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Canopus ADVC-300

Canopus ADVC-300

Frage von Holly:


I'm still new to the video corner and a fellow of the Council have given me a "zuzulegen Canopus ADVC-300" in order to improve the quality of my video recordings, but he could tell me what that is synonymous not just because he is only synonymous has anyone heard of it.

Now to my question, what exactly is a "Canopus ADVC-300" and what he does with you or him?

I could not find anything on the Internet, unfortunately, synonymous like and am looking at here in the forum only find out that this is synonymous nor a "TBC", what is it?

Antwort von camworks:

will this be a joke? : - / Not found in the internet?

the query at google for "canopus ADVC-300" gives the following result:
http://www.google.de/search?sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGGL, GGGL :2005-09, GGGL: en & q = canopus ADVC-+300

the 2nd results below the Froogle product search engine is computeruniverse.net of. There are, for a detailed description of the instrument pencil ADVC-300.
And when one is aware that the unit of canopus, then I'd probably synonymous canopus.de by looking at times. And what do you see there? one link to the products. http://www.canopus.com/products/ADVC300/index.php

and "tbc" in this context means "timebase corrector. what it is, here you can find time in the forum (or google).

I sometimes wonder whether I'm in the wrong film, but real. at least, should be able to use google. and is using his head to think of synonymous advantageous. :-)

Antwort von Jan:

He's right!

In the last 2 weeks he was a constant theme in Slashcam Hi8 to DVD - Slashcam search ....

Our "Best" Mark has been plenty of reports about him.


Antwort von Holly:


I have my question villeicht wrong question, I wanted to ask what this device is actually exactly can, and does, and I could out of the offerings on the Internet not so open up completely.

Antwort von StefanS:

"Holly" wrote:

I have my question villeicht wrong question, I wanted to ask what this device is actually exactly can, and does, and I could out of the offerings on the Internet not so open up completely.

Question, but please only once, which does not make this device, namely the quality of your (recorded) video to improve.

What it does is, however, receive the best possible quality of your (recorded) for digitization of analog video, with other words, only as little as possible to deteriorate, so little that you will not see any difference, if only because the starting material already so bad (VHS quality) in Comparison to Digital Video.

Otherwise, the function of this device opens up the attentive reader of enough threads on this forum, which were found with the help of the search function.

In simple words:

Front purely analog video, digital video in DV format back out.


Antwort von camworks:

I quote myself canopus of the aforementioned page:

"The ADVC300 instantly improve the quality of old VHS and Hi8 video, data and stabilize the video files replaced in clean DV format."

stefan ps: @: horny signature :-)

Antwort von StefanS:

even though I have been synonymous times good ideas, but here I must once admitted that the signature is stolen ". I have taken it but in the consciousness "that the sentence is so good that he is worthy to be carried out into the world. I have therefore provided me the understanding and use :-)

To "fix" I have my setting.

The slogan on the Canopus Page is said to be true, as the "stabilization" and the "clean DV format" concerns. But "immediately improves the quality of the ..." it sounds very much like "I'm probably not stupid," "greed is Geil" and other promotional leaflets at a similar level.

Just connect "Simply üver USB s.PC and easy burn your movies on DVD and CD for only 49.90

Brrrrr, and then it shakes me forever.

As already said Otto again (not copyrighted to me, too bad :-))

Smoking is not harmful but
Signed: Dr. Marlboro

Also the earth is a disc


Antwort von Holly:

That makes the analogy with the video, I could understand synonymous what I wanted to know was just saying like what I've heard of a well-known that it is synonymous of quality digital (ita really "digital", it was of a stately Digital invented or has a special meaning?) Videos improved, which is synonymous here occupies a statement in the forum so http://forum.slashcam.de/fragen-an-profis-vt26783.html?highlight=canopus+advc+300 .

But is probably wrong, thanks for the help.

Antwort von camworks:

well, the converter stabilizes the timebase has installed uu one NR and one can monitor the level. Also, depending on the converter program supplied synonymous with which one the color / contrast, etc. can adjust.

since no one can even speak better of.

Antwort von Markus:

"Holly" wrote:
[ADVC-300] I could find on the Internet, unfortunately, synonymous nothing like ...

It took a blow, is pitched as my jaw on the desk! About the ADVC-300 will find anything on the Internet? - Only in the course of subsequent posts, I came to my senses, when the real issue became clearer. ;-)

Here's the answer: An A / D converter is the link between an analog playback devices (camcorder, VCR) and a computer (Mac, PC). See synonymous FireWire FAQ">1st (a) Overview: Connecting a camcorder or VCR.

I would say, the ADVC-300 is more than an "ordinary" A / D converter, so synonymous over the other models of Canopus. When this is why I call usden noise filter that can visibly improve the video image, and the adjustable Kantenaufsteilung. It lets me ussynonymous the mistakes of advanced analog copy generation (with increasingly strong Kantenaufsteilung reduced).

In conjunction with the software

Antwort von ash3000:

So now let's face it.

You wrote here in rows of improvement. That's just really hard to understand.

When I cook pea soup, which is a pea soup.
If I use this pea soup, then seasoning, it is still a pea soup. I personally like the taste will appear better or worse, depending on what spices I use is, not as sharp or sharper, sweeter or more tart, and so on but it's pea soup, and not always synonymous with what ingredients a lobster or succulent steak.

If your "improvement" instead of canceling and "change," writes, then I willingly agree that the ADVC-300 is in Comparison to other converters greater spice rack.

So long

Antwort von Markus:

Can you find a glittering picture just "different" or actually "worse" than a nichtrauschendes? ;-)

Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

times and googled the 4 Thread is already a good Page with a detailed description:

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