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Zacuto 2018 Shootout: Panasonic EVA1 10 Bit gegen Canon C200 RAW + 8 Bit

bildThe Zacuto team has once again ventured into a quite elaborate "shootout". This time, however, it was more of a "duel" - if you want to stay with the picture between the 10 bit material of the Panasonic EVA1 and the RAW and 8 bit material of the ...more

[10:43 fri,16.March 2018   by ]

Syrp Magic Carpet Pro -- extendable slider for payloads up to 32Kg

bildThe Magic Carpet Pro Slider, which was teased for the last NAB, offers a significant leap in maximum load capacity and can now be pre-ordered. Camera setups weighing up to 32kg can be glided on it (in normal horizontal operation; vertical 11kg, ...more

[16:25 thu,15.March 2018   by ]


bildNetflix uses its own experimental web app for organizing filming of Netflix's own productions. Netflix also wants to integrate its digital know-how into film production in order to bring Silicon Valley and Hollywood together not only in terms of ...more

[11:27 thu,15.March 2018   by ]

bildThe new horror-sci-fi film "Annihilation" ("Erasure") by the British director Alex Garland ("Ex Machina") was highly praised by the critics ("A furious masterpiece, images flooding the brain, meditations, a soundtrack in perpetuity","one of the ...more

[15:42 wed,14.March 2018   by ]

MagicYUV 2.0 - Rapid Intermediate Codec seeks connection

bildAfter a few beta versions the final version 2.0 of MagicYUV has been released. According to the author (and published benchmarks), this is currently one of the fastest, mathematically lossless video codecs for PC, Mac and Linux. MagicYUV 2.0 now ...more

[09:08 wed,14.March 2018   by ]

Canon at the NAB: Canon EOS C100 MKIII vs. Full Format Mirrorless?

bildRumours have been spread by many manufacturers in the run-up to the NAB. At the moment there is also a lot of bubbling going on at Canon. The question here is: Will Canon still produce a 4K-capable C100 MKIII or will the 4K-capable full-format ...more

[11:52 tue,13.March 2018   by ]


bildStatues and extras lead a relatively unnoticed existence in film. There is a lot to tell about this job. Not only how much one can earn ("something above the minimum wage"), but also, for example, how far the requirements can ultimately reach ("even ...more

[13:57 mon,12.March 2018   by ]

Old glass

bildFor the second season of the popular Netflix series Jessica Jones, DOP Manuel Billeter has resorted to a currently quite popular combination of vintage glass Panavision Pvintage and ...more

[09:38 mon,12.March 2018   by ]

DoP Roger Deakins about his (Oscar-awarded) camera work

bildRecently, Roger Deakins received his first overdue Oscar award -- Best Cinematography -- for his camera and lighting work on Blade Runner 2049, and since there was no real interview with the cinematographer at the start of the film, it was a good ...more

[12:46 sun,11.March 2018   by ]

Converting SDR recordings to HDR with neural networks - ExpandNet

bildNew weekend, new AI paper for video editors. In fact, neural networkers are currently letting go of their networks on everything that can only be fed into the input and output neurons with enough cases. So it was only a matter of time until you ...more

[18:38 sat,10.March 2018   by ]
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