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/// Slashcam News - February 2024
Awakened still images - AI EMO makes portraits speak and sing 29.February 2024
Samsung launches first 256GB SD Express microSD card with SSD performance 29.February 2024
Pika now creates Ki video clips with synchronized lips using Lip Sync 28.February 2024
Leaked photos? Will DJI present its own cinema camera at NAB 2024? 27.February 2024
Vintage trend - Kodak Super 8 camera already sold out? 27.February 2024
Xiaomi 14 Ultra - 1 26.February 2024
Golden Bear goes to the documentary film 26.February 2024
Sony PDT-FP1 portable data transmitter 25.February 2024
Elevenlabs will offer AI Sound Effects 24.February 2024
SmallRig launches comprehensive retro accessory system for Fujifilm X100VI 23.February 2024
Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 with direct file upload and lower SDI latency 23.February 2024
Open source AI image generator - Stable Diffusion 3 - first beta presented 22.February 2024
Panasonic presents the world'amp;s smallest and lightest superzoom: LUMIX S 28-200mm F4-7.1 MACRO O.I.S. 22.February 2024
Cloud as an opportunity - GoPro is increasingly focusing on subscription models and Quik App 22.February 2024
Sony presents full-frame zoom FE 24-50mm F2.8 G 21.February 2024
Sigma 15mm F1,4 DG DN DIAGONAL FISHEYE Art and 500mm F5,6 DG DN OS Sports 21.February 2024
Sony's Creators App in the cloud - direct upload of photos and videos from the FX3 and FX30 21.February 2024
On our own behalf: Welcome to the new slashCam pages! 20.February 2024
PCIe 5.0 x2 or PCIe 4.0 x4? Samsung 990 Evo only partially convincing 20.February 2024
Fujifilm X100 VI with 40 MP sensor and sensor stabilisation presented 20.February 2024
SmallHD introduces Quantum 32 OLED monitor for HDR colour correction and more 19.February 2024
128 TB SSDs on the horizon - first X2 models spotted by Phison 19.February 2024
Second teaser video for the Fujifilm X100 VI leaked? 18.February 2024
Magic Lantern RAW update, February 2024 - ML-RAW on EOS R with Digic 8 for the first time 17.February 2024
Allegedly confirmed - Sony to launch 24-50mm f/2.8 G lens on February 21 for 1,299 Euro 16.February 2024
OpenAI Sora - this is the AI video gamechanger 15.February 2024
News from Atomos - OS11 upgrade for Ninja (V), feature packs and hints 15.February 2024
Sigma teases new product launch for 21 February: High-light Fisheye 15mm F1.4 and more? 15.February 2024
Sachtler introduces new Cine series of tripod heads: Cine20, 30 and 50 14.February 2024
ConsiStory in Stable Diffusion - Finally consistent AI characters without fine-tuning? 14.February 2024
Sony Burano: Camera simulator and official tutorial videos online 13.February 2024
Updates (24.2) for Premiere Pro and After Effects - 13.February 2024
Laowa: Nanomorph Zoom on Indiegogo - first affordable anamorphic zooms? 12.February 2024
Bytedance/TikTok show the latest AI clip generator with motion control 12.February 2024
NiSi introduces cinema full spectrum ND filter-set 11.February 2024
Teaser video for Fujifilm X100 VI - will Fujifilm succeed in creating the next hype? 10.February 2024
Sony Venice 2 firmware v3.00 available with added / enhanced functions 9.February 2024
ASUS ProArt PA24US - 4K monitor with 12G-SDI and 80W Power Delivery 9.February 2024
Apple shows its own AI model for image processing as open source - MGIE 8.February 2024
Shape introduces Monitor Support Bracket for FX6 and Shapelini Clamp 8.February 2024
Nikon Z8 firmware update - auto-capture function and HiRes Pixelshift photos 7.February 2024
Blackmagic Design introduces Resolve 18.6.5 with Sony Burano support, AI stabilisation and more: 7.February 2024
Data rescuer warns: Unreliable USB sticks due to inferior components 6.February 2024
Zeiss Nano Primes: High-speed cine lens series for mirrorless full-frame cameras 6.February 2024
Generative AI on the Vision Pro - Adobe announces special Firefly apps 5.February 2024
SmallRig introduces fluid head PH8 with variable damping / counterbalance 5.February 2024
Every (two) years again - OCTOPUS16 CAMERA now with S16 sensor for 1000 dollars 4.February 2024
iPhone 16 rumors: larger image sensor - and a capture button for video? 2.February 2024
Wonder Studio now also exports Camera Tracking and Point Cloud data 2.February 2024
SynthEyes 2024.1 available with new lens distortion plugin for AE 1.February 2024
Panasonic brings AI keyer to new Media Production Suite 1.February 2024

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