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LiveCap: Real-time motion capturing via webcam // Siggraph 2019

bildThe project "LiveCap: Real-time Human Performance CaptureCapture im Glossar erklärt from Monocular Video" realizes the first real-time animation of a moving human being including clothing by means of motion capturing on the basis of completely normal video recordings, e.g. ...more

[11:15 sat,15.June 2019   by ]

Lenovo with New Mobile Powerful ThinkPad P Workstations

bildLenovo has introduced a number of new ThinkPad P-series mobile workstations with the latest hardware and also updated the ThinkPad P1 model. New is the ThinkPad P53, which Lenovo calls the most powerful 15" workstation, as well as the P73, P53s and ...more

[12:30 fri,14.June 2019   by ]

Reset the light of portrait photos using a tool // Siggraph 2019

bildOnce again at Siggraph 2019 a large number of extremely interesting projects were presented - many of them offering practical new solutions in the field of digital video editing as well as animation/simulation, such as the virtual re-illumination of ...more

[09:36 fri,14.June 2019   by ]

YouTube: some few videos get the predominant views

bildAn analysis of the viewer numbers of all videos on YouTube provides some interesting insights. Since YouTube itself does not publish detailed statistics on video views, the analysis company Pex has determined relevant figures through extensive ...more

[16:15 thu,13.June 2019   by ]

IKAN: Stratus Complete Cage for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K incl. Metabones and SSD support

bildIKAN has introduced its new Stratus Cage for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, which seems to have all (for us) central functions. These include: Metabones support, a holder for an external SSD (Samsung) as well as an HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt and USB-C cable ...more

[12:51 thu,13.June 2019   by ]

Sony: 600 mm F4 Super-Tele and 200-600 mm F5.6-6.3 Super-Telezoom lens for E-Mount

bildSony continues to expand its lens portfolio with a 600mm f4 fixed focal length that should be of particular interest to sports, press and animal photographers / film makers. At 3,040 grams, it is said to be the lightest 600mm lens in its class, for ...more

[13:38 wed,12.June 2019   by ]

Edelkrone Ortak: 3D-print your own accessories

bildFrom Edelkrone come again and again quite smart ideas -- today the accessory manufacturer announces to offer also versions for the domestic 3D printer with some products. The customer then becomes a co-producer (in Turkish ortak means just partner ...more

[13:56 tue,11.June 2019   by ]

Handle enlargement for Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7: Meike MK-Z7G

bildFor those for whom the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 are already too compact to work ergonomically with the cameras, there are different strategies to improve the ergonomics: 1. an additional battery pack (Nikon MB-N10 Multi-Power Battery Pack is still in ...more

[10:18 tue,11.June 2019   by ]

Tamron announces fullframe prime lens SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD

bildTamron presents a new autofocus lens for SLR cameras with full-format sensor. The fixed focal length SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD marks the 40th anniversary of the SP series and is expected to feature high resolution even with maximum open aperture F/1.4. ...more

[16:16 mon,10.June 2019   by ]

Powerful Online Photoshop Clone - Photopea

bildPhotoshop is simply "standard" and indispensable for many users. Even though there are now many alternatives for all possible applications, it is probably the proven Photoshop operating concept that holds most users to the bar. Programs like ...more

[09:23 mon,10.June 2019   by ]

Seagate Introduces First Exos X16 and Ironwolf 16 TB Hard Drives

bildWorking with 4K/6K/RAW video naturally requires large hard disks due to the large amount of data - so new disks with peak storage capacities are always good news. Seagate has now announced the first 16TB hard drives for its Exos and Ironwolf series, ...more

[09:42 sun,9.June 2019   by ]

Where did the 8K ProRes RAW come from on Apple's WWDC? Some inconsistencies...

bildWe had leaned out of the window with a speculation by Techradar about an 8K ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt RAW recording by Nikon and tried to find out more about it afterwards. But shortly afterwards EOSHD confirmed wants to have confirmed: The documentary about the ...more

[13:05 sat,8.June 2019   by ]

Canon 8K Cinema EOS in action at the Apple Mac Pro announcement

bildAt the Apple event for the presentation of the new Mac Pro, as reported, there was also a lot about very high-resolution video -- ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt RAW in 8K is said to have been shown there in multiple versions for demo purposes (more about this at another ...more

[13:35 fri,7.June 2019   by ]

Panasonic VariCam LT 5.500 Euro cheaper

bildPanasonic is offering its compact Super 35mm camera VariCam LT as part of a promotional campaign until September 30, 2019 at a greatly reduced price. The camera body (AU-V35LT1G) will get a discount of 5.500 Euro on the retail price as well as a ...more

[15:09 thu,6.June 2019   by ]
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