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US Army bans use of DJI camcorders

US Army bans use of DJI camcorders

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A memo of 2 August of the US Army, which has now become known, forbids all members of the Chinese market leader DJI to use their comrades (as well as other equipment) with immediate effect. It should not only be used with immediate effect, but also all DJI software should be uninstalled and all memory cards and batteries should be removed. The reason is the increased vulnerability of DJI products for Cyberattacks. In addition to drones, cameras, flight controllers, batteries and individual components of DJI are also affected. The command is very far-reaching, as DJI comrades have found widespread use in the US Army - they are even the most used commercial drone (UAS - Unmanned Air System / unmanned aircraft system), which does not come from aArmy&s own program. DJI drones are even to be used by American Special Forces units in Syria in battle. After the vulnerability of DJI drones did not become apparent by geo- and speed hacks, but instead The reaction of the US military is not surprising by DJI&s reaction to the post-dive possibilities of DJI, on drones already in the hands of users. Otherwise, the danger in case of a possible confrontation with China that DJI drones in the service of the US military (or also drones in the private possession) could be converted to Chinese Cyberspionen. PIC1: DJI drone Alone the fact that DJI at willlimit the functions of his drones or call out practical flight bans (as described in the Case of Syria), the alarm bells must ring for militants. In May an article in the magazine sUAS News had pointed out that when using the DJI GO4 App a lot of information such as telemetry data, a low-res version of video as well as audio (according to sUAS conversations recorded and embedded in the video) are uploaded to DJI Server via internal smartphone / tablet microphone. This sharing of data can be switched off, but by default it is activated. In the djistatic.com/agreement/dji-go-pp.html(Usage declaration for the DJI GO4 app), it is agreed that DJI records flight data at the request of the authorities and passes it on to them. Similar information already circulated in April last year, when DJI confirmed, Chinese authorities Access to user data and videos. DJI has responded to the latest news at the request of The Verge with the following statement: u003ciu003e"People, businesses and governments around the world rely on DJI&s products and technology for a variety of uses including sensitive and mission critical operations ... We are surprised and Disappointed to read reports of the US Army s unprompted restriction on DJI drones as we were not consulted during their decisionu003c/iu003e


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