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February 2018

New and fast: Samyang XP 50mm F1.2 for EF mount 22.February 2018
2.0 Firmware Update for Panasonic EVA1 with All-I Recording, 5.7K RAW Output and much more 22.February 2018
Deblurring gets better and better - DeblurGAN 21.February 2018
22 x ARRI ALEXA, 6 x film, 3 x RED: The cameras of the 2018 Oscar nominated films 21.February 2018
Samsung produces the world's largest 2.5" SSD with 30 TB 20.February 2018
Video: The Shape of Water: Colour Concept, Camera and Oscar Chances 20.February 2018
Wearable 360° Camera FITT360 -- immersive memories 19.February 2018
Video: First impressions of Fujifilm X-H1, F-Log+LUT, skin tones, etc. 19.February 2018
German TV series on the rise - produced by Sky, Netflix and Amazon 18.February 2018
Vimeo Live streams parallel to YouTube, Facebook and Periscope 18.February 2018
DXO about the development of the smartphone camera in recent years 17.February 2018
Affordable FUJINON MKX 18-55mm T2.9 and MKX 50-135mm T2.9 with X-Mount and camera contacts 16.February 2018
New Version: Corel VideoStudio Pro / Ultimate 2018 16.February 2018
Manual E-Mount FF optics from Zeiss - Loxia 2.4/25 15.February 2018
Fujifilm: APS-C Flagship X-H1 with 5-axis Ibis, F-Log and DCI 4K recording presented 15.February 2018
New compact Cameras from Panasonic -- LUMIX GX9 (and TZ202) 14.February 2018
8K-Global Shutter Sensor with integrated Vari-ND-Filter from Panasonic 14.February 2018
Acer Predator X34P: ultra-wide curved 34" monitor with 100% sRGB 13.February 2018
RED + Foxconn = affordable 8K Pro-Camera for the Masses? 13.February 2018
Beautiful rumor - Samsung NX2 prototype with hot interior 12.February 2018
OWC ThunderBlade V4: Ultra-fast external SSD with 2800 MB/second 12.February 2018
Six questions for a commercial film script 11.February 2018
VLC Player 3.0 is available: 8K, HDR, 360° and Cineform 11.February 2018
Deep Learning algorithm can read images in the head 10.February 2018
Sigma introduces 14-24mm F2,8 DG HSM | Art lens 9.February 2018
Neue Monitore von HP: 4K, USB-C, 10 Bit und ein 43 Zoll für unter 1000 Euro 8.February 2018
What you hear is what you see -- sound design in film 8.February 2018
Wafers become significantly more expensive - RAM, CPUs, sensors and? 7.February 2018
Olympus PEN E-PL9 offers 4K/UHD recording 7.February 2018
Canon patent for fingerprint sensor for cameras and lenses 6.February 2018
K-Tek Airo -- low-budget audio accessories 6.February 2018
Documentary filmmakers: Unlimited TV-Archives jeopardises financing models 5.February 2018
Blackmagic Fiber Converter and more for live television production 5.February 2018
Study: Faster Driving after Fast and Furious Films 4.February 2018
Sony: Venice delivery starts in February incl. 4.February 2018
2018 Trend: large 4K TVs with pseudo-HDR 3.February 2018
ARRI ALEXA LF with 4.5 K Large Format Sensor and new LPL-Mount introduced 2.February 2018
Panavision introduces new Millenium DXL 2 camera 2.February 2018
Blackmagic URSA Broadcast: extremely affordable 4K 2/3" camera 2.February 2018
Phantom v2640 slow motion camera: FullHD with 11,750 frames per second 1.February 2018
Video codecs without a future? 1.February 2018


January 2018

Unsane -- Psycho-Thriller shot on iPhone; Future of Film reloaded? 31.January 2018
Zoom F1: new small audio field recorder with lavalier or directional microphone 31.January 2018
RED Gemini: S35 Sensor custom made with 18.8+ Stops 30.January 2018
Vimeo Basic membership: 5GB memory limit introduced 30.January 2018
Panasonic VariCam LT Firmware Upgrade 6.0 with live features announced 29.January 2018
JVC Everio GZ-RY980 -- quad-proof 4K-Camcorder 29.January 2018
Core SWX Nano-VBR98: (Even) more third-party batteries for Panasonic EVA1 29.January 2018
Better than holograms: Volumetric images floating in space 28.January 2018
Apple: Logic Pro X 10.4 with Smart Tempo function, new plugins and many bugfixes 28.January 2018
How Star Wars was saved in the editing room 27.January 2018
SmallHD 502 Bright -- Full HD On-Camera Monitor with 1000nits 26.January 2018
DeepFake: Face exchange in videos via simple app 25.January 2018
Presentation of the AG DOK camera test on the cinema screen 25.January 2018
New SSDs from Samsung 860 Evo and 860 Pro are faster and more durable 24.January 2018
DJI introduces the new Mavic Air: small and intelligent 23.January 2018
More information about the RED Hydrogen One: Snapdragon 835 X processor, resolution, availability an 23.January 2018
YouTube: less money for small channels 22.January 2018
Yuneec Firebird FPV: Aircraft drone with 4K 22.January 2018
Quanta Image Sensor - A binary Gigapixel sensor? 21.January 2018
Video tutorial: DOP Death Campbell about light, framing, lens selection at Stranger Things & Mr Robo 21.January 2018
MOZA AirCross: One-handed gimbal with Mimic Control 20.January 2018
Hasselblad H6D-C400 - with 4K RAW medium format recording (again) 19.January 2018
Yuneec Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter with 1 inch sensor and 4K 60p 19.January 2018
VEGAS Pro now also available for subscription 18.January 2018
Zhiyun-Tech Crane Plus: smart one-handed gimbal with automatic object tracking 18.January 2018
Autel EVO: serious competition for DJI's Mavic? 17.January 2018
Vocas with Sony Venice accessories for USBP MKII Universal Shoulder Baseplate 17.January 2018
Iiyama XB2779QQS: 5K monitor at the best price of 800 Euro 16.January 2018
Sennheiser announces G3 successor: evolution wireless G4 16.January 2018
Sony 85" HDR 8K TV with 10,000 nits brightness 16.January 2018
PowerDolphin, swimming 4K-camera drone with 5m/s 15.January 2018
Copyright infringement on YouTube by white noise? 14.January 2018
Nikon full-size system camera with new Z-mount approaching? 14.January 2018
Advanced Multicam Control -- IP-based control of up to 100 Sony RX0 cameras 13.January 2018
Improved Vuze+ 3D/360° camera streams live in 4K 12.January 2018
Nikon: High-End AF-S NIKKOR 180-400 mm 1:4E for 12.000,- Euro 11.January 2018
HTC announces Vive Pro VR/360° Headset with higher resolution 11.January 2018
LG shows rollable 65" 4K OLED TVs 10.January 2018
Semi-spherical videos: YI Horizon VR180 and Lenovo Mirage compact cameras 10.January 2018
Zoom H1n: Zoom introduces the all-new, compact H1n Handy Recorder 10.January 2018
New mobile storage from Seagate: LaCie DJI Copilot, Fast SSD and LaCie Rugged Secure 10.January 2018
Samyang AF 14/2.8 EF - Samyang introduces the first AF lens for Canon EF Mount 10.January 2018
Pilot Era 360° camera stitches 8K videos in real time 9.January 2018
Asus makes the Multi-Monitor bezel disappear 9.January 2018
Format-agnostic HDR Blu-ray players from Sony and Panasonic 9.January 2018
Goodbye Karma -- GoPro gives up the drone business 8.January 2018
New Panasonic VXF11, VX11 and V808 camcorders at the CES 2018 8.January 2018
Panasonic GH5s - with powerful, immovable Multi-Aspect Ratio Sensor 8.January 2018
Interesting gaming display specifications from Nvidia at the CES 2018 8.January 2018
DJI: new one-handed Gimabals Ronin-S and OSMO Mobile 2 8.January 2018
4K Short Distance Projector for 5.300 Euro from Dell - S718QL 8.January 2018
Samsung CJ791: curved QLED 34" monitor with Thunderbolt 3 7.January 2018
Intel Core i7-8809G: technical details about the Intel CPU with AMD Vega GPU 7.January 2018
Plextor M9Pe Highend-SSDs with 3.2 GB/s 6.January 2018
SmallHD 703 Bolt - wireless on-camera display with 3000 nits 5.January 2018
Media Management Tool Kyno 1.4: first time for Windows 5.January 2018
Heavy security bug affects CPUs of all manufacturers 4.January 2018
Best Cinematography 2017 - who created the most impressive (moving) images? 4.January 2018
Rumor about heavy Intel CPU bug - fix costs up to 30% performance 3.January 2018
Blackmagic Camera Setup 4.9 extends support for URSA Mini SSD Recorder for Ursa Mini 4K 3.January 2018
External graphics card power via Thunderbolt 3: eGPU Asus XG Station Pro 3.January 2018
Why should a maximum of 80% of hard disk space be used? 2.January 2018
VLC 3.0: Hardware acceleration for H. 264/H. 265 in 8/10 Bit and CineForm 1.January 2018


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