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January 2023

Future Filmmaker Awards 2023: Shortlist is final and here are the trailers ... 28.January 2023
BRAW Toolbox - Blackmagic RAW Import in FCPX to be available on Monday 27.January 2023
Have fun with NVIDIA's new eye contact effect: Robert De Niro looks you in the eye 27.January 2023
Canon develops 4K image sensor with 148 dB dynamic range (24 f-stops) - but not for filmmakers 26.January 2023
Portable Samsung T7 Shield NVMe SSD now also with 4 TB 26.January 2023
Magic Nodes: The Best of Both Worlds - Node Compositing in After Effects 25.January 2023
New NVIDIA Eye Contact AI Effect: Bye bye Teleprompter? 25.January 2023
VEGAS 20 Update 2 brings numerous innovations plus discount promotion 24.January 2023
The total remix: New AI Tune-A-Video makes new videos from old clips 24.January 2023
Big comparison test: upscaling via AI - which tool is best? Free or Paid? 23.January 2023
Asus ZenScreen: New mobile 16 23.January 2023
Small works of art: What was the best opening credits in 2022? 22.January 2023
Will 2023 be the year of innovative notebook displays? 22.January 2023
Master Match Tool: Matching looks from different cameras 21.January 2023
New Razer Blade 16 notebook: Dual-mode mini LED display with native FullHD and 4K. 20.January 2023
New professional compositing programme on the horizon: Left Angle Autograph 20.January 2023
New Kinefinity Cine Cameras - MAVO S35 mark2 and MAVO LF mark2 19.January 2023
Wide zoom range: Sony introducs FE 20-70 mm F4 G lens 19.January 2023
Many top-class applications for the slashCAM Nikon Z 9 reader test 18.January 2023
Laowa announces Proteus 2X Super35 anamorphic lenses - 35mm, 45mm, 60mm and 85mm T2 18.January 2023
New Apple Mac mini and MacBook Pro models with M2, M2 Pro and M2 Max 17.January 2023
DZO Film completes affordable full-frame cine zoom series Catta Ace with 18-35mm T2.9 17.January 2023
Neue Asus ROG Monitore: Mini-LED, OLED, 540 Hz, DisplayPort 2.1, 5K 16.January 2023
Sigma shows world'amp;s first 60-600mm 10x ultra-telephoto zoom for mirrorless cameras 16.January 2023
The 25 best movies 2022 in supercut video countdown 15.January 2023
Blackmagic: Free training videos for DaVinci 18 now also in German 15.January 2023
Better autofocus performance for Fujifilm X-H2S with free firmware update version 3.00 14.January 2023
First 6 GHz processor from Intel - Core i9-13900KS 13.January 2023
DJI Mic: Compact 2-channel wireless microphone system now also available in cheaper solo version 13.January 2023
Paint.NET 5.0 - free Windows photo editor now with GPU acceleration 12.January 2023
Samsung Odyssey Neo G9: Ultra-wide 57 12.January 2023
Crash Course in Image Design by Jeremy Vickery - A New Way to Think About Beauty in Art 11.January 2023
Asus: New 24-32 11.January 2023
DJI RS ‎3 ‎Mini - light weight gimbal for vertical filming 10.January 2023
Cinecred: Create professional movie credits easily with free tool 10.January 2023
OpenAI VALL-E: New AI mimics any voice - using only 3s voice sample 9.January 2023
Asus: Neue 16 8.January 2023
Sony Star Sphere: Take your own photos from a satellite 8.January 2023
New DJI RS3 gimbal on the way? 7.January 2023
CES 2023 Laptop Lineup from MSI - 13th Gen Intel and RTX 40 from Nvidia 6.January 2023
New NVIDIA Video Super Resolution AI scales video from 1080p to 4K 6.January 2023
More power for Sony Airpeak S1 drone: new battery station LBN-H1 6.January 2023
AMD's mobile Ryzen 70xx with Zen 4, RDNA 3 and XDNA AI 5.January 2023
First Panasonic S5 II Cages introduced by Zacuto and SmallRig 5.January 2023
Samsung ViewFinity S9: Matte 27 5.January 2023
Panasonic LUMIX S5II and S5IIX - finally with phase autofocus to the class leader? 4.January 2023
Intel: New 13th generation Raptor Lake HX, H, P and U mobile CPUs with up to 24 cores 4.January 2023
Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB: 32 Zoll 6K Monitor - erstmals Konkurrenz für Apples Pro Display XDR 3.January 2023
Jinni.Tech explains the Redcode patent - for banal and prior art 3.January 2023
DaVinci Resolve for iPad: New hack unlocks all features 2.January 2023


December 2022

ARRI'amp;s virtual film set for the Netflix series 31.December 2022
Adobe Enhanced Speech - free online tool to improve speech quality 30.December 2022
Panasonic S5 Mark II soon to be announced with 6K, phase AF? 29.December 2022
Viltrox announces AF 75mm F1.2 for XF-Mount 28.December 2022
Major firmware update 1.7.0beta for RED Komodo brings GioScope and more 28.December 2022
Photoshoots plus AI: Is this what the future of photography looks like? 27.December 2022
million lawsuit because character from movie trailer missing from film 26.December 2022
Happy Holidays and all the Best for 2023 from slashCAM 24.December 2022
Freefly Ember highspeed camera films in 4K 800fps, 5K 600fps 23.December 2022
DaVinci Resolve for iPad: Professional video editing and color correction for free 22.December 2022
New: Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18.1.2 22.December 2022
New firmware for RØDE Wireless GO II radio brings camera presets, nested recording and more 22.December 2022
What were the most borrowed cameras and lenses in 2022? 21.December 2022
Avatar 2 - free diving stars and motion capturing underwater 20.December 2022
New sensors from Canon - 4.6K S-35 and 5.7K Full Frame with Global Shutter 20.December 2022
Zoom introduces new MicTrak 32-bit float microphone and recorder series 19.December 2022
Vertical, horizontal, whatever - TikTok wants to become the new YouTube 18.December 2022
Apple's iPhone 15 - more dynamic thanks to new Sony sensor? 18.December 2022
Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 12-35mm wide-angle zoom lens announced for Lumix G 16.December 2022
EDIUS X Version 10.34 now with NDI output support 16.December 2022
What were the best movies of 2022? 15.December 2022
Sony DWT-P30: New professional plug-on transmitter for DWX series 15.December 2022
AMD's Radeon RX 7900 now available (again, no longer). 14.December 2022
New Disney AI can age - or rejuvenate - actors in seconds 14.December 2022
New firmware: DJI Avata FPV drone gets 10-bit, new frame rates and more 13.December 2022
Nikon vs. RED regarding internal RAW recording - no decision before 2024 13.December 2022
New firmware for Canon EOS C70 brings many new features 12.December 2022
OpenShot 3.0 is ready - with support for Blender 3.3 12.December 2022
Dramatron: AI creates scripts from plot prompts - including dialogs 11.December 2022
Blackmagic: Free 400 pages PDF - 10.December 2022
DJI Mini 3: New cheap entry-level drone with new flight time record 9.December 2022
Major update for DJI Osmo Action 3 brings recording in 10 bit and in HDR 9.December 2022
Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud Beta available for RED V-RAPTOR & V-RAPTOR XL 8.December 2022
First C1 drone certificates for DJI Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine 8.December 2022
Update: Adobe Premiere Pro und After Effects 23.1 7.December 2022
Photoshop for videos? Pixelmator Pro 3.2 gets Video Editing / Compositing Layer 7.December 2022
Hamburg Open - Small but nice media technology industry meeting in January 6.December 2022
Sony FR7 becomes first PTZ camera to receive Netflix certification 6.December 2022
Nvidia RTX 4080 faltering sales? Competitor AMD RX 7900 XT(X) to be launched soon. 5.December 2022
Sony Mocopi: Inexpensive motion capturing for the Metaverse via smartphone for approx. 5.December 2022
Heavy Metal meets Midjourney: Music video made from 10,000 AI-generated images 4.December 2022
Newly selected: The 100 best films in the world - with new number 1 surprise 3.December 2022
New DJI Mini 3: Entry-level drone with C1 drone certificate on approach 2.December 2022
Loupedeck Live S: Freely configurable control panel for streaming and more 2.December 2022
Nvidia RTX 6000 with 48 GB memory and 8 pin power connector for 7349 Dollar 1.December 2022
Use FFmpeg directly in the browser - FFMPEG.WASM 1.December 2022


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