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Nikon D850 - actually 4K recordings with full Sensorflaeche

bildIn 18 hours the official presentation of the Nikon D850 is to take place, but as often, a few leaks seep before the official presentation. And in this case, we are very pleased with what we are going to read. Because the Nikon D850 is to be the ...more

[11:54 wed,23.August 2017   by ]

External Memory: Western Digital My Book Duo with up to 20TB of memory

bildThe latest model of Western Digital's external My Book desktop storage solutions, with 20TB, has the highest capacity so far. The My Book Duo uses two 10TB WD RED hard drives configured as a RAIDRAID im Glossar erklärt 0 system, providing 20TB of storage space with a ...more

[09:18 wed,23.August 2017   by ]

Filmfriend - Video on Demand on library ID

bildUnlimited european art house films, German classics and documentaries stream for 10 euros a year? The video-on-demand platform Filmfriend launched in June as a new library service makes it possible, but only for members of the Berlin city bookshops. ...more

[15:22 tue,22.August 2017   by ]

DJI Spark: firmware update until 1 September otherwise start ban

bildDJI has announced a firmware update for the Mini-Copter DJI Spark, which is due to be released this week and must be carried out by every owner until September 1st. Devices with older firmware should not be able to stand out from this date. DJI ...more

[14:04 tue,22.August 2017   by ]

Nokia 8 Smartphone with Zeiss Optics and OZO Audio

bildFrom September comes another, 4K-capable smartphone on the market. The main camera of the new Nokia 8 loest with 13MP on and sets on a dual setup, ie. In addition to the optically stabilized (color) camera module, a monochrome imaging module is ...more

[14:56 mon,21.August 2017   by ]

Can Apple monetize a further distribution stage for Kinofilme?

bildAgain and again, ideas emerge on how to add more stations to the current feature film distribution chain Kino / BluRay / StreamingStreaming im Glossar erklärt / PayTV / FreeTV. According to Bloomberg, Apple wants to take a step after the first publication in the cinema to a ...more

[12:22 mon,21.August 2017   by ]

Stanley Kubrick's Use of Light Sources in the Picture (Practical lights)

bildAn interesting aspect of the film art of Stanley Kubrick's work is his use of so-called "Practical Lighting" in scenes, ie of light sources, which also appear in the picture and illuminate this. His use of pure candlelight in the night ...more

[10:13 sun,20.August 2017   by ]

New house robot Kuri makes automatic family videos

bildThe Kuri, developed by the Bosch startup Mayfield Robotics, provides a new answer to the question: Who needs to know what the robot needs? The approximately 800 dollar Kuri robot films per face (and pet) recognition according to the manufacturer ...more

[09:05 sat,19.August 2017   by ]

Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 350/550: GPU Power via Thunderbolt 3

bildSonnet has introduced a new GPU extender box (64-bit Windows 10 / macOS 10.12.5+), which can also be used to provide a notebook with additional GPU power, as well as, for example, an expensive graphics card between several computers Without having ...more

[11:22 fri,18.August 2017   by ]

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 7 available

bildYesterday, Blackmagic Design announced the immediate availability of DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 7. In the IT, a beta version is actually a feature-freeze, which is a previous version of the final release version, in which no new functions are added, ...more

[14:04 thu,17.August 2017   by ]
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