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New Configuration Guide for DaVinci Resolve 15

bildThe new Configuration Guide for the upcoming Resolve 15 gives again interesting hints how the hardware requirements will change with the new DaVinci version. For Mac shoppers, iMac Pro is recommended for the first time, with particular emphasis on ...more

[10:55 sat,21.April 2018   by ]

Interviewclip: Vocas Flexible Camera Rig for Canon C200, EVA1, GH5 uva.

bildAt NAB 2018, accessory manufacturer Vocas presented a highly flexible and compactly transportable camera rig for the shoulder, which is intended for a whole range of current DSLRs/DSLMs and compact S35 cameras. Sony Alphas, Pansonic GH5, Canon 5D, ...more

[16:12 fri,20.April 2018   by ]

Large Format 4K Cinema Camera anyone? LargeSense LS911

bildArri Alexa 65? IMAX? Kids'amp; stuff! The LargeSense LS911 is a digital large format camera that literally eclipses everything that has ever existed in the field of large film sensors. The sensor of the LS911 should be an incredible 11x9 inch ...more

[12:23 fri,20.April 2018   by ]

Vimeo OTT: The DIY video portal with its own app // NAB 2018

bildSince 2 years Vimeo offers content providers the interesting chance to start their own streaming portal with Vimeo'amp;s OTT (formerly VHX) and earn money with it - either through voluntary donations, subscriptions or through a pay-per-view model. ...more

[09:40 fri,20.April 2018   by ]

New Dell Alienware Laptops with i9 CPUs overclocked to 5GHz

bildAt the launch of the next generation of Intel mobile processors, Dell introduced new gaming notebooks that use these CPUs (and the ability to ...more

[08:11 fri,20.April 2018   by ]

Trade fair video: Shape Sony A7R3 Cage and Sony Venice Dovetail System // NAB 2018

bildShape presented at NAB 2018 its cage system for the Sony A7RIII as well as a completely new dovetail and shoulder mount system for the Sony Venice. Here we present both systems in our interview clip. VY=nc-MvnK9pI0 When we talk about Shape rig ...more

[10:51 thu,19.April 2018   by ]

reate your own 3D character quickly and easily

bildAt the TU Braunschweig, respectively the lab for computer graphics there, a nice project was developed, which can create a human 3D model from a simple video recording without special additional hardware. For this, the object only has to show ...more

[10:01 thu,19.April 2018   by ]

Videoniterview: Chrosziel Servo Zoom for Zeiss LWZ.3 incl. Smartgrip Support // NAB 2018

bildAccessories specialist Chrosziel presented its new compact Servo ZoomZoom im Glossar erklärt Unit for the manual Zeiss Lightweight ZoomZoom im Glossar erklärt LWZ.3 at NAB. As already known from the Chrosziel CDM-MK ZoomZoom im Glossar erklärt Units for the Fujinons, the servo zoom solution for the Zeiss LWZ.3 also ...more

[12:15 wed,18.April 2018   by ]

HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 Convertible Workstation with 4K and 600 nits // NAB 2018

bildAt NAB 2018, HP presented an update to the G5 version of the ZBook Studio notebook series, each with very different models with 4K displays. One of them, the ZBook Studio x360 G5 Convertible Workstation, can also be used as a tablet via a folding ...more

[10:35 wed,18.April 2018   by ]

Videoclip: Canon EOS C700 FF: sensor, codecs, bit depths, frame rates, ergonomics and much more.

bildHere our quite detailed presentation of the upcoming full format Cine Camera C700 FF from Canon. We asked for sensor readouts, resolutions, lens options (and vignetting), available bit depths and codecs as well as ergonomics and operation. The ...more

[10:35 tue,17.April 2018   by ]
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