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About LUTs in FCPX and Master Clip Effects in Premiere Pro

bildOliver Peters of digital film describes in this article the added with the latest update color correction features in Apple FCPX 10.1.2 and Premiere Pro CC 2014. Specifically, it is in FCPX to the now available LUTs (lookup table) for ARRI, Sony, ...more

[10:13 thu,24.July 2014   by ]

Nikon future with a stronger focus on video?

bildWith the presentation of the Nikon D810 Nikon had with the elaborately produced Dream Park-Video and the idea of u200bu200ba special Filmmaker Kits already the first sign in the direction of important expectant video functions sent. Together with ...more

[11:06 wed,23.July 2014   by ]

SmallHD provides Port Protector for Canon 5D Mark III from

bildSmall HD, which are mainly known for their compact, external monitor solutions, will also apply a so-called Port Protector for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III introduced (previously was only a solution for the 5D Mark II was available). The Port Protector ...more

[10:00 tue,22.July 2014   by ]

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV in the spring of 2015, with the 4K?

bildCanonrumors.com will have new information to the successor of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Thus, it should appear in the spring of 2015 and be equipped with 4K Video Recording. Looking at the previous interval Canon 5D ...more

[13:01 mon,21.July 2014   by ]

Collaborative Video teamwork - Frame.io

bildIn Frame.io is a angekuendigtes project, which connects Vimeo, Dropbox and Messanger network functions. Thought shines all scattered for working teams: So you can obviously different versions of a video to upload, only for team members are visible. ...more

[09:48 mon,21.July 2014   by ]

Mobile Thunderbolt Drives in the comparison test

bildRob-Art Morgan of Barefeats has current external Thunderbolt drives tested, which are scattered with flash Moduen or SSDs and their power over the Thunderbolt port related (bus powered). At the last test was the max. Transfer rate is still at 271 MB ...more

[07:33 sun,20.July 2014   by ]

RED Cinephotography tools as a free app

bildRED has its practical Cinephotography Tools Suite now published as a free iOS app. The collection includes calculator to determine the Cropfaktors, the recording time (depending on storage media and recording parameters), the Tiefenschaerfe, the ...more

[10:59 sat,19.July 2014   by ]

Club3D: 4K via USB 3.0 to DisplayPort adapter

bildClub3D has unveiled the first manufacturer to an adapter box that will help over the detour of USB can be addressed via DisplayPort 1.2 3.0 4K (3840x2160) monitors. This is handy for laptops or PCs, although they are equipped with USB 3.0, but not ...more

[13:17 fri,18.July 2014   by ]
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