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Sony C3 Portal: Cloud solution for Sony cameras - from shooting directly to the editing suite

Sony C3 Portal: Cloud solution for Sony cameras - from shooting directly to the editing suite

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Sony has announced the C3 (Camera Connect Cloud) Portal, a cloud solution for users of some of its (semi-)professional cameras that allows content you&ve just shot to be sent over the network directly to the editing suite using the C3 Portal app (iOS/Android). In addition, metadata is added to the videos, which can then be used seamlessly in post-production. This allows new videos to be viewed by editors, producers or clients via the cloud shortly after shooting.

Sony C3 Portal

Collaboration with the C3 Portal is initially supported by the following Sony cameras: PXW-FX9, ILME-FX6, PXW-Z280, PXW-Z750, PXW-Z450, PXW-X400 and PXW-X500. The Sony C3 Portal app is compatible with Android 10 and iOS 14, and later versions of each.

The Sony C3 Portal specifically targets broadcasters involved in news production and offers some interesting features for this purpose.

The features of the Sony C3 Portal including app

- Easy connection of the camera to the cloud via a dedicated mobile application: The camera operator can follow intuitive steps that require simply logging into the application and scanning a QR code on the cameras (PXW-FX9 and PXW-Z280). This feature will first be supported by PXW-FX9 with firmware version 3.0 and PXW-Z280 with firmware 5.0, which is scheduled for the end of November 2021.
- Mobile network transfer: users can connect the cameras to their smartphone via USB to transfer files to the cloud via mobile 5G/LTE/WLAN network. It is also possible with the Android version of the C3 Portal app to combine multiple mobile networks to speed up transfer speeds.
- Chunk File Transfer: This allows users to send recordings in individual chunks to reduce production editing time.
- End-to-end metadata workflow: when camera operators, reporters or directors set up planning metadata, such as staff names or video subjects, and send it to smartphones and cameras via the C3 portal before a shoot, this metadata is automatically associated with files sent via the cloud. In parallel, camera operators can add comments and markers as metadata when previewing XAVC proxy files sent to the smartphone to speed up post-shoot video editing.
- The software offers the ability to convert speech to text and recognize speech: These features help post-production integrate with Sony&s cloud-based AI service, Media Analytics Portal.

Sony C3 Portal

Version 1.0 of C3 Portal will be released in late November 2021. Users can opt for licenses available through Sony&s distribution channel to fit their needs, including number of users, data service, and AI capabilities. Further development will include support for other Sony cameras and advanced features. On the production side, C3 Portal will integrate seamlessly with various cloud-based services from Sony and other third parties, as well as directly with non-linear editing suites.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Sony C3 Portal: Cloud-Lösung für Sony Kameras - vom Dreh direkt zum Schnittplatz

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