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Samyang brings 85mm F1.4 EF autofocus lens for 699 Euro

bildSamyang Optics has now announced another autofocus lens for Canon's EF mount: The Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 EF covers the full 35mm full-frame image circle and is particularly striking due to its compact size and relatively lightweight design. The ...more

[13:57 mon,18.June 2018   by ]

CAME-TV: New magnetic Camera Car-Mount and Parallax Camera Slider

bildThe Chinese accessories manufacturer Came-TV has introduced a new magnetic camera car mount and a camera slider equipped with Parallax function. The CAME-TV Carbon Fiber Parallax Slider TX01 has a similarly constructed other Parallax Slider with a ...more

[11:59 mon,18.June 2018   by ]

Asus ProArt PA34V: Curved 34" Pro monitor with Thunderbolt 3and 100% sRGB

bildAsus new ProArt PA34V monitor is undoubtedly aimed at professional users. The curved (1900R) 34" UWQHD monitor in 21:9 format with a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels uses a factory calibrated IPS panel (Asus guarantees Delta E <2), which supports ...more

[15:37 sun,17.June 2018   by ]

Marvel vs DC or is action in Super Hero movies boring because VFX/CGI physically incorrectly animate

bildOne of the most exciting questions about superheroes is of course the eternal fight: Marvel vs DC (which we personally think is completely unsolvable, because Batman and Spiderman are the best). No less interesting is the question of the use of ...more

[12:22 sun,17.June 2018   by ]

Collaboration-Software Frame.io offers new stills image review tools

bildFor the collaboration tool Frame.io, it seems that the new features announced at NAB will now be unlocked step by step. It starts with new review tools for high-resolution individual images and graphics. More than one hundred single frame RAW ...more

[09:05 sat,16.June 2018   by ]

EU decides to require drones to be labelled and registered

bildThe European Parliament in Strasbourg has adopted EU-wide rules for the safe use of drones. Before they become valid, they must be drawn up by the EU Commission and then adopted by the EU Council of Ministers. The new rules are designed to ensure ...more

[16:29 fri,15.June 2018   by ]

„Speedbooster“ für Ursa Mini u.a. S35 Blackmagic Kameras von LucAdapters

bildA Focal Reduser for the Ursa Mini and other Blackmagic S35 cameras with EF mount sounds like a joke - but it's not. The Italian company LucAdapters has been offering such a solution for some time now with the Magicbooster Cinema and if you believe ...more

[10:09 fri,15.June 2018   by ]

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta 5 available

bildThe speed of beta updates remains high in the fifteenth version of DaVinci Resolve. Especially as Blackmagic continues to add new features. This version now includes initial support for OpenFX plugins on the Fusion side, improved resizing of images ...more

[10:24 thu,14.June 2018   by ]

Sonnettech 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe card for 99 Dollar

bildAfter a low-cost Thunderbolt 3 to 10G Ethernet adapter Sonnettech has now also released a corresponding 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe network card. The Solog 10G works in Windows, Linux and Mac PCs and extends them by a fast 10 GBit/s Ethernet ...more

[09:23 thu,14.June 2018   by ]

Kinefinity MAVO on approach - first test shots of the

bildMany filmmakers are already waiting impatiently for the next camera generation of Kinefinity: The Kinefinity MAVO with S35 or full-frame sensor (LF). Philipp Bloom could now film some first impressions with the S35 variant and also the German ...more

[14:56 wed,13.June 2018   by ]
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