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Stable Video 4D creates new 3D views using only video

bildStability AI, the creators of Stable Diffusion, have just introduced an innovative video AI: Stable Video 4D (SV4D). Unlike traditional generative AIs like Sora, Kling, or Runway, SV4D serves a unique purpose: from a short input video of an object, ...more

[15:33 Thu,25.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Kinefinity introduces Eagle SDI EVF for cine-cameras

bildKinefinity presents a universal electronic viewfinder with the new EAGLE SDI EVF. It receives its signal via 3G SDI / HD SDI and is also compatible with cine cameras from other manufacturers. :Kinefinity Eagle SDI EVF The viewfinder is quite ...more

[19:26 Wed,24.July 2024   by blip]

Video AI Kling AI now finally available worldwide free of charge

bildFrom now on, one of the currently best generative video AIs worldwide, "Kling," is available for free. Early June the Chinese Kuaishou (internationally Kwai) company introduced its video AI Kling, which boasted an impressive quality that rivaled the ...more

[14:03 Wed,24.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

RED technology to enhance Nikon cameras - REDCODE RAW? Sensors..?

bildIn April, RED was taken over by Nikon, a surprising move that caused quite a stir in the camera world, and also some concern on the part of RED fans. They wondered what would happen to the Made-in-America cinema cameras and received reassuring ...more

[17:18 Tue,23.July 2024   by blip]

Cinecred - Free tool for professional film credits

bildAbout a year and a half ago, Felix Mujkanovic released the free tool Cinecred for creating professional film credits, and since then it has already received a number of updates. Now, the new version 1.6.0 (for Windows, macOS, and Linux) has just ...more

[10:38 Tue,23.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Who is better? Sora vs Kling vs Runway Gen3 vs Luma AI

bildWhat is currently the best video AI? The former leader OpenAI's Sora has finally gotten serious competition since the Chinese company Kuaishou/Kwai released its new video AI Kling, Luma AI's Dream Machine appeared and Runway, which had already ...more

[15:42 Mon,22.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Free Blackmagic Camera App 1.1 for Android brings many new functions

bildAbout around a month ago, Blackmagic released its free Camera App for Android, and now the first update has already been released, bringing numerous new features and support for additional smartphones. A nice addition is the ability to output the ...more

[14:17 Mon,22.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

New Shape Mini 50/99/150 Wh V-Mount batteries with USB-C input/output

bildThe Canadian battery specialist Shape has introduced new models for its line of Full Play V-Mount batteries. The Shape Mini 50/99/150 Wh V-Mount batteries feature a new compact design, making them easy to stack or store in a case for transport. They ...more

[14:32 Sun,21.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

How good are movie dialog and storylines written by AI?

bildAnyone who wants to can now watch a feature film online and free of charge, which at first glance seems quite normal, but differs markedly from previous films in one respect: its plot, the characters, all the dialog, in short the entire screenplay ...more

[10:48 Sun,21.July 2024   by blip]

Blender 4.2 LTS - free 3D software package now with GPU compositor

bildThe open-source 3D modelling and animation package Blender continues to grow. In the new version 4.2 LTS, there are even quite relevant improvements for video editing that make you want to take a closer look at Blender again. In our eyes, the ...more

[11:50 Sat,20.July 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Dreamflare AI: The first AI film portal

bildWith Dreamflare AI, the first paid film portal has just launched, exclusively showcasing AI-generated (short) films. Dreamflare targets both viewers interested in the latest AI films and creators of such films, offering them an engaged audience and ...more

[12:40 Fri,19.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

New DJI SDR Transmission - Affordable video radio link with 2km range

bildDJI has introduced the new Transmission SDR video transmission system, which uses both Wi-Fi and SDR for transmission, achieving a much greater range. Compared to the DJI Transmission released two years ago, it is significantly cheaper, with the ...more

[17:35 Thu,18.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Bullet time effect via AI

bildActually, the Bullet Time effect, made famous by "The Matrix" (www.studiobinder.com/blog/what-is-bullet-time-definition/), typically requires a complex setup with ...more

[15:01 Thu,18.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Microsoft VALL-E 2: AI imitates every voice perfectly - using only 3s voice sample

bildAlready 1 1/2 years ago, OpenAI released VALL-E, a speech synthesis system that could imitate a voice using only a 3-second sample with any given text. The further developed version, VALL-E 2, now surpasses the old one in several aspects. The ...more

[10:07 Thu,18.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]
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