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March 2017

1 30.March 2017
New Form Factor - Samsung Gear 360 camera (2017) 30.March 2017
DJI beats drones plate by radio before 30.March 2017
Leica Thalia: New large format optics for Alexa 65, RED 8K VV, among others 29.March 2017
Rumor: Incredible for Canon C-Log Update 29.March 2017
Toll free: Media 100 editing program for macOS 28.March 2017
still live streaming only with broadcasting license? 28.March 2017
Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) also for Sony FS5 and PXW-Z150 28.March 2017
IKinema Orion - Low Budget Motion Capture via HTC Vive Tracker 27.March 2017
Progress in Deep Photo Style Transfer - soon in Photoshop? 26.March 2017
1 25.March 2017
Atomos - CDNG update and new Master Caddy 24.March 2017
New 4Kp60 HDR Recorder for $ 995 from Atomos - Ninja Inferno 23.March 2017
Cinetics Lynx: professional 3-axis motion control system 23.March 2017
CineRangeFinder = Cine Tape for Indies (crowd funded) 23.March 2017
Gnarbox: Mobile video editing without a PC 22.March 2017
Toshiba brings high-performance wireless SD card with up to 64 GB - FlashAir 22.March 2017
Tokina Vista Cinema Prime lenses 21.March 2017
Professional USB C Monitor LG 32UD99 with DCI-P3 21.March 2017
Came TV sets Cage for Panasonic GH5 ago 20.March 2017
Flow box rotoscoping 1.3 to Accelerate Workflow 20.March 2017
NEC MultiSync EX341R-BK 34 "Curved Monitor 19.March 2017
Asian ColorChecker alternative for little money - EyePhoto 19.March 2017
Movie database IMDb with F rating 18.March 2017
Amazon launches first German series 17.March 2017
Filmic Pro v6 now verfuegbar with flat screen profiles, Zebra and more 17.March 2017
Adobe Editing Contest for 25-year old from Premiere 25,000 dollars in prize money 17.March 2017
Netflix: Soon special cut versions for Smartphone and Co.? 16.March 2017
EU: Does the right to remix by fair use? 16.March 2017
Small Handgimbal for Panoramic cameras: Guru 360 15.March 2017
stolen 200 Mini Prime lenses: slump in Veydra 15.March 2017
Festival films in public libraries thanks to new cooperation AVA 14.March 2017
DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel Review on ProVideo Coalition 14.March 2017
Hauoli: motion tracking by sound 13.March 2017
MY RDE REEL 2017 Film Contest $ 500,000 in prizes 13.March 2017
Google: automatic object recognition in video by Deep Learning 12.March 2017
Film restoration, opportunity and challenge 12.March 2017
If Hybrid Log Gamma, the solution in the HDR confusion? 11.March 2017
More Mocha in Sapphire 11 / Continuum 11 and new licenses 10.March 2017
How important is variation in the GPU connection? 10.March 2017
Vimeo launches 360 Offensive 9.March 2017
Nebula 5100: New 3-axis gimbal-handed with 2.5 kg payload 9.March 2017
Bexel Clarity 800: Mini HFR camera with 480 fps 8.March 2017
Chrosziel Announces at Cage System for the Panasonic GH5 7.March 2017
If the Silicon Valley as the new Hollywood? 6.March 2017
Nokia offers spatial OZO audio format for licensing 6.March 2017
Free media managment with Grass Valley EDIUS Mync 5.March 2017
One billion hours YouTube videos are viewed daily 5.March 2017
DNS as the ultimate storage medium of the future 4.March 2017
Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro before: 4.6K, ND filter, 4 card slots, and more. for 6.805 Euro 3.March 2017
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve - Mini and Micro Panel and Linux Version 2.March 2017
New SmallHD camera monitor 703 Ultrabright 2,500 nits brightness! 2.March 2017
Microsoft: Free Drone Simulator for developers 2.March 2017
Deflected: Optical zoom for smartphone cameras using Prism 1.March 2017
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti for March 9 announced - 11.5 TFLOPS and 11GB RAM 1.March 2017


February 2017

LG G6: 5.7 "smartphone with Dolby Vision HDR and dual camera 28.February 2017
LaCie Bolt3 vs Akitio Thunder3 vs MacBook Pro internal Flash 28.February 2017
Facebook is testing advertising in videos: 55% of revenues to producers 27.February 2017
Sony Xperia XZ Premium - 4K smartphone with 960 fps slow motion 27.February 2017
Free online course for drone DIY 26.February 2017
Findings of a profitable indie docu - Sriracha Griffin Hammond 25.February 2017
Faster than CFast 2.0 - SD cards UHS-III to more than 600 MB / s create 24.February 2017
Nostromo of Kinehawk: Modular Stabilsierung (Made in Sweden) 23.February 2017
Cinegy Cinescore - Well Done Video Encoding Benchmark 23.February 2017
Welcome back! VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum and Movie Studio 14 Suite 22.February 2017
Fujinon E-Mount (only) Cine zooms: MK 18-55 T2.9 (3,599 euros) and MK 50-135 T2.9. 22.February 2017
Many leaks and rumors about AMD Ryzen 21.February 2017
Sigma Style Primes 14 / 135mm F1.8 and 24-70mm F2.8 FF zoom with image stabilization 21.February 2017
1 20.February 2017
Free Pixar course about animation storytelling and Color Science 19.February 2017
1 18.February 2017
Avid brings PhraseFind and ScriptSync back into the Media Composer 17.February 2017
SmallHD provides 17 "DCI-P3 Reference Monitor 1703 P3 ago 17.February 2017
Media Management: Kyno 1.2 Update - more options, more formats 16.February 2017
YONGNUO favorable 85mm f1.8 AutoFocus optics on the march 16.February 2017
New Canon EOS 77D, 800D and M6 - all with dual pixel, no 4K 15.February 2017
Yuneec Tornado Plus H920: Senior drone with Panasonic 4K camera 15.February 2017
Corel VideoStudio X10 with new time and mask tools 14.February 2017
DJI brings new accessories for Mavic Pro: propeller protection, ND filter and more 14.February 2017
Nikon: DL cameras Obsolete and profit warning 13.February 2017
Filmstro: compose soundtracks directly into Premiere Pro CC interactively 13.February 2017
Redrock Micro with Lens Control Motor for Freefly MoVI Pro Gimbal 12.February 2017
Shape ENG Style Rig System for Henkelmaenner 12.February 2017
ActionVFX Stock effects: explosions, muzzle flash, smoke and more 11.February 2017
Samyang supplemented Xeen full frame cine lenses to 20mm T1.9 10.February 2017
Nvidia brings biggest Pascal chip as a workstation card - Quadro GP100 10.February 2017
Canon shows 2.5K broadcast sensor with global shutter and about 13 steps 9.February 2017
Sony unveils new 100mm F2.8 G STF Master and FE 85mm F1.8 lenses before 9.February 2017
FullHD with up to 1000 fps: New Sony 3-Layer Stacked DRAM CMOS Sensor for Smartphones 8.February 2017
The cameras and lenses of the Oscar Nominations 2017 8.February 2017
VariCam LT 5.0 firmware and first VariCam Pure Raw Footage 7.February 2017
Blackmagic Design: New ATEM Television Studio HD, Web Presenter, inter alia, 7.February 2017
Windows ProRes - new ProRes encoder for Windows 6.February 2017
Magic Lantern with self-learning menu functions 6.February 2017
Concerning the use of color in the film image 5.February 2017
The dream: Modular Craft camera does not come 3.February 2017
Sensor-Hacking: crashing drones by sound waves 3.February 2017
Gentle real-time image distortion - Atomic Stretch for Premiere and AFX 2.February 2017
New 4K / WQHD 32 "Pro monitors from BenQ PD3200Q / PD3200U with KVM switch 1.February 2017
Lexar doubled CFast disk space to 512 GB - Lexar Professional 3500x 1.February 2017


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