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The new iMac Pro is available for 5,499 to 15,339 euros

bildApple has today released Final Cut Pro X 10.4 (our review here and the new iMac Pros announced in June's ...more

[18:12 thu,14.December 2017   by ]

Apple Final Cut Pro 10.4 available with new Grading-Tools, HDR Support and more

bildApple has just released the latest version of Final Cut Pro -- including professional grading tools such as color wheels and color curves, plus support for high dynamic range (HDR) workflows (Rec. 2020 HLG and Rec. 2020 PQ) including scopes and ...more

[14:33 thu,14.December 2017   by ]

Google App Experiments: makes a comic strip from video clips

bildIn order to demonstrate the potential of the omnipresent mobile phone cameras, Google brings some experimental, free photo apps that combine smartphone hardware with computer vision algorithms. By "recognizing"the image content, the apps can offer ...more

[10:11 thu,14.December 2017   by ]

KipperTie REVOLVA lens adapter with integrated ND filter wheel for RED cameras

bildThe British RED specialist KipperTie announced an active EF or PL lens adapter for RED cameras, that comes with an integrated ND filter wheel. The KipperTie REVOLVA is suitable for any RED Scarlet W/Epic W/Weapon DSMC2 model. If you are ...more

[13:49 wed,13.December 2017   by ]

VESA Adopts New DisplayHDR Standard

bildThe industry association VESA has approved the open DisplayHDR, which defines which performance criteria HDR-capable LCD displays in three different classes must meet in order to qualify for the respective award by DisplayHDR logo. The resolution is ...more

[10:10 wed,13.December 2017   by ]

RØDE audio-interface AI-1 for home recording setups

bildA microphone or instrument such as a synthesizer or electric guitar can be connected to the Neutrik Combo jack, which combines an input for 3-pin XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt and 6.3mm jack plugs. The digitized sounds are output to the computer via the USB-C port. The ...more

[12:44 tue,12.December 2017   by ]

Adobe Live: Premiere Pro and After Effects CC Workflows

bildIf you work with Adobe software on a not yet professional level, you can take a look at the Adobe Live Stream and hopefully pick up some tips in the next few days, because it's all about video, motion design and animation between 12 and 14 December. ...more

[15:28 mon,11.December 2017   by ]

Video Tutorial: Smirnoff Clip - Lights for Portrait, Props and Background for One Shot

bildIn this video tutorial, DOP Autumn Durald explains how the current Smirnoff commercial was implemented as a one-shot. It was filmed with a Sony F5 and Cooke Mini S4/i. Topics here are the exact prop-selection for the background, which is mainly ...more

[12:11 mon,11.December 2017   by ]

Freefly Movi: intelligent smartphone gimbal as camera assistant

bildFreefly has introduced a new gimbal which, unlike the previous ones, is not intended to be used with professional cameras but to stabilise smartphones. The Movi baptized small one-handed gimbal - a somewhat confusing name, easily confused with the ...more

[10:14 sun,10.December 2017   by ]

Philips 32

bildNot 4K, but 10-bit HDR: The Philips Brilliance 328P6AUBREB professional/prosumder monitor Philips Brilliance 328P6AUBREB has already been announced at the IFA and will be available soon. It has a 31.5-inch 10-bit IPS display and offers a QHD ...more

[11:47 sat,9.December 2017   by ]
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