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Kipon: Medium format on full format

bildKipon should be known to most as a manufacturer of lens adapters. But together with the German high-end optics developer IBE Optics (who also developed lenses for ARRI Prime 65 S and Prime DNA lenses), Kipon is now also launching focus reducers and ...more

[14:04 wed,12.December 2018   by ]

The world's first tripod system with titanium ball head

bildThe American tripod manufacturer Colorado Tripod Company has launched a funding campaign for a tripod system with a titanium ball head using Kickstarter. Due to the special properties of titanium, the hollow ball head of the Highline model is ...more

[09:44 wed,12.December 2018   by ]

More than 250 screening events will celebrate the Short film day 2018

bildShort films in abundance on the shortest day of the year: on 21.12. the Short Film Day will take place again, where anyone who wants can organise their own small (or big) event. There are currently 246 events registered nationwide, and some will ...more

[14:55 tue,11.December 2018   by ]

Adobe Pro Video Apps now exports Apple ProRes 4444 and 422 under Windows

bildMany Windows users in the professional video environment might have waited for this: Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC now support ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt export on Windows as well. To be more precise, two important variants of ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt are ...more

[09:39 tue,11.December 2018   by ]

YouTube Rewind 2018: What were the Top 10 Trending YouTube Videos in 2018?

bildIt's time again: Google (YouTube) publishes the top 10 of the most successful YouTube trends in 2018 just in time for the end of the year. If you're looking for a career as a YouTuber, you shouldn't be afraid to share the world at the birth of your ...more

[15:44 mon,10.December 2018   by ]

Blackmagic warns against fake DaVinci Resolve Studio Dongles

bildUntil recently, Blackmagic exclusively used hardware USB dongles to protect the paid Studio version of its compositing/editing and audio editing program DaVinci Resolve. Users in Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve Forum now report that their version of ...more

[13:29 mon,10.December 2018   by ]

Sony Shoots Hollywood Movie with Sony A7SII and Vantage Hawk 65 Anamorphics

bildIf you still need an example that with a budget of estimated 9.5 million dollars even with a "normal" full format mirror-less cinema picture on a professional level can be produced, the current Hollywood production "The Possession of Hannah Grace" ...more

[14:52 sun,9.December 2018   by ]

Artificial intelligence helps with rotoscoping - Kognat Rotobot

bildThe Rotobot plugin uses machine learning to create mats. Using the common deep learning techniques, Rotobot is able to isolate instances of pixels belonging to "semantic" classes of objects like people, cars, etc. In practice, Rotobot knows 81 ...more

[09:54 sun,9.December 2018   by ]

Panasonic full-frame S1 series approaching - new promotion video

bildThe signs for the approaching, official launch of the mirrorless Panasonic S1 full format series are increasing. Panasonic has just released a new promotional video with photographer Annie Griffith. Naturally, the S1R with 47 megapixels is the focus ...more

[10:26 sat,8.December 2018   by ]

Best Movies of 2018

bildLike every year the film critic David Ehrlich has produced a very worth seeing Supercut of his opinion the best films 2018. His selection includes a broad spectrum of very different films such as "Suspiria", "Roma", "Annihilation", "The Ballad of ...more

[09:57 fri,7.December 2018   by ]

New Film- and TV-producer study for the German market

bildIn a comprehensive producer study, the current economic situation of film and television producers in Germany is scrutinized -- it´s all about turnover, costs, budgets, jobs, the clients, funding quotas, distribution of rights and much more. Another ...more

[16:19 thu,6.December 2018   by ]

Tom Cruise fights against Motion Smoothing

bildCruise has taken the release of his film "Mission: Impossible Fallout" on Blu-ray as an opportunity to tweet from the set of the currently in production sequel to Top Gun an urgent appeal against motion smoothing (movement interpolation) which is ...more

[11:09 thu,6.December 2018   by ]

New top model Nvidia Titan RTX: 26 GB for 2,700 Euro and 8K editing in real-time

bildNvidia has introduced a new top GPU model, the Titan "T-Rex" RTX. It is the most powerful graphics card so far and has a massive 24 GB DDR6 RAM - twice as much as older models of the Titan series. It uses a fully developed Turing graphics chip and ...more

[13:00 wed,5.December 2018   by ]

Asus ROG Strix XG32VQR: 32

bildAsus new curved gaming 32" monitor ROG Strix XG32VQR is also interesting for working with video due to its good color space coverage of 94% DCI-P3 or 125% sRGB. Its 10Bit VA panel has a WQHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, a repetition rate of ...more

[10:27 wed,5.December 2018   by ]
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