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Wireless Rode TX-M2 condenser microphone now also stand-alone available

bildMost of you will be familiar with the Rode TX-M2 condenser microphone with supercardioid from the RØDELink Performer Kit. Rode now offers the microphone in the license-free 2.4 GHz spectrum as a stand-alone version. If you already have an RX-DESK or ...more

[14:26 mon,20.August 2018   by ]

CEntrance Mixerface R4: mixer and fieldrecorder

bildCEntrance's Mixerface R4 is a mobile 4-channel mixer that can also record sounds on microSD cards using its two XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt jacks combo jacks (with phantom power) and two AUX mini jack inputs using its high-quality A/D converters (16/2432-bit, 44.1-192 ...more

[08:40 mon,20.August 2018   by ]

Face-Motioncapturing with the iPhone X

bildActually, Apple's iPhone X TrueDepth camera system is designed to reliably recognize faces via face ID and animate animojis - now Reallusion has introduced a smartphone app including desktop software that uses its capabilities to enable live motion ...more

[09:48 sun,19.August 2018   by ]

A film script is not a novel

bildFor the weekend, a few tips for your first own film script -- this is about the basic question of how to actually tell a story cinematically, completely independent of structural topics such as turning points or character changes. For while a novel ...more

[11:14 sat,18.August 2018   by ]

Corel Pinnacle Studio 22 Update with color grading possibilities

bildThe hobby editing program Pinnacle Studio is getting more and more professional features. Last year saw the introduction of keyframes, version 22 now includes more options for color correction and grading -- all program variants support LUTs, image ...more

[12:02 fri,17.August 2018   by ]

Seoul Wave -- portrait of a city with director´s commentary

bildThanks to camera work and editing, Brandon Li created an extremely dynamic portrait of the South Korean city of Seoul. It does not feature interviews, but is still largely based on conversations: what is typical and should therefore be shown in such ...more

[10:50 fri,17.August 2018   by ]

New trigger handles from Zacuto and Top Handles 2.0 from Wooden Camera

bildZacuto has reworked its Trigger Grips and offers updated Recoil Rigs. Among the new grips are new Wooden Hand Grips which are an alternative to the previous ball bearing Swivel-Grips in the Recoil-Rigs. Zacuto points out in this context that the ...more

[11:51 thu,16.August 2018   by ]

Yuneec Mantis Q: foldable 4K drone

bildThe latest drone from Chinese manufacturer Yuneec is the Mantis Q, a foldable drone that is easy to transport and operate. It has significantly more capabilities than the Yuneec Breeze and is in direct competition with the foldable 4K drones ...more

[15:40 wed,15.August 2018   by ]

Edelkrone HeadPlus -- redesigned pan'tilt module

bildThe recently introduced motorized Pan'Tilt HeadPlus head from Edelkrone is to have a completely different mechanical design than the previously available module. It should run both quieter and work more precisely when shifting motifs. Manual ...more

[10:13 wed,15.August 2018   by ]

NVIDIA Introduces Quadro RTX Raytracing Graphics Processor

bildNvidia also has something new to announce at Siggraph 2018. For example, the graphics card manufacturer presented a GPU based on the new Turing architecture for the first time there. The new Quadro models RTX 8000 (48GB), RTX 6000 (24GB) and RTX ...more

[14:06 tue,14.August 2018   by ]
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