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David Lynch Masterclass is online - Good things come to those who wait?

bildAlmost half a year ago the David Lynch "Masterclass" tutorial videos had been announced on masterclass.com. Now the time has come. The access to David Lynch'amp;s "Masterclass" is available either as Single Class for 100,- Euro or as ABO at ...more

[10:26 fri,22.March 2019   by ]

Acer EI491CR 49

bildNow Acer also offers an extra-wide 49" monitor in 32:9 format - unlike the 5K 49 inch monitors Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW, Samsung CRG9 and Philips 499P9H, which only have a resolution of 3,840 x 1,080 pixels, but are cheaper. The special format offers ...more

[08:33 fri,22.March 2019   by ]

VR Headsets with higher resolution -- HP Reverb and Oculus Rift S

bildFor really convincingly immersive VR videos, there is a lack of display resolution in the dedicated headsets -- especially the recently announced model HP Reverb in the USA is supposed to remedy this: with 2160 x 2160 per eye, it offers a ...more

[15:57 thu,21.March 2019   by ]

Compact, silent and powerful (gaming) workstation: Corsair One i160

bildA cutting computer that is compact, powerful and quiet at the same time is usually rare in the PC sector. When assembling a workstation, you almost always have to choose between two of these three features. In this respect, the last Mac Pro was ...more

[09:57 thu,21.March 2019   by ]

Frame.io update with new archive option

bildAs always, Frame.io is bringing an update for its collaboration software with some new features in the run-up to the upcoming NAB. Private comments are introduced so that it is possible to conduct internal team discussions on a project that remain ...more

[15:25 wed,20.March 2019   by ]

Unimaginative? Quentin Tarantino's

bildWe can't say whether it's because of the upright format that Quentin Tarantino's film poster "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", recently released by Sony Pictures, has received so much negative criticism. What is certain is that the poster with ...more

[12:50 wed,20.March 2019   by ]

Better audio: Microphone adapter for DJI Osmo Pocket is here

bildIn order to be able to operate the small Osmo Pocket gimbal camera with an external microphone, an adapter from USB-C to 3.5mm mini jack is now available -- it has long been listed as an accessory, but was not yet available; the retail price -- 39 ...more

[08:50 wed,20.March 2019   by ]

Crack Light: superflexibel Micro-LED Licht

bildThe Blind Spot Gear team has launched a new kickstart campaign (after the five previous campaigns were successfully completed, most recently the Scorpion Light Set and the Power Junkie). The new Crack Light is a flexible waterproof micro LED panel ...more

[15:10 tue,19.March 2019   by ]

New iMacs with up to 8 cores and AMD Vega graphics

bildApple has once again introduced new iMacs that for the first time include Intel 8-core options and AMD's Vega graphics processors. As before, there will be two versions with integrated retina displays. The smallest, new 21.5" version has a 3.6 GHz ...more

[14:32 tue,19.March 2019   by ]

Panasonic-, Nikon-, Canon-, Fuji- and Sony-metadata import for Resolve

bildThe free ExifTool from Phil Harvey, which has been popular for years, is a platform-independent Perl library for reading, writing and editing meta information. This program can read the EXIF files of most video files. Exif Video Resolved DR is a ...more

[09:01 tue,19.March 2019   by ]

Western Digital Blue SN500 NVMe SSDs: 1.7 GB/s instead of 560 MB/s through NVMe

bildWestern Digital's new Blue SN500 NVMe SSDs reflect the trend from SATA to NMVe SSDs: While the previous models of Western Digital's Blue 3D SSDs were still offered in the form of SSDs with SATA connectors, the two new Western Digital Blue SN500 ...more

[14:46 mon,18.March 2019   by ]

Upright video: Lena Meyer-Landrut Dont Lie to Me - cleverly self-referential and with perfect target

bildf you still need examples that mobile phone-friendly upright video formats have conquered their firm place in the camera-cadrage / video production, you will find in the current Lena Meyer-Landrut music video "Don'amp;t Lie to me" both current and ...more

[12:09 mon,18.March 2019   by ]

Robert Rodriguez: After the 170 million Hollywood blockbuster now a 7,000 dollar do-it-yourself movi

bildAfter the million sci-fi action film "Alita: Battle Angel", director Robert Rodriguez returns to his no-budget indie film origins: his new sci-fi horror thriller "Red 11", which was produced during Alita's post-production in just 14 days, cost ...more

[10:14 sun,17.March 2019   by ]

RED Patent Indicates Internal DCT-RAW Recording in Hydrogen

bildThe patent of Jim Jannard, Jarred Land and Bhat Manjunath Subray was last updated in January 2019 and deals, among other things, with how RAW compression of moving images on a smartphone can be managed as resource-efficiently as possible. If we ...more

[10:23 sat,16.March 2019   by ]
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