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Beauty or Credibility - the CGI Dilemma

bildThe critique of Hollywood's effect over invited blockbusters learns here another supplement and the perceived declining power of the movies to which they will be moored partially dominant computer-generated images. Was it before about 2004 ...more

[09:03 sun,2.August 2015   by ]

Vimeo adjusts its donation option

bildWithout naming reasons Vimeo has communicated through his mailing list that the "Tip this video" option is set, so the possibility voluntarily a small (or not so little, the amount had any self-let) amount for a gefallendes Video to donate ...more

[11:23 fri,31.July 2015   by ]

Windows 10 is here

bildOwners of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 can upgrade from today free for one year on the new Windows 10, which for the time being last major Windows version - constantly in the future, new updates are downloaded and so large Versionsspruenge with a bunch of ...more

[14:13 wed,29.July 2015   by ]

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12 (Beta) is here

bildWith immediate effect, at NAB 2015 angekuendigte new version 12 of grading tools DaVinci Resolve is available with over 200 new features as a public beta download. With the new version Blackmagic has undergone a change in the naming: the free ...more

[12:04 mon,27.July 2015   by ]
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Currently our database contains about 233 HD camcorders with detailed technical specifications, ratings and test images in full resolution (only tested models).

To search for and/or compare high definition video cameras, please use the interface above.

While we are still working on the translation of our camcorder tests, the conclusions are already available in English. Some information on our testing procedures can be found in this article: Camcorder tests and ratings

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