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Climate strike? Count us in

bildToday there is nothing new on slashCAM, because we also join the worldwide climate strike. We think that this is a non-party concern and do not think that others should always get started first. Each of us can deal with the problem more consciously, ...more

[09:14 fri,20.September 2019   by ]

HDR and 8K are the future? Men in Black director Sonnenfeld does not agree

bildWhile some directors are enthusiastic about new technologies, there are always sceptical voices. One of them was recently heard again on a panel at a Smart Home technology fair. Director Barry Sonnenfeld, best known for the Men in Black films, ...more

[18:30 thu,19.September 2019   by ]

Full format Canon EOS C500 MKII with internal (!) 5.9K RAW recording and better Dual Pixel AF // IBC

bildNo question: The Specs of the Canon EOS C500 MKII know how to impress: Internal 5.9K RAW recording up to 60p, 4K 10 BitBit im Glossar erklärt in XF-AVC, further improved dual pixel AF, parallel HDR and SDR recording with separate exposure, various extension units and ...more

[16:35 thu,19.September 2019   by ]

Sony FX9: Recording formats, ergonomics, autofocus, extension units, etc. // IBC 2019

bildIn addition to our detailed Hands-On at the launch of the Sony FX9 here the presentation of the FX9 via video clip - recorded at the Sony booth at the IBC: We talk about recording formats, ergonomics, the new autofocus implementation, the FX9 ...more

[11:41 thu,19.September 2019   by ]

Tentacle Sync Track E audio decoder with timecode and 32-bit recording // IBC 2019

bildThe Cologne-based dubbing specialists from Tentacle Sync, known for their timecode dubbing tool of the same name, presented the prototype of the new Track E audio decoder with timecode recording at the IBC. Previously, Tentacle Sync solved the ...more

[11:33 thu,19.September 2019   by ]

SLR Magic brings additional Cine MicroPrimes for MFT -- 21mm T1.6 and 50mm T1.4 // IBC 2019

bildFor MFT cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket 4K or the Z Cam E2 SLR Magic offers two more focal lengths in its MicroPrime Cine series, a 21mm T1.6 and a 50mm T1.4 (note the crop factor of approx. 2). The two manual fixed focal lengths are externally ...more

[10:11 thu,19.September 2019   by ]

ARRI ERM-2400: External radio module for remote head SRH-3 // IBC 2019

bildARRI has released a new external radio module for the remote control of the stabilized remote head SRH-3. The External Radio Module ERM-2400 is designed for use with drones, helicopters and cable cam systems. When connected to the new components, ...more

[16:22 wed,18.September 2019   by ]

Blackmagic ATEM Mini: Compact Live Production Mixer // IBC 2019

bildBlackmagic has introduced a new small and cheap version of its live production mixer ATEM for multi-camera productions. The ATEM Mini allows switching between four live video sources e.g. for live streaming via YouTube via its compact control panel. ...more

[12:42 wed,18.September 2019   by ]

Sigma fp Status Update - CDNG RAW recording, LOG, Director-Viewfinder, prices // IBC 2019

bildHere is our status update on the Sigma fp - currently the most compact full format RAW camera. Among other things we asked for recording formats, maximum FPS, future LOG support and the PL- L-Mount adapter: In addition, we also took a quick look ...more

[11:08 wed,18.September 2019   by ]

RED sells used RED cameras // IBC 2019

bildRED follows the example of ARRI'amp;s Certified Pre-Owned Program, through which selected used ALEXA Plus and ALEXA Classic EVs cameras can be purchased directly from ARRI, and now also offers a similar program. RED'amp;s stated goal is to protect ...more

[16:52 tue,17.September 2019   by ]

First shots with the SIRUI Anamorphic 50mm 1.33x f1.8 // IBC 2019

bildWe made our first shots with the new lnamorphic lens from SIRUI: The Anamorphic 1.33x 50mm f1.8 at the IBC in Amsterdam. Spontaneously SIRUI agreed to record the interview with the new Anamorphic on our GH5S: Worked out very well: We recorded in ...more

[12:35 tue,17.September 2019   by ]

IBC Video: Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G HDR: BMD RAW recording, 2500 Nits, L-batteries // IBC

bildHere is our detailed interview about the new Video Assist 12G HDR from Blackmagic Design about Blackmagic RAW recording including supported resolutions and cameras, interfaces, new batteries, HDR screen, low-noise fan and much more..: -wtiDBO1IPw ...more

[09:37 tue,17.September 2019   by ]

New professional color calibration from X-Rite especially for HDR/OLED displays: i1Display Studio/Pr

bildX-Rite presented two new color calibration systems at the IBC - X-Rite i1Display Studio and i1Display Studio Pro Plus - the two new models are aimed at users who work professionally with photos or video - the latter is even specially developed for ...more

[16:34 mon,16.September 2019   by ]

Irix Cine 11mm T4.3 wide angle lens announced // IBC 2019

bildIRIX's second cine optic is also rather special, namely with its 11mm very wide angle with a rectilinear imaging behavior (so no fisheye look). The newly introduced Irix Cine 11mm T4.3 is designed for manual operation in full format (image circle ...more

[15:34 mon,16.September 2019   by ]
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