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Adobe Premiere Elements 2023 with Style Transfer via AI

bildAdobe has introduced the new versions Premiere Elements 2023 (and Photoshop Elements 2023), which bring numerous new features or improvements such as the possibility of style transfer from a bdsonder image to an entire video via AI similar to the ...more

[11:55 Mon,3.October 2022   by ]

Sony announces 320 and 640 GB CFexpress Type A memory cards

bildTogether with the FX30, Sony has also announced the expansion of its Tough CFexpress Type A memory card series. In addition to the existing 80GB and 160GB versions, they will also be available with even higher storage capacity of 320GB (CEA-G320T) ...more

[11:22 Sun,2.October 2022   by ]

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18.0.4 bringt Blackmagic RAW 2.7

bildTwo weeks after the last one, Blackmagic has already released another new update for its free grading, editing, compositing and audio mastering program DaVinci Resolve (Studio). The 18.0.4 update, however, only brings support for the new Blackmagic ...more

[15:16 Sat,1.October 2022   by ]

Deepfake: Bruce Willis digital twin appears in commercials

bildBruce Willis is said to be the first Hollywood celebrity to have sold the rights to his "digital twin". The virtual Bruce Willis is marketed by the company Deepcake, which mainly markets him (and other celebrities) to advertising agencies and the ...more

[12:06 Sat,1.October 2022   by ]

First the image revolution, then the video revolution: New meta AI

bildIt was clear that the next step after generating images by text description would be to generate videos - now Meta AI, the AI research division of Meta (formerly Facebook) has unveiled just such an algorithm. Dubbed "Make-a-Video," the text-to-video ...more

[14:11 Fri,30.September 2022   by ]

First Intel ARC A770 desktop graphics cards in stores from 12 October for approx. 400 euros

bildThe so far somewhat bumpy start of Intel desktop graphics cards is finally to manifest itself in an available A770. At the Intel Innovation 2022 event, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger confirmed that the ARC A770 GPU will now be launched in the fourth ...more

[09:00 Fri,30.September 2022   by ]

DJI Transmission: Professional radio link for monitoring and camera/gimbal control

bildDJI is now shipping the DJI Transmission video radio line, introduced in June, which was developed based on the Ronin 4D's video transmission technology and consists of a transmitter, a bright radio monitor and accessories to combine receiving, ...more

[17:43 Thu,29.September 2022   by ]

New Intel Raptor Lake CPUs come with up to 34 cores and 6 GHz

bildIntel has introduced a new generation of its CPUs - the "Raptor Lake" christened processors of the 13th generation replace the Alder Lake CPUs and surpass them as expected. The new CPUs have more e(fficiency) cores than the previous generation and ...more

[14:46 Thu,29.September 2022   by ]

Sony introduces FX30 - Cinema Line goes Super35

bildWith the just introduced FX30, Sony offers a first APS-C or Super35 model in its Cinema Line. The camera does not differ externally from the FX3, but it is equipped with a smaller sensor, which can be advantageous for some film projects. The FX30 is ...more

[16:21 Wed,28.September 2022   by ]

DJI: Two new Mavic 3 Enterprise models with up to three cameras

bildAs already predicted DJI has introduced two new Enterprise models for its Mavic 3 series, which are mainly aimed at special applications and replace the Mavic 2 Enterprise and Enterprise Dual models. Like both of these, there are again two variant, ...more

[15:01 Wed,28.September 2022   by ]

Three Student Academy Awards going to Munich and Berlin

bildAt this year's "Student Oscars" awards ceremony, three German short films will also be honored, among others. In the Narrative category, two of three prizes go to students of the HFF Munich, as both the graduation film ALMOST HOME (director: Nils ...more

[16:54 Tue,27.September 2022   by ]

Creator Music - new options to music licensing directly in YouTube Studio

bildYouTube wants to offer its "creators" - i.e. those video producers who participate in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) - more options for the musical accompaniment of their videos in the future and is launching a licensing service with Creator ...more

[10:39 Tue,27.September 2022   by ]

Two new professional DJI Mavic Enterprise models arrive tomorrow

bildDJI has a teaser page online announcing news for Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 3:00 PM. Through various leaks it is clear that DJI will introduce two new Enterprise models for its Mavic drone series. After all, DJI had introduced the latest third ...more

[16:42 Mon,26.September 2022   by ]

Whisper: New free AI turns speech into text and automatically translates into all languages

bildOpenAI, the creators of the text AI GPT3 and the image generation AI DALL-E 2, among others, have presented the speech recognition system "Whisper", which can not only transcribe spoken words into text, but also translate them into any other ...more

[15:28 Mon,26.September 2022   by ]
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