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RED Hydrogen One Holo-Smartphone is being delayed further

RED Hydrogen One Holo-Smartphone is being delayed further

[12:13 wed,1.August 2018   by ]    

RED&s CEO Jim Jannard, has announced a further delay in the delivery of the "holographic" RED Hydrogen One Android smartphone. Already in May Jannard had postponed the originally planned start for April to August and one month ago Jannard had to announce another delay caused by certification problems. He offered users who had already pre-ordered and fully paid for Hydrogen One the opportunity to cancel their order and get their money back immediately.

In a new post in the H4V user forum, Jannard now had to admit that the problems persist and a safe delivery date is not yet known (and will probably not be for several weeks to months): " Hasn&t been a very good couple of weeks. We have been pushed back in certification and the carriers are allocating a new launch window. I should have the details pretty soon but not likely to be pretty. Not sure when I have been this frustrated."


After all, Jannard had already announced in the last post a special compensation for the (American) pre-orderers, namely a Houdini" christened unlocked pre-release PVT version of Hydrogen One called "Houdini" with an additional 128 GB microSD card and an extended warranty of one year.

RED&s goal is also ambitious: the Hydrogen One is to lay the foundation for a multidimensional media system in the consumer area, which can take and display images in the new holographic "4-view" format and can be expanded by modules. For this purpose, it has several pogo pin contacts on the rear, via which future modules such as lens mounts can be connected. The first module RED wants to offer is supposed to be a large camera sensor - RED doesn&t reveal any further details yet, but the sensor will tend towards DSLRs rather than a usual smartphone size. The camera module should then be usable together with classic lenses (from Fuji, Nikon, Canon or Leica).

RED wants to create an entire ecosystem around the impressive 3D effect, including streaming of.h4v videos and VR180 content. Even before the release of Hydrogen One, corresponding 3D content in H4V format is to be prepared for a paid distribution by conversion from existing stereoscopic video material. Another application for the innovative 3D display will be a kind of "Holo-Chat", a holographic facetime chat over the net between two Hydrogen One users.

However, the high price of Hydrogen One (around 1,300 or 1,600 for pre-orders) could be so discouraging for many potential buyers that the number of users required to establish such a new format and ecosystem will not be reached. After all, RED has the support of two major US mobile phone providers, through which the Hydrogen One will then also be sold for the mass market.

Link more infos at bei h4vuser.net

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED Hydrogen One Holo-Smartphone verzögert sich weiter

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