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Avengers: Endgame today opening in cinemas - over 3 hours of powerplay by MCU (Disney) - 1 billion d

bildWe had reported here already about the (provisional?) conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero spectacle "Endgame". From today on the 3 hours (and 1 minute) lasting attempt runs, the superheroes deceased in "Infinity War" like Spider ...more

[10:48 wed,24.April 2019   by ]

The largest IMAX screen will come to... Leonberg

bildThe world´s largest IMAX screen is to be installed in Leonberg, Baden-Württenberg -- with a width of around 38 metres, it will be much more expansive than the largest specimens to date, which to our knowledge are around 35.6 metres. The new IMAX ...more

[09:21 wed,24.April 2019   by ]

NAB Video: AJA Ki Pro GO -Multi Channel H.264 USB Recorder-Player // NAB 2019

bildAJA has added a new entry-level unit to its popular Ki Pro recorder family, which is aimed primarily at event production teams but can also be used on film sets. On 5 USB ports, up to 4 HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt or SDISDI im Glossar erklärt sources can record H-264 recordings with various ...more

[12:42 tue,23.April 2019   by ]

V-R241-4K Marshall: New 4K SDI production monitor // NAB 2019

bildAt NAB 2019, Marshall presented two new monitors for professional video production: the FullHDFullHD im Glossar erklärt monitor V-LCD173HR and the V-R241-4K Master Confidence 4K monitor. The V-R241-4K is a 24" 4K (3,840x2,160) UltraHD HDR SDISDI im Glossar erklärt master monitor suitable for ...more

[09:45 tue,23.April 2019   by ]

Nikon Z6 and ProRes RAW on the Atomos Ninja V via HDMI // NAB 2019

bildWe were at the NAB 2019 of course also at the Nikon booth to check for news about ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt RAW recording. Unfortunately there wasn't much news to find out here but at least we had a short look at a beta setup on the Nikon Z6 and the Atomos Ninja V: ...more

[10:49 mon,22.April 2019   by ]

iOS video editing app LumaFusion 2.0 and others with support for external monitor // NAB 2019

bildLumaFusion is one of the most popular apps for semi-professional video editing under iOS. At the NAB 2019 the developers of LumaTouch have now given an outlook on the next version LumaFusion 2.0, which offers some interesting new features. The ...more

[09:37 mon,22.April 2019   by ]

Acer Predator CG437K: 4K monitor with 1.000 nits brightness and DisplayHDR 1.000

bildAcer'amp;s new 43 inch (109 cm) giant monitor Acer Predator CG437K is primarily aimed at gamers, but it should also be interesting for working with videos due to its features. Because it uses a 10-bit VA panel with an UltraHD (3,840 x 2,160) ...more

[12:18 sun,21.April 2019   by ]

Short film from the Unreal real-time engine - Rebirth from Quixel

bildAnd once again something for the eyes: Quixel succeeded in producing a rather photorealistic short film. What's really special about this 1:45min movie is the technology behind it. Because the whole film is not pre-rendered, but can be reproduced in ...more

[09:16 sun,21.April 2019   by ]

Teradek: new three-axis lens controller RT.CTRL.3 // NAB 2019

bildTeradek introduced a new version of its wireless three-axis lens controller at NAB 2019. The Teradek RT.CTRL.3 offers full control of focus, aperture and zoom, a fluid focus knob, an OLED display with limit buttons and up to 5,000 ft. (about 1,500 ...more

[09:58 sat,20.April 2019   by ]

New cost-effective video link Teradek Ace 500 // NAB 2019

bildWith the Teradek Ace 500 Teradek offers a new low-cost radio system for beginners. The ACE 500 system uses the same radio technology as the Bolt series, but it is lighter and cheaper. The Ace 500 radio link transmits uncompressed 1080p60 video up to ...more

[09:49 fri,19.April 2019   by ]

News from NewTek: Spark Plus 4K HDMI-to-NDI and more // NAB 2019

bildNewTek has added a 4K UltraHD (maximum 30 fps) and a 1080p60 model to its range of portable Spark converters. Both devices convert video material e.g. from a camera via HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt to IP using NewTeks NDI (Network Device InterfaceInterface im Glossar erklärt Technology). The video is ...more

[14:53 thu,18.April 2019   by ]

NAB 2019 video: Atomos Shogun 7 - high-end display, target group, user questions and ProRes RAW on N

bildHere is our detailed interview at the Atomos booth with Stephan Kexel about the new Atomos 7, new display functions, its user ranking and user questions from the slashCAM community to Atomos. In addition, we also asked about the main ...more

[13:31 thu,18.April 2019   by ]

Blackmagic MultiDock 10G - 4x Full Metal Rack Changing Frame with USB-C // NAB 2019

bildBlackmagic Design announced the Blackmagic MultiDock 10G at NAB 2019. This is a removable SSD/HD rack frame that can accommodate up to four commercially available 2.5-inch SATA SSDs or equivalent hard drives. The Blackmagic MultiDock 10G is ...more

[14:17 wed,17.April 2019   by ]

New large monitors from AOC, Asus and Philips

bildIn the last few days several manufacturers (AOC, Asus and Philips) have announced new large monitors with 32.34 and -35 inches. We present you the three new models shortly. In addition, Samsung has now announced the official price for the ultra-wide ...more

[09:19 wed,17.April 2019   by ]
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