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Nvidia RTX 6000 with 48 GB memory and 8 pin power connector for 7349 Dollar

bildSome US retailers are already listing the upcoming Ada-based RTX 6000 graphics card. This is a workstation model based on the same architecture as the GeForce RTX 4090 (AD102 chip). The new name also makes it clear that Nvidia has changed its ...more

[15:44 Thu,1.December 2022   by ]

Use FFmpeg directly in the browser - FFMPEG.WASM

bildFFmpeg provides numerous codecs and tools for processing audio and video, which in turn can be used both independently ("standalone") and as functions of other programmes and applications. The special feature of FFmpeg - apart from its open ...more

[10:38 Thu,1.December 2022   by ]

Filmic Pro 7: Professional camera app for Andoid and iOS with new features and subscription model

bildFilmic has released the new, heavily redesigned version 7.0 of its Filmic Pro mobile camera app for Android and iOS. Filmic Pro v7 has not only been redesigned from the ground up but has also gained a whole host of additional features, including ...more

[17:49 Wed,30.November 2022   by ]

Rode introduces compact VideoMicro II for cameras and smartphones for 92,- Euro

bildAudio specialist Rode has just introduced the successor to its compact VideoMicro microphone VideoMicro II. The new version features Rode's Annular Line Tube Technology in an all-metal housing as known from the Rode VideoMic NTG and NTG5. The most ...more

[12:20 Wed,30.November 2022   by ]

Blackmagic: Video Assist 3.9, RAW 2.8 und Desktop Video 12.4.1 Updates

bildBlackmagic has released new versions of Video Assist, Desktop Video and Blackmagic RAW, which bring some new features. For example, Video Assist 3.9 enables recording in Blackmagic RAW for Fujifilm X-T5 cameras to Blackmagic'amp;s monitor-recorder ...more

[10:21 Wed,30.November 2022   by ]

New Lexar CFexpress Type A and B GOLD Memory Cards up to 320GB and 2TB, respectively

bildLexar has expanded its two GOLD series of CFexpress Type A and Type B with new models with even more storage space. For example, Lexar's introduced in August CFexpress Type A GOLD cards previously stopped at 160 GB, but now their maximum capacity ...more

[15:07 Tue,29.November 2022   by ]

Nvidia Magic3D - create any 3D object by text description

bildLast Friday, researchers from Nvidia came out with another milestone in AI development: the new Magic3D tool can generate complete 3D models from a simple text description. In the related paper, Nvidia describes a two-step process that takes a rough ...more

[11:16 Tue,29.November 2022   by ]

TTArtisan C 35mm f/0.95 super fast manual S35/APS-C lens for 295,- Euro

bildAdmittedly: It'amp;s not always easy to keep track of the seemingly never-ending stream of affordable, high-speed lenses from Shenzen. The new C 35mm f/0.95 from the Chinese lens manufacturer TTArtisan does not necessarily make this any easier. ...more

[16:35 Mon,28.November 2022   by ]

Mofage POCO PL to E/RF/L/Z mount adapter incl. drop-in filter for Vari-ND for 329.00 Dollar

bildWe don't know the Asian company "Mofage" at all, but they are working on an interesting PL adapter for Sony E-mount, Canon RF-mount, Panasonic/Sigma/Leica L-mount and Nikon Z-mount with the POCO Drop-In Filter Adapter. This adapter is characterized ...more

[11:15 Mon,28.November 2022   by ]

UPDATE 3: Cyber Monday and other discount offers from Dedolight, Sennheiser, Asus, Samyang, Lowepro,

bildAuch jetzt noch sind viele Black Friday Sonderrabatte gültig, außerdem sind noch einige Cyber Monday Angebote zu großen Übersicht von Rabattaktionen zum Black Friday und Cyber Monday 2022 dazugekommen und zwar von Asus, Sennheiser, Samyang, ...more

[10:43 Sun,27.November 2022   by ]

Sony Inzone M3: 240 Hz 27

bildSony's new Inzone M3 27" monitor, which was introduced in July, is now available for pre-order. In contrast to its 4K sister model Inzone M9, the Inzone M3 only has a FullHD resolution - but is otherwise technically similar to the M9 in some ...more

[13:14 Sat,26.November 2022   by ]

UPDATE 2: Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from Avid, Laowa, Filmconvert, Viltrox and more.

bildHeute zum Black Friday sind noch einige weitere Black Friday und auch Cyber Monday Angebote online gegangen - wer also sparen will, sollte sich beeilen, da einige Angebote schon heute und viele am 30. November enden. Heute dazugekommen zu unserer ...more

[12:44 Fri,25.November 2022   by ]

Philipp's 4K UHD mini LED monitor incl. Thunderbolt 4 (MSRP. 1,299) goes on sale

bildPhilipps had already presented its new 4K UHD monitor with mini-LED technology and Thunderbolt 4 at the beginning of the year at CES. Now it is to go on sale. According to Philipps, the 27-inch monitor with an IPS panel is aimed at especially ...more

[10:45 Fri,25.November 2022   by ]

Artificial Art - Stable Diffusion Version 2.0 presented...

bildTonight Stability AI announced version 2 of its groundbreaking AI imaging tool Stable Diffusion - still under an OpenSource licence. Incidentally, the tool also has local roots: a team including Robin Rombach (Stability AI) and Patrick Esser ...more

[11:02 Thu,24.November 2022   by ]
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