine users. We consider 4K 60p in 10 bit to be "quasi set" - the question of additional RAW options should be particularly exciting and the AF performance in video mode is also of great interest. And finally, we are also very excited about the performance of the Sigma and Leica optics on the S1 full-frame series.

We also find the brief discussion in the interview about which size makes sense for professional cameras and whether the current focus of competitors on the most compact camera housings possible is the best way for professional users important.


We had at the Photokina we already had the opportunity for a first hands-on with the S-Series and were quite impressed from the first to take it in our hands.

More about S1 and S1R from Panasonic hopefully soon ...

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Panasonic S1 und S1R im Anflug: Mehr als 4K 60P?

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