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When the film was digitally ...

bildA very insightful analysis about the digital transformation in the film industry provides the blog entry When and how the film business went digital by Stephen Follows. For so long And, of course, as happens many slashCAM readers, there is not even ...more

[10:08 sat,21.January 2017   by ]

Rode Roadmap 2017: VideoMic SoundField, VideoMic Pro + ua

bildRode has the 50th anniversary of his company founder's - the Freedmanns Electronic Group used to present his Mikofon roadmap for 2017th For this count the omnidirectional TFM-50 for the recording of concerts locally, the NT-49 studio microphone ...more

[12:40 fri,20.January 2017   by ]

Filmic Pro now with log profile

bildFilmic Pro has the reputation of being one of the best apps for smartphone filmmakers, be it with the iPhone or with a well-equipped Android device. The app allows among other frame and data rates over a wide range to determine and also offers ...more

[10:04 thu,19.January 2017   by ]
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Currently our database contains about 233 HD camcorders with detailed technical specifications, ratings and test images in full resolution (only tested models).

To search for and/or compare high definition video cameras, please use the interface above.

While we are still working on the translation of our camcorder tests, the conclusions are already available in English. Some information on our testing procedures can be found in this article: Camcorder tests and ratings

By the way: Every search result can be bookmarked or linked to via a statical URL.

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