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ShotPro, pre-visualization in 3D via iOS app

bildAnother tool for the preparation of rotation has been released in a new version. In the ShotPro App 1.2 allows scenes in the run-up to click together with your 3D figurines and -Props, and trying out the movie tie design considerations such as ...more

[10:43 sat,31.January 2015   by ]

Twitter Video function

bildAs can instantly get the Twitter app (iOS / Android) using also included videos, and of course tweeted be cut (with a maximum length of 30 seconds). The description section, however, seems somewhat euphoric really short clips can be only a new ...more

[10:24 fri,30.January 2015   by ]

Nvidia GTX980 in DaVinci Resolve benchmark

bildWe do not have installed, but Bare Feats has the new Nvidia GTX980 already sent by the two Resolve standard benchmarks (Candle Light and Flash). And even though we now are very wary of Resolve benchmarks with comparative figures, the results are ...more

[18:01 thu,29.January 2015   by ]

Film Financing: Indiegogo and cooperate Vimeo

bildOn the Sundance Film Festival, the crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo has announced a partnership with Vimeo, the filmmakers to bring to a more money and other more visibility. Thus, selected Indiegogo film projects received from Vimeo support in the ...more

[15:57 thu,29.January 2015   by ]

MXL MM-4000 Mini Mixer for video DSLRs

bildIdeal for the shooting with multiple microphones whose sound is to be taken with a camera, the new MXL is MM-4000 Mini suitable, a mobile audio interface, which Mikroeingaenge four (4 x 3.5mm mini jack), a headphone output and a Line output is at ...more

[09:36 thu,29.January 2015   by ]

Oculus Story Studio aims to boost VR Film Production

bildAs reported in could Virtual Reality Viewer Oculus Rift help the immersive movie breakthrough - if you can because herausfaende how narrative VR projects for it to implement media-friendly. Because the traditional film techniques are at a Geraet, ...more

[14:29 wed,28.January 2015   by ]

Sachtler Camera Bags solve Petrol Bags from

bildSachtler has unveiled erstmalg a number of camera bags and is taking so according to the will of the parent company Vitec Group (which, among other things such brands as Manfrotto, Litepanels, OConnor, Teradek, Anton / Bauer and Vinten belong) the ...more

[13:02 wed,28.January 2015   by ]

Maldrone: Malware kidnaps Parrot.AR drones

bildThe hacker Rahul Sasi, by a flaw in the software of the Parrot.AR Drone 2.0 drone managed to install a self-programmed malware called Maldrone that - unnoticed by the owner - full control of the drone will take over. Thus, the video captured by the ...more

[09:13 wed,28.January 2015   by ]
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