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Crack Light: superflexibel Micro-LED Licht

bildThe Blind Spot Gear team has launched a new kickstart campaign (after the five previous campaigns were successfully completed, most recently the Scorpion Light Set and the Power Junkie). The new Crack Light is a flexible waterproof micro LED panel ...more

[15:10 tue,19.March 2019   by ]

New iMacs with up to 8 cores and AMD Vega graphics

bildApple has once again introduced new iMacs that for the first time include Intel 8-core options and AMD's Vega graphics processors. As before, there will be two versions with integrated retina displays. The smallest, new 21.5" version has a 3.6 GHz ...more

[14:32 tue,19.March 2019   by ]

Panasonic-, Nikon-, Canon-, Fuji- and Sony-metadata import for Resolve

bildThe free ExifTool from Phil Harvey, which has been popular for years, is a platform-independent Perl library for reading, writing and editing meta information. This program can read the EXIF files of most video files. Exif Video Resolved DR is a ...more

[09:01 tue,19.March 2019   by ]

Western Digital Blue SN500 NVMe SSDs: 1.7 GB/s instead of 560 MB/s through NVMe

bildWestern Digital's new Blue SN500 NVMe SSDs reflect the trend from SATA to NMVe SSDs: While the previous models of Western Digital's Blue 3D SSDs were still offered in the form of SSDs with SATA connectors, the two new Western Digital Blue SN500 ...more

[14:46 mon,18.March 2019   by ]

Upright video: Lena Meyer-Landrut Dont Lie to Me - cleverly self-referential and with perfect target

bildf you still need examples that mobile phone-friendly upright video formats have conquered their firm place in the camera-cadrage / video production, you will find in the current Lena Meyer-Landrut music video "Don'amp;t Lie to me" both current and ...more

[12:09 mon,18.March 2019   by ]

Robert Rodriguez: After the 170 million Hollywood blockbuster now a 7,000 dollar do-it-yourself movi

bildAfter the million sci-fi action film "Alita: Battle Angel", director Robert Rodriguez returns to his no-budget indie film origins: his new sci-fi horror thriller "Red 11", which was produced during Alita's post-production in just 14 days, cost ...more

[10:14 sun,17.March 2019   by ]

RED Patent Indicates Internal DCT-RAW Recording in Hydrogen

bildThe patent of Jim Jannard, Jarred Land and Bhat Manjunath Subray was last updated in January 2019 and deals, among other things, with how RAW compression of moving images on a smartphone can be managed as resource-efficiently as possible. If we ...more

[10:23 sat,16.March 2019   by ]

New MFT beginners Z CAM E2C, no high-speed, but possibly RAW for 799 dollars

bildThe Z CAM E2 is a 10 BitBit im Glossar erklärt HighSpeed MFT camera for about 2000 Dollar obviously doesn't support a too wide application layer and hasn't made it to our test lab yet. For considerably less money, a slimmed down version called E2C will be available in a ...more

[14:06 fri,15.March 2019   by ]

DJI Ronin-S Firmware Update Brings Focus Control to Sony Alpha 7 III

bildThe latest firmware update for DJIs one-handed gimbal Ronin-S brings some improvements. It allows to control the focus of the Sony A7 III via USB-C control cable using the Ronin-S control wheel. Furthermore, for Nikon, Canon and ...more

[09:28 fri,15.March 2019   by ]

Warping Wheels plugin for FCPX and Adobe CC - Automatically separate skin tones

bildThe German software company Picture Instruments claims to have reinvented the Color Wheels with the Warping Wheels PluginPlugin im Glossar erklärt for Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Suite Adobe. At first glance, the plugin isn't very expensive at 55 Euros and offers a very ...more

[13:51 thu,14.March 2019   by ]

New Rayzr MC MultiColor Soft LED Panel Series

bildThe Dutch manufacturer Rayzr, known for its bright Rayzr LED Fresnels has introduced a new series of Multi Color RGBWW LED Soft Panels. The three new models MC 100, MC 120 and MC 200 are all relatively bright and lightweight - they differ from each ...more

[10:47 thu,14.March 2019   by ]

Zacuto: New 1080P MICRO-OLED EVF Kameleon with SDI + HDMI IN (incl. 4K HDMI Downscaling)

bildZacuto announces its new 1080p1080p im Glossar erklärt Micro-OLED EVF "Kameleon" in the run-up to NAB 2019. The Zacuto Kameleon features a 1080p1080p im Glossar erklärt OLED display, a contrast ratio of 10000:1 at a luminance of 150-250 cd/m² and 24 BitBit im Glossar erklärt RGBRGB im Glossar erklärt colour depth. The connectors ...more

[19:00 wed,13.March 2019   by ]

Insta360 EVO -- new foldable 5.7K camera for VR180 and 360° video

bildLarger than the consumer cameras previously available from Insta360 is the newly introduced EVO camera model, which records videos either spherically in 360° or in "half" VR format (the latter stereoscopically). 180° 3D photos can also be recorded. ...more

[15:03 wed,13.March 2019   by ]

SLR Magic introduces its bright and compact Cine MicroPrimes for Fuji X-Mount

bildOn the website of SLR Magic there is still nothing about the new Cine MicroPrimes for Fuji X-Mount but some dealers already list the new SLR-Magics on their pages. So far the MicroPrimes were available for full format image circles and Sony E-Mount ...more

[13:44 wed,13.March 2019   by ]
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