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Sony announces FX6 firmware version 4.0 with anamorphic desqueeze and Venice 2 firmware roadmap

bildWith version 4.0, the full-frame Sony FX6 gets an anamorphic function that has been desired by many users for a long time. Sony now provides a desqueeze function for both 1.3x and 2.0x anamorphics - for the viewfinder as well as for the HDMI-out. ...more

[16:03 Sat,3.June 2023   by ]

AMD's new Adrenalin drivers 23.5.1 double computing power in Stable Diffusion

bildAMD has introduced a driver version (Adrenalin Edition 23.5.2) for its graphics cards that not only offers performance and stability improvements for gamers: AMD explicitly emphasizes this time that the latest software version should also achieve a ...more

[11:54 Sat,3.June 2023   by ]

AI military drone kills operator to kill more effectively - in simulation

bildThe recently published Statement on AI Risk by the Center for AI Study has caused a lot of discussion - also in the slashCAM AI discussion thread - pro/con?, which now has 254 comments. A nice proof for the value of the statement is now provided by ...more

[14:23 Fri,2.June 2023   by ]

Japan and Israel with liberal copyright positions on AI training

bildArtificial intelligence (AI) and copyright will certainly be a topic that will occupy us for the next few years. However, it is not just a question of whether works created with AI may be subject to copyright or copyrights. The use of copyrighted ...more

[11:25 Fri,2.June 2023   by ]

Current savings offers for cameras and lenses from Panasonic, OM, Fujifilm and Tamron.

bildNach den aktuellen Cashbacks und Sofortrabatten von Nikon, Canon, Laowa, Atomos und Sigma und den Sparangeboten von Sony, Fujifilm und Zeiss gibt es aktuell auch Rabatte für Kameras und Objektive von Panasonic, OM, Fujifilm und Tamron, die wir Euch ...more

[15:52 Thu,1.June 2023   by ]

Roll - virtual AI ministudio for interviews (iPhone and web)

bildRoll wants to revolutionize the use of smartphones for talking-head videos and remote interviews (as many companies are currently doing) with the help of AI. Currently, there is an iOS app as well as a web app for browsers, with a focus on ease of ...more

[14:03 Thu,1.June 2023   by ]

Node-based editing for After Effects - Hollywood Illusion launches Magic Nodes 1.5

bildMagic Nodes is an extension for Adobe After Effects that provides a node-based editing environment in the program. At the beginning of the year 2023, the first version of Magic Nodes was presented. Less than five months later, the developer now ...more

[14:58 Wed,31.May 2023   by ]

NIKKOR Z DX 24 mm f/1.7 - first APS-C fixed focal length for Nikon Z mount for 319,- Euro

bildWith the NIKKOR Z DX 24 mm f/1.7 Nikkor introduces the first fixed focal length for its DSLM portfolio with APS-C sensor (DX). Nikon Z30 and Z50 users in particular should feel addressed, as the new 24mm Nikkor is a fast fixed focal length that - ...more

[11:33 Wed,31.May 2023   by ]

ARRI launches 7

bildA small change of era at ARRI: For the first time, ARRI is offering a 7" camera control monitor for the Alexa 35 and Mini LF in addition to the familiar MVF viewfinder systems. Those familiar with ARRI's previous MVF-2 viewfinder system will of ...more

[14:48 Tue,30.May 2023   by ]

Gimbal-friendly: Samyang V-AF lens 45mm T1.9 FE available in June

bildAfter the focal lengths 75mm, 35mm and 24mm, the fourth focal length of the Samyang "Cine" lens series "V-AF" now follows. The 45mm T1.9 FE is - like the entire series - optimized for video recording with Sony full-frame cameras (or cameras with ...more

[10:55 Tue,30.May 2023   by ]

Making of - How the viral Wes Anderson AI videos are created

bildIn recent days and weeks, AI trailers in the style of Wes Anderson have repeatedly gone viral. These are a thematically coherent string of short film snippets created with generative AI models. One of the biggest viral hits of the last weeks was ...more

[11:36 Mon,29.May 2023   by ]

Beware of total failure: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSDs sometimes lose data

bildTheoretically, you know that you should back up all important data immediately, but still, the total loss of a storage medium remains a nightmare - especially when external SSDs are used for direct recording from cameras such as the Blackmagic ...more

[17:40 Sun,28.May 2023   by ]

Will Avid be sold soon?

bildAccording to a report by Reuters news agency, Avid is said to be exploring a possible sale. Anonymous sources report that Avid Technology, known for its video editing program Avid Composer and audio program Pro Tools, is working with investment ...more

[12:02 Sun,28.May 2023   by ]

DJI: New Air 3 coming soon - for the first time with additional telephoto camera

bildSome of the well-known DJI leakers like Quadro NEws have been releasing info on a new model of DJI's Air series, the successor to the Air 2s, in recent days. However, DJI is said to have tightened the letters and restricted the flow of information a ...more

[11:04 Sat,27.May 2023   by ]
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