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Netflix as innovation engine in film technology

bildThe linked article by Hollywood Reporter describes the great influence Netflix has had on technology development in the meantime. Due to its enormous size and ambitions, Netflix influences hardware and software development as well as the definition ...more

[10:46 sat,24.August 2019   by ]

Three new monitors from Phillips, including a large 55" 4K model with DisplayHDR1000

bildMMD/Philips has announced three new gaming monitors that are also interesting for working with video: the huge 55 inch (142 cm) Philips Momentum 558M1RY, the 31.5 inch (80 cm) Philips Momentum 328M1R and the 27 inch (68.6 cm) Philips Momentum ...more

[13:28 fri,23.August 2019   by ]

Nitecore introduces Large Format Cine lens portfolio - Superior Prime: Rebranded NISI, Bokehlux, Kin

bildOnly recently the Chinese manufacturer Nitecore, known for its flashlights and batteries, had been in the slashCAM News with its intelligent batteries for Sony Alpha. Now it goes on with a complete Large FormatFormat im Glossar erklärt Cine lens series, called Nitecore ...more

[07:32 fri,23.August 2019   by ]

The new THX trailer Deep Note 2019 is ready - made by Andrew Kramer!

bildIf you'amp;ve been following slashCAM for a long time, you can certainly remember the beginnings of Video Copilot. On this website an extremely talented young man showed early on in his life in very catchy and entertaining video tutorials how to ...more

[11:44 thu,22.August 2019   by ]

Adobe After Effects and Nuke now part of Netflix Post Technology Alliance

bildAdobe After Effects and Foundry Nuke are the first VFX programs to join the Netflix Post Technology Alliance (PTA). The PTAs that meet the technical and delivery requirements for Netflix Original movies and shows. The Netflix Post Technology ...more

[10:20 thu,22.August 2019   by ]

Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate Brings Video Masks and Nesting

bildPinnacles hobby editing program Studio gets also in the version 23 further professional features (at least the more expensive Ultimate version). The most recent additions are keyframes and grading options such as LUTs, image tone curves and color ...more

[16:23 wed,21.August 2019   by ]

Nitecore NFZ100: Intelligent battery for Sony Alpha 7/9 cameras with own App

bildThe Chinese manufacturer Nitecore, known for its flashlights, has introduced the intelligent battery NFZ100 for Sony Alpha cameras like the Sony Alpha 7 III,/7R III,/7R IV/α9 (ILCE-9)/9R and Alpha 9s. The highlight of the battery: it can be ...more

[09:17 wed,21.August 2019   by ]

motorola one action smartphone films with 117° -- non-vertically

bildQuite original is the camera trio of the new middle class smartphone motorola one action -- one of the three camera modules is extremely wide-angle with a picture angle of 117° and is called "ActionCam", but not only that. It has been designed to ...more

[15:34 tue,20.August 2019   by ]

Cartoni RED LOCK tripod with interchangeable 75 / 100 mm holder and 60 kg(!) payload // IBC 2019

bildThe Italian manufacturer Cartoni, which specialises in camera support, is bringing a whole range of new products to IBC 2019: The RED LOCK tripod, the MAXIMA 5.0 Heavy Duty Cine tripod head and the S200 Broadcast Sport tripod. : Cartoni RED LOCK ...more

[11:05 tue,20.August 2019   by ]

Nigerian teenagers produce SF short film with the simplest of means

bildWhat democratization of the means of production really means the digital revolution is beautifully demonstrated by an SF film production of some Nigerian teenagers who have produced a veritable science fiction short film by the simplest means. ...more

[16:31 mon,19.August 2019   by ]

Free guide to virtual film production

bildVirtual film production provides a good example of exciting high-end technology and new workflows that are first used by expensive Hollywood high-tech productions and then become more affordable over time and available in less complex productions. ...more

[13:05 mon,19.August 2019   by ]

Philips: New E1 series with monitors from 24

bildMMD has introduced 8 new Philips monitors in sizes 24", 27" and 31.5" with resolutions from FullHDFullHD im Glossar erklärt to QuadHD to 4K UltraHD. The fact that the monitors use very different panel types vary their characteristics and prices quite strongly, six of the ...more

[14:26 sun,18.August 2019   by ]

360° Panono Throwing Camera: Every new picture costs money from 1st September

bildThe special feature of the Panono is the principle of the 360° "throw camera" - when the spherical camera is thrown into the air, it takes a 16K/108 megapixel 360° panorama photo at the apex of its flight path with the help of its 36 cameras. Of ...more

[09:08 sun,18.August 2019   by ]

And RED teasert further: Komodo camera owns SDI and Canon RF mount

bildRED's CEO Jarred Land continues to teasert droplets of pictures to the RED Komodo camera, probably also to steal some attention from the new competition of Blackmagics just introduced Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. In the last few days he has published ...more

[11:20 sat,17.August 2019   by ]
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