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First German ScreenX 270 degree cinema in Berlin opens today

bildToday the first ScreenX cinema in Germany opens in Berlin in the UCI Luxe Cinema at Mercedes Platz with a special version of the adventure comedy "Jumanji: The Next Level". The new ScreenX panorama format uses multi-projection technology to enlarge ...more

[15:38 thu,12.December 2019   by ]

How animations became realistic: The invention of Rotoscoping

bildIn early animated films, the movements of characters were usually very awkward - it was only the invention of RotoscopingRotoscoping im Glossar erklärt by the animation pioneer Max Fleischer, patented in 1917, that made it possible to realistically move drawn figures. The ...more

[09:59 thu,12.December 2019   by ]

Western Digital WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSDs with up to 2,400 MB/s

bildWestern Digital'amp;s new WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD models replace the previous SN500 models and offer higher performance and larger storage capacities than these, among other things, through the use of four PCIe lanes (instead of two). Instead of the ...more

[13:19 wed,11.December 2019   by ]

The new Mac Pro costs between 6.499 and 62.568 Euro -- the Afterburner card 2.400 Euro

bildIt´s December 10th and as announced Apple is now offering the new Mac Pro for order -- so prices and delivery dates are fixed. First of all, the price of the Afterburner card, which is particularly interesting for the video world, should be ...more

[19:56 tue,10.December 2019   by ]

De-Aging: How Digital Rejuvenation Works in

bildMartin Scorsese's latest film, the 3 1/2 hour epic "The Irishman" is a full success - the film produced for Netflix, but also shown in cinemas, puts a kind of end to Scorsese's series of mafia films and covers a wide temporal range. In order to be ...more

[13:25 tue,10.December 2019   by ]

ARRI: Netflix Camera Production Guide for ALEXA Mini LF - SUPs for ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA LF

bildSo far, only a preliminary confirmation of Netflix existed for the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF as a Netflix 4K Production Camera - but now de Mini LF is "officially" part of it. Accordingly, the Netflix CAMERA PRODUCTION GUIDE for the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF can ...more

[09:29 tue,10.December 2019   by ]

Zacuto Kameleon Pro EVF -- now with waveform and vektorscope

bildThe electronic viewfinder Zacuto Kameleon is updated and will be sold as a "Pro" model in the future -- a waveform and vectorscope display have been added. In the course of this, the display interface was also redesigned to make room for the new ...more

[15:37 mon,9.December 2019   by ]

Apple Mac Pro approaching: Can be ordered from 10 December - Delivery date still uncertain

bildEven if the feeling at present clearly says "winter": Astronomically speaking, autumn does not end until 22 December. And since "Coming this Fall" is still emblazoned on Apple's Mac Pro pages, Apple theoretically has until shortly before Christmas. ...more

[09:59 mon,9.December 2019   by ]

WebAssembly approved as W3C standard

bildWhat at first sounds interesting only as a side note for programmers could have major implications in the medium term. With the approval as the fourth official programming language for browsers, web applications can soon be executed much faster than ...more

[15:46 sun,8.December 2019   by ]

Wes Anderson'amp;s 30 favorite movies: Inspirations for Filmmakers

bildWes Anderson ("The Royal Tenenbaums", "Moonrise Kingdom" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel") is one of the most famous current filmmakers, appreciated for his very special style. The list of his 30 favourite films gives a nice suggestion for an ...more

[08:42 sun,8.December 2019   by ]

CineTakes plugin for Adobe Premiere -- use metadata and clip markers from ARRI cameras in the edit

bildSeveral different solutions are available for remote control of the ARRI Alexa Mini / Mini LF and the Amira, of course via ARRI´s own Wireless Control Unit or via special apps -- Pomfort, for example, has been offering the Pocket Control App for ...more

[10:19 sat,7.December 2019   by ]

BorisFX Sapphire 2020: better performance, OCIO support and new FreeLens effect

bildBorisFX has released the latest version of the VFX suite Sapphire. Sapphire 2020 brings a significant (sometimes up to 3 times) performance improvement through optimized GPU (Nvidia) and CPU support as well as some innovations, such as the FreeLens ...more

[16:11 fri,6.December 2019   by ]

SKYWATCH - Hollywood-ready SciFi short film with Blender and Kickstarter

bildThe 10-minute short film SKYWATCH is remarkable for several reasons: Firstly, the film was made in six years of welding work with a budget of around 53,000 US dollars, which was fetched via Kickstarter. And secondly, Blender was mainly used for the ...more

[14:39 fri,6.December 2019   by ]

Internal Speedbooster for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K

bildThe idea is not new and also not so complicated that one could not easily copy it. We'amp;re talking about a Focal Reducer/Speedbooster, which can be sunk directly into the camera housing in front of the sensor. For Blackmagic cameras this has ...more

[16:12 thu,5.December 2019   by ]
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