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March 2023

Sony launches potent cine vlogger cam ZV-E1 for 2699 euros, full frame up to 4K120p 29.March 2023
Insta360 Flow - smartphone gimbal with AI tracking introduced 29.March 2023
IP Workflows: NDI HX2 Update Available for Atomos Connect Series 29.March 2023
Runway Gen-1 available- expensive AI video generator to get you started 28.March 2023
This is what the AI-generated winning films of the Runway AI Film Festival look like 27.March 2023
Canon Eye Control AF in more Canon cameras in the future - also for video? 27.March 2023
Faster and more durable than any SSD: the DDRAM disk with 15 GB/s read speed 26.March 2023
Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone - easy to use for podcasts & co 25.March 2023
Animating facial expressions via iPhone - MetaHuman Animator for Unreal Engine 24.March 2023
How to produce a SF clip in just 3h using AI tools 24.March 2023
Atomos Cloud Studio officially launches with subscriptions and live productions 23.March 2023
Microsoft with generative AI models for everyone in the browser - Bing Image Creator 23.March 2023
Blackmagic HyperDeck 8.3 update brings among other things recording and playback via network 22.March 2023
DPReview 22.March 2023
Adobe announces Firefly: Generative AI models now directly from Adobe 21.March 2023
Blackmagic releases free beginner's guide for DaVinci Resolve 18 21.March 2023
Runway Gen2: New text-to-video AI from the Stable Diffusion creators 20.March 2023
Panasonic - Organic sensor for improved color reproduction 20.March 2023
VideoFusion: First open source video AI is here - and also runs on the home PC 20.March 2023
Do bad projectors ruin the cinema experience? 19.March 2023
Version 5 of the image AI Midjourney delivers photorealistic images - and even the hands are correct 19.March 2023
AI turns WLAN router into room radar 18.March 2023
AI and Copyright- No land in sight. 17.March 2023
FPV drone + car + 360° = wow 17.March 2023
Rumors of Panasonic'amp;s Lumix S1H II (Mk2) - 8K with 60p and ProRes RAW 16.March 2023
Irix cine lenses are now also available for Fujifilm X mount 16.March 2023
ARRI Tech Talk: how the new REVEAL Color Science improves colors 15.March 2023
Blackmagic lowers prices on its network storage for Resolve Cloud 15.March 2023
Only 15s per image: Image AI Stable Diffusion runs on the smartphone 14.March 2023
Benro Theta travel tripod sets itself up and streams 14.March 2023
Oscar 2023 - German Netflix production wins 4 awards, incl. Best Cinematography 13.March 2023
Excitement about Samsung'amp;s image optimization for moon shots 13.March 2023
Wonder Studio: Integrate virtual characters into movies easily and cheaply via AI 12.March 2023
GPT-4 coming next week - multimodal with video 11.March 2023
Move.ai - cinematic motion capture without trackers with only two iPhones? 10.March 2023
Apple: New Macs before launch - is the new Mac Pro with M2 Ultra finally coming? 10.March 2023
Sony Creators& App now available (incl. Sony A7IV firmware update 2.0) 9.March 2023
AIs imitate voices perfectly - beware of approaching waves of scams 9.March 2023
New Nvidia AI generates images 30x faster than Stable Diffusion 8.March 2023
Cheaper S35 versions of RED V-RAPTOR (XL) 8K cameras available 8.March 2023
New Ronin 4D Flex turns Zenmuse X9 into a mini gimbal camera - and finally ProRes RAW 7.March 2023
Virtual AI Model Agency - Deep Agency 7.March 2023
Auto-Photoshop-StableDiffusion plugin now with ControlNet support 6.March 2023
Another update - Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18.1.4 6.March 2023
AI 6.March 2023
This could be expensive: Beware of photo wallpaper during film shooting or photo shoot 5.March 2023
Ruben Östlund: Why the pitch is the crucial step in film development 4.March 2023
Blackmagic: Camera Update 8.0 and new recommendations for USB-C SSDs for BRAW capture 3.March 2023
DJI Action 2: New firmware brings image stabilization via gyro data 3.March 2023
Aputure Infinibar: New RGBWW LED pixel bar as a versatile lighting solution for filmmakers 2.March 2023
Canon firmware updates for EOS R6, R7 and R10 for new zoom, FTP functions and more 2.March 2023
Stream more effectively: FFmpeg 6.0 brings among other things acceleration of AV1 via GPU 1.March 2023
Sigma announces three fast APS-C AF lenses for Nikon Z-mount: 16, 30 and 56mm f1.4 1.March 2023


February 2023

The winners of the Oscar for Best Cinematography for the last 54 years as a supercut 28.February 2023
Is DJI's new Inspire 3 professional drone coming in April? Patent drawing show innovations 28.February 2023
AI creates temporally consistent anime animation - with tools for everyone 27.February 2023
Berlinale 2023: Golden Bear for documentary project 27.February 2023
Zoom UAC-232 USB Audio Converter: 32-bit float audio eliminates the need for gain controls 26.February 2023
An obituary for PluralEyes - and the history of wave synchronisation 26.February 2023
Sony Creators Cloud: Cloud and AI features now also for creatives 25.February 2023
Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD8: New all-in-one live production mixer 24.February 2023
Neue Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pro mit Super35-Sensor, EF-Mount und Live-Streaming 24.February 2023
Sony Future Filmmaker Awards winners announced 23.February 2023
New 48 GB modules from Corsair finally make desktop PCs with 192 GB RAM possible 23.February 2023
Home-made virtual film studio: a little test 22.February 2023
Limits and errors of 22.February 2023
Sony introduces new full-frame G Master 50mm F1.4: Lighter, more responsive and optimized for video 21.February 2023
RØDE NT1 5th Generation - Studio microphone now with XLR/USB-C and 32 bit floating point 21.February 2023
No more artist copies? New tool makes images indigestible for AIs 20.February 2023
Desview V5 5.5 20.February 2023
Cornerstones of a new film funding: more creativity, less bureaucracy? 19.February 2023
DZOFILM Pictor 12-25mm T2.8 Super35 Parfocal Zoom Lens 18.February 2023
New WD My Book Duo: External hard drive with 44 TB storage 17.February 2023
Adobe Premiere Pro 23.2 Update bringt automatisches Tone Mapping und mehr 16.February 2023
ARRI Alexa Mini LF SUP 7.2 brings numerous improvements 16.February 2023
Angelbird: New rugged microSD V30 UHS-I memory card specifically for drones and action cams 16.February 2023
Projectors adé? LG announces Miraclass LED wall for cinemas 15.February 2023
Free AI tool NVIDIA Canvas: design photorealistic dream landscapes yourself 15.February 2023
Fictitious telephone numbers for the scenic film - 14.February 2023
Pro drone DJI Inspire 3: Is the big upgrade coming in March? 14.February 2023
Discount offer for filmmakers in February 2023: Canon, DJI, Sony and Panasonic 13.February 2023
Assimilate Play Pro Studio: Universal player with ProRes RAW to CinemaDNG transcoding 13.February 2023
New version of Avid Media Composer brings better collaboration with Pro Tools, among others 12.February 2023
Edit your transcript and get a rough cut - text-based editing in Premiere Pro (Beta) 12.February 2023
More beautiful time-lapse shots thanks to new NVIDIA AI 11.February 2023
Lightworks 2023 with flexible interface, HDR workflows and masks 10.February 2023
New Google Dreamix AI Demonstrates Video Editing of the Future 10.February 2023
DJI Mini 2 SE: New entry-level model slightly improved 9.February 2023
Adobe After Effects gets ACES workflow via OpenColorIO 9.February 2023
Compact and with new focus motor: SIGMA 50mm F1.4 DG DN | Art standard lens 8.February 2023
113 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Übersetzung New firmware for Sigma fp and fp L cameras brings new 8.February 2023
Canon introduces EOS R50 DSLM with APS-C sensor for 829,- Euro 8.February 2023
Canon EOS R8 - Full frame hybrid camera with 10 bit log under 2000 Euro 8.February 2023
New Nikon full-frame lenses: Pancake Z 26 mm f/2.8 and Z 85 mm f/1.2 S for pro users 7.February 2023
Runway Gen1: New video AI stylizes videos, masks objects, renders 3D models 6.February 2023
New Entry-level drone from DJI on approach: Mini 2 SE will be the cheapest model 6.February 2023
DaVinci Resolve (Studio/Fusion/Free) 18.1.3 Update 6.February 2023
L-Mount Unit for DJI Ronin 4D / Zenmuse X9 is now available 5.February 2023
Drone accident during Netflix shooting: actor injured in the face 4.February 2023
New Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone: 8K, 200MP sensor, AI night mode and improved autofocus 3.February 2023
The silent revolution: New rotor design makes drones much quieter 3.February 2023
Update: Lower latency for Accsoon SeeMo HDMI adapter 2.February 2023
New audio AI generates any sound effects in addition to music 2.February 2023
Samsung Odyssey Neo G70C: 43 1.February 2023
WhisperX: Free audio transcription with speaker recognition 1.February 2023


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