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Samsung T5: Portable Mini SSD with 540 MB / s

bildSamsung has introduced a very small and fast mobile SSD. The Portable SSD T5 measures 5.7 x 7.4cm (with a height of around 1cm) and achieves a reading speed of 540 MB / s and a write speed of 515 MB / s via USB 3.1 generation 2 on the USB-C port 20% ...more

[15:36 wed,16.August 2017   by ]

DJI announces new offline mode for its drones apps

bildDJI has announced the development of a new local data protection mode ("local data mode"), which does not share any (flight) data over the network. DJI reacts obviously to the recently done ...more

[10:46 wed,16.August 2017   by ]

Corel Pinnacle Studio 21 with new interface and keyframe control

bildThe workspace has been reorganized and can now be distributed as desired to several screens. In addition, a keyframe-precise control over applied effects, color adaptations uae. Also new is a fisheye correction, in order to "distort" ...more

[15:49 tue,15.August 2017   by ]

DJI Phantom 3 SE: Improved P3 with 4K recording

bildDJI has announced the immediate availability of an updated version of the DJI Phantom 3. The approximately 650 euro expensive Phantom 3 SE differs mainly in two points from the classic ...more

[11:36 tue,15.August 2017   by ]

StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Dual-4K Docking Station

bildThe new Thunderbolt 3 Dual-4K docking station from StarTech also provides power via a single cable Mac and Windows Laptops with Power Delivery 2.0 (up to 85W) as two 4K screens with data. It offers two Thunderbolt USB-C interfaces, a DisplayPort, ...more

[16:36 mon,14.August 2017   by ]

Higher payload: Upgraded Nebula 4300 5-axis gimbal

bildThe Nebula 4200 Gimbal with its "rocking" construction to stabilize on five axes has been updated. The new version Nebula 4300 also supports some heavier cameras with 3.2Kg (previously the maximum load was about 2.5 Kg), while the recharge ...more

[12:40 mon,14.August 2017   by ]

Edelkone SurfaceONE - Dollymodul for programmable camera (circular) rides

bildAgain a new product from Edelkrone, which is to facilitate small camera rides - with the SurfaceONE is a slider, because the small motor-driven sled is free, like other mini dolly, also without rails. However, a smooth substrate is absolutely ...more

[10:45 sun,13.August 2017   by ]

Mistika Insight: free version of the professional postproduction suite

bildThe professional Editing / VFX / Grading Suite Mistika from SGO is available now as free training version Mistika Insight for training purposes and training. SGO follows thus the models of Avid with ...more

[09:39 sat,12.August 2017   by ]

The drone as an automatic camera man

bildResearchers from the ETH Zurich, together with the TU Delft and the MIT, have developed an algorithm which makes it possible to use drones as a kind of automatic camera man, which accompanies actors as well as by steady cam. It is also possible to ...more

[12:12 fri,11.August 2017   by ]

Facebook Watch - Stronger focus on video shows

bildOnly in the US, Facebook offers "Watch" a new, integrated video platform, on which - initially only selected - producers can publish serial-appearing videos. The shows can be very different in nature (comedy, sports, reality TV, etc.) and also be ...more

[14:05 thu,10.August 2017   by ]
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