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Mitakon Full Frame E-mount 50mm/f0.95 before delivery

bildLenses with f-numbers less than 1 Voigtlaender marketed for several years profitably for Micro Four Thirds cameras. In the meantime, try again another manufacturer such, extremely bright optics. For full-frame image circle had been carried out for ...more

[09:58 sat,19.April 2014   by rudi]

Sony wants to bend sensors.

bildWhile not opens up the sense of a bend in televisions and mobile phones necessarily at first glance, things look at sensors different. Because if Sony its curved sensor can be true, it is expected in one fell swoop significantly more favorable light ...more

[14:20 fri,18.April 2014   by rudi]

AMD R9 290 (x) with 8GB does not come

bildAll DaVinci users who longingly at the Angekuendigte AMD Radeon R9 290X 8GB wait unfortunately have to rewrite their wishlist. Sapphire has announced without much fanfare in early April that they will not produce this card yet. Almost certainly, AMD ...more

[11:21 fri,18.April 2014   by rudi]

Attenborough filming for Oculus Rift with 8 camera rig

bildAccording to a report by real screen is explicitly filming a nature documentary in Borneo also for the Virtual Reality Headset Oculus Rift Sir Richard Attenborough. The documentary "Conquest of the Skies" the London production company Atlantic is ...more

[10:49 thu,17.April 2014   by thomas]

Freefly presents special controller for MoVI Gimbal

bildFreefly Systems, manufacturer of the MoVI have Gimbals, 2014 at NAB one specifically designed for the management of its electronic image stabilization systems controller. With its help, you can access basic parameters of all MoVI gimbal - it can ...more

[09:32 wed,16.April 2014   by thomas]

Avid whitepaper to 2K, 4K, 8K and UHDTV

bildIn this whitepaper linked PDF AVID describes a few approaches for working with UHD material beyond FullHDFullHD im Glossar erklärt by AMA and DMF. However Remarkably, we find mainly the Introduction about Avid's views on the future development of UHDTV in 4K/8K (S.2ff). ...more

[13:47 tue,15.April 2014   by rudi]

Medium format camera with full HD recording - Pentax 645z

bildTonight Pentax has released more details about the new digital medium format camera. Opposite the pre-set in 2010 645D, the new model 645z even Full HD and 4K can record videos. Lezteres but only up to 2 seconds, but severely limits the practical ...more

[09:33 tue,15.April 2014   by rudi]

Netflix Launches Ultra HD 4K streaming of

bildAfter first 4K streaming tests in November 2013 Netflix has now begun, the latest episodes of the second to stream season of the Netflix even series "House of Cards" as well as some nature documentaries in 4K. Although has only a very small number ...more

[14:37 mon,14.April 2014   by thomas]

Sony A7s Low Light Demo: ISO 1600-409600

bildThe inclimate ISO numbers of Sony A7s of maximum ISO409600 indicated already point to a particular Lowlightfähigkeit the camera. The time now shared Private test shots in which a scene with SLOG is 2 ISO1600 to 409600 shown seem to confirm this ...more

[14:20 mon,14.April 2014   by thomas]

Dactylcam Go Rig: The cable car camera for the GoPro Hero

bildVery special camera movements can be personalized with the cable camera Go Rig of Dactylcam achieve: along the desired recording track a cable is tensioned with the aid of the attached to the motorized gondola down the camera then you can go the ...more

[10:19 mon,14.April 2014   by thomas]
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