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Magix Fastcut - Automatic cut only on a yearly basis

bildFor lovers of automatic video editing has released a new version of Fastcut Magix. One of the biggest changes we almost overlooked the software is as it seems only offered in a 1-year version, but the same price as before, when the program was able ...more

[12:54 wed,25.November 2015   by ]

Sony FS7 Video Tutorials for Beginners

bildAlister Chapman of xdcam-user.com has been committed to the introduction of the Sony FS7 intensively with this deal. His Ultimate Guide for Cine EI on the Sony PXW-FS7 should serve many FS7 filmmakers as an important resource. Now Chapman has ...more

[10:32 wed,25.November 2015   by ]

New footage of the BMD 4.6K Ursa: Skintones

bildThere are new photos from the Blackmagic Design URSA 4.6K. The recordings are mainly Skintones in different scenarios but also Slomos found in the footage shown. Even if the recordings are only available in HD available and YouTube the worst ...more

[20:48 tue,24.November 2015   by ]

Amazon Story Writer - free, cloud-based screenwriting app

bildAs an alternative to known screenwriting programs such as Celtx or Final Draft Amazon is now offering the online tool Story Writer. It provides automatic formatting while writing and supports the import / export of PDF, FDX and Fountain formats. ...more

[10:24 tue,24.November 2015   by ]

New: hit movie 4 Pro with JKL scrubbing and more

bildRecently, a new version of the hit movie VFX software Pro is available which both some editing brings also a lot of innovations in the 3D compositing area. For example, the timeline playback will now go from variable furnish, as well also the ...more

[12:19 mon,23.November 2015   by ]

DJI implemented drone fly zones

bildWell soon (and not only in this country) new rules for Drohnenfluege come - and to avoid an essential element next to the Drohnenfuehrerschein to serious accidents is the expansion of the existing no-fly zones should be. The drone manufacturers DJI ...more

[11:33 mon,23.November 2015   by ]

Sensor manufacturers in Kaufsog

bildAn interesting coincidence this week took place: So two of the largest suppliers were taken over by "relatively" free available Cinema camera sensors. On the one hand is now a thing CMOSIS (among others to see the AJA CION, at the ...more

[13:31 sun,22.November 2015   by ]
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