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Question of Sezgino:
Februar 2011

Hello people

I would like to create short films and later perhaps synonymous movies.
Unfortunately I do not have ¬ 30,000 available. I wanted to know what it holds of a PMW EX3, would be enough to turn to the movies rather have a film look?
What you have of this product, what else would you recommend for me from this price range?
You can view the data and everything was indeed but as I say unfortunately nothing Beginners ..

Would appreciate detailed answers ...

Thanks ..

Reply Daniel007:

'm No expert, but one thing I can say now:

The camera alone does not a "Movies" look. ;)

Reply pilskopf:

Do we not synonymous with the EX3 a 35mm adapter for decent dof?

Film look is synonymous so many elements, where do you start? Look for movie requires a few ingredients but they are quite interchangeable. A great location, this brilliant and a great message of the image with noise may already constitute sufficient film look sharp and although the entire picture in W S / and is it in SD.

Reply Bernd E.:

"Sezgino" wrote:
EX3 ... ... ... cinema-data says to me ... as Beginners unfortunately nothing ...

I do not know if your question is meant seriously, but I'll try it seriously. The current state of your knowledge, it is an absolute madness, 8000 ¬ for a camera issue - and there is not the most necessary equipment s.zusätzlichem it. Investments rather s.Zeit first lot for you to read some clue and start your movie career with a good consumer camera. Perhaps would even the currently very popular Panasonic GH2 in question? It enables low cost what is considered some of "film look" (ie the game with less depth of field). And said to us: If you do not hammer out so technically good film, save you a EX3 not synonymous. Tips en for even further reading: www.movie-college.de

Reply B.DeKid:

Kuck dir times the Panasonic AG-AF101 at

or just the EX1 (or EX3) still nen 35mm adapter

Reply Sezgino:

thanks for the quick reply first ...

so that it takes more than a camera, I realize, but I do not feel like much time invested tiern to rotate in and s.ende is the picture of ass anyway ...

so I'm happy to invest more if it is really worth synonymous, but I fear too much synonymous to investing tiern s.ende and thus can not do anything ... @ bernd
but it is serious and I think I have what it takes to synonymous, synonymous, only the camera be all right.
you may have some more advice?

I would like to see the s.af101, but would ex3's okay do you think? @ Dekid

Reply pilskopf:

It's the question what do you mean by film look. What do you want to have? Also a cool EX3 is not a pretty picture you conjure when not due some things will notice. Red does not ne time you want to achieve this big blur ne need a 35mm adapter. To do so, but synonymous much light. How much of an idea from the shoot with you? Ne EX3 is a cool cam, no question, ne AG as AF101, but they differ totally. The AF101 has disadvantages as advantages in Comparison to an EX3.

"I just do not feel like much time invested tiern to rotate in and s.ende is the picture of ass anyway ..."

Sometimes it is more important in the fabric turns the other way as you invest. If you're planning to film, of course, dirt, get the same ne RED.

Reply B.DeKid:

Ne EX3 only 35 mm WITH ADAPTER! Ergo 2000 ¬ more then to still Lenses

If synonymous same can buy the Panasonic because you save the stuff adapter

By the quality are both top

But please write me non so nen shit like "I want to invest so much time to turn non-" -!))

Reply rush:

Probably the camera will then be placed before the automatic mode and with AF ...

Amazing that some apparently loose the money for 1A rumzuliegen equipment have to know at all but in principle exactly what they want / need ...

Reply Bernd E.:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
... Please write me non so nen shit like "I want to invest so much time to turn non-" ...

I still have my doubts whether this approach with Sezgino s.ein film project is doing a favor, but well, it's not even my money. This set of him but I had understood differently: He does not want just because the wrong camera, the result is no good after a lot of time invested in the rotation.
"Sezgino" wrote:
... I do not want a lot of time invested tiern to rotate in and s.ende is the picture of ass anyway ...

Reply B.DeKid:

Sorry Bernd. and synonymous TO

But when I read something then I get to keep NEN neck ... for I know perfectly well that can be synonymous conjure the worst Cam things still find other great - you look also my BD-The farmer in the background got me with Ner cheap Olympus made in 1030 had and reworked is noticed that no!.

You really know that I have often synonymous swchrieb "That's my shoe box with glass floor jams Lens - make better pictures"

So we should brace themselves up too much in the Cam

That means instead of ne ne used EX1 EX3 use and NEN 35mm adapter plus external recording ;-)

B. DeKid

PS: and if too much of a Money because I hold myself, I've concluded that people in the circle with bowling club photos Ner D3 what the hell I mess up relatively no preference ;-))

Reply Sezgino:

Dekid people I was already quite understand what I mean is that it should not be bad s.einer cam if my income was not as much money from ist.ich ass but I want to finally do something I enjoy and am ready synonymous have fun in my investieren.ich to many images in my head and I would not put the wrong thing s.die go because it just it is so expensive, I ask you what you do s.besten sollte.anfangs I wanted so I bring a starter instrument, but a dealer said that were all schrott.also says what you ...
How should I s.besten s.die ran thing, I really reinzuhängen before me in the thing, so the more tips the better ...

And who comes to camera equipment to pay offering private lessons can still register ä

Reply B.DeKid:

the actual question is simply whether you want to be a producer or Directing or DoF - I can only say that each one of NEN talent should put s.den right place.

What kind of camera you ne "borrow" or buy is there incidential.

Where come from?

sits somewhere in your area because you have determined one of the NEN bissel help here, there are indeed capable enough heads so it should not be the prob.

And what he meant to say the least, the seller is nonsense!

Because in the end you'll soon pull much synonymous with nerve HF200 + adapter or just nervous 550D .....

Sound and light is important to stop and the corresponding eye NEN PLUS GOOD TEAM

Film is not a single fighter business.

For among us but only until you are producing nearly good footage there is any expired until Cam you buy now obsolete or a waste of money

B. DeKid

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