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Which CPU is optimal for DaVinci Resolve 15?

bildThe hardware specialist Puget Systems has measured the performance of DaVinci Resolve 15 with different current CPUs in different application scenarios. The latest CPUs from Intel (among others i9 9900K, i9 9820X, i7 9800X, i9 9980XE) with up to 18 ...more

[13:17 mon,17.December 2018   by ]

Fujifilm: Firmware 2.00 for X-T3 and X-H1 with Hybrid Log Gamma, better stabilization and much more

bildFujifilm has just released the firmware update 2.00 for its mirrorless APS-C system cameras X-T3 and X-H1 for free download. Among the most important new features for the Fujfilm X-T3 are support for Hybrid Log GammaGamma im Glossar erklärt (HLG) in H.265 (HEVC) and ...more

[09:39 mon,17.December 2018   by ]

Oscar technology for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, among others

bildThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the Technical Achievment Awards (Oscars) in the run-up to the famous Oscars - awards given by a committee of 60 experts to developers of hardware and software critical to the ...more

[14:57 sun,16.December 2018   by ]

Nvidia and RED demonstrate 8K editing in real time

bildAt the official launch of the new Nvidia CUDA-accelerated REDCODE RAW SDK at Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood, Hollywood, it was shown how the RED Monstro camera's 24fps 8K (8,192 × 4,320) RAW footage was played, edited and color corrected on an HP ...more

[10:39 sun,16.December 2018   by ]

IMAX shuts down its VR locations

bildWith VR you can´t earn enough money, at least as a cinema operator in the real world -- this is the conclusion of IMAX. Its last remaining "VR Experience Centre" locations will be shut down early next year. In 2017, a total of seven such VR ...more

[11:05 sat,15.December 2018   by ]

LG gram: ultra light 17

bildLG has already announced the first details of two interesting laptops that will be presented at CES 2019 in January. The gram 17" model weighs only 1,340 grams and features a 16:9 17" IPS display with 96% color space coverage of the sRGB color space ...more

[14:22 fri,14.December 2018   by ]

Meyer Optik Görlitz will rise again from the ashes

bildAfter insolvency of Net SE it was not clear whether it would continue with the traditional brand Meyer Optik Görlitz, in which Net SE held the ...more

[09:06 fri,14.December 2018   by ]

DJI Osmo Pocket starts shipping, gets new slow-motion mode (via firmware-update)

bildAccording to DJI the new Mini-Gimbalkamera Osmo Pocket is available as of today -- and there is also a first firmware update to go with it. New in ...more

[13:15 thu,13.December 2018   by ]

AirMap App: Alarm during approach of no-fly zones for DJI drones

bildIf you fly your drone close to no-fly zones, the latest version of AirMap App (iOS/Android) now provides practical flight assistance. AirMap warns pilots in real time when their drone is approaching a no-fly zone defined by geofencing (such as ...more

[09:34 thu,13.December 2018   by ]

Kipon: Medium format on full format

bildKipon should be known to most as a manufacturer of lens adapters. But together with the German high-end optics developer IBE Optics (who also developed lenses for ARRI Prime 65 S and Prime DNA lenses), Kipon is now also launching focus reducers and ...more

[14:04 wed,12.December 2018   by ]

The world's first tripod system with titanium ball head

bildThe American tripod manufacturer Colorado Tripod Company has launched a funding campaign for a tripod system with a titanium ball head using Kickstarter. Due to the special properties of titanium, the hollow ball head of the Highline model is ...more

[09:44 wed,12.December 2018   by ]

More than 250 screening events will celebrate the Short film day 2018

bildShort films in abundance on the shortest day of the year: on 21.12. the Short Film Day will take place again, where anyone who wants can organise their own small (or big) event. There are currently 246 events registered nationwide, and some will ...more

[14:55 tue,11.December 2018   by ]

Adobe Pro Video Apps now exports Apple ProRes 4444 and 422 under Windows

bildMany Windows users in the professional video environment might have waited for this: Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC now support ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt export on Windows as well. To be more precise, two important variants of ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt are ...more

[09:39 tue,11.December 2018   by ]

YouTube Rewind 2018: What were the Top 10 Trending YouTube Videos in 2018?

bildIt's time again: Google (YouTube) publishes the top 10 of the most successful YouTube trends in 2018 just in time for the end of the year. If you're looking for a career as a YouTuber, you shouldn't be afraid to share the world at the birth of your ...more

[15:44 mon,10.December 2018   by ]
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