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How much resolution do Cine cameras need - are 4K already too much?

bildDave Steve Yedlin (Carrie, San Andreas, Star Wars / post) has used the ALEXA 65, ALEXA XT, RED Weapon and Sony F55 as well as analogue film cameras for an expensive comparison and asked a question also slashCAM frequently asked questions: How much ...more

[08:50 wed,26.July 2017   by ]

Light L16: Competition for DSLRs by 16 camera modules in mobile phone format?

bildThe end of 2015 announced new camera Light L16 is available now - It is not larger than a smartphone, but should be replaced by a combination of ...more

[12:54 tue,25.July 2017   by ]

Nikon D850 full-format DSLR with 8K time-lapse function and 4K video (?) Announced

bildNikon has just released the successor to the full-format Nikon D810: The Nikon D850 announced or geteasert. Much has not been known to the Nikon D850, except that it will have a time-lapse function, which works in 8K resolution. A teaser video from ...more

[10:48 tue,25.July 2017   by ]

YouTube editor is set - too little interest in online editing

bildFor a couple of years, YouTube has been able to cut and upload uploaded video clips online in a dedicated editor, but the YouTube Editor will be discontinued as of September 20, according to Google&s low demand. As you already know from Google, ...more

[13:01 mon,24.July 2017   by ]

Videotutorial: ARRI Skypanel 3.0: Most important innovations for daily practice

bildWe had already in our NAB-coverage already over the firmware 3.0 update for The ARRI Skypanels reported. Here is a longer video tutorial by the most ...more

[11:25 mon,24.July 2017   by ]

Free editing program Avid Media Composer First in the test

bildAfter a 2-year wait, she's finally there, the free entry-level version of Avid Media Composer First, Avid Media Composer First, by Avid's professional editing program Media Composer, which has many features of the big brother , But should be ...more

[12:37 sun,23.July 2017   by ]

Fear for the future: how many cutter jobs can be automated?

bildOur machines are becoming more "intelligent" and the computing power, one of the prerequisites for this, is steadily increasing - specially trained algorithms can not only play chess or go, but also solve all possible tasks. Recognition. In the area ...more

[08:58 sat,22.July 2017   by ]

Firmware updates for Sony FS5 and Z150 available with Hybrid Log Gamma Support

bildThe announced firmware v4.0 for the XDCAM changeover camcorder PXW-FS5 can be downloaded now. It provides support for the Hybrid Log GammaGamma im Glossar erklärt (HLG) standard which is an elegant solution to accommodate BT.709-compatible color and brightness information ...more

[13:02 fri,21.July 2017   by ]

Nikon's upcoming DSLM: Curved Sensor + new optics?

bildNikon has just submitted an interesting new patent, which is a newly designed f2.0 35mm lens for a full-sized, fully formatted sensor (Curved Sensor). With so-called Curved sensors, Microsoft, Canon, Sony and now also Nikon have been around for ...more

[10:18 fri,21.July 2017   by ]

ActionCamerafinder - Compare features of 47 cameras

bildActioncam vendors are now very many and the models differ in part only minimally. It is accordingly difficult to get an overview of the current offer for a camera camera - who has special technical requirements for his future actioncam, the ...more

[14:09 thu,20.July 2017   by ]
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