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Intel 6 Core i9 throttled in the new Macbook Pro 2018?

bildCurrently there is a video showing that the new Core i9 processor in the fresh Macbook Pro 2018 can'amp;t even keep its base frequency under sustained load under premiere. If you run the same Macbook Pro in a refrigerator, the render times are much ...more

[13:04 wed,18.July 2018   by ]

Comprehensive Panasonic AU-EVA1 eBook by Barry Green available for free download

bildAuthor and filmmaker Barry Green should be familiar to many as a proven Panasonic expert. As already for the DVX200, a 400-page e-book by Barry is now available on the Panasonic website for the current Panasonic AU-EVA1 (free download). Here the ...more

[10:45 wed,18.July 2018   by ]

"Tage des Rechts" in Hanover for cameramen and interested parties

bildThe Federal Association of Television Cameramen (BVFK) is organising the so-called (two) "Days of Justice" in Hanover on 17/18.08.2018. The lectures and discussions focus on the various legal problems currently affecting cameramen (and not only ...more

[12:37 tue,17.July 2018   by ]

Fire at SmallHD leads to delays in deliveries

bildSmallHD, known for its compact field and on-camera monitors, suffered a severe blow from a fire at the end of April. The fire in the building where SmallHD not only has its office but also assembles and stores its products also damaged much of the ...more

[09:28 tue,17.July 2018   by ]

Technology vs Talent: What is the future of cinematography?

bildThe speed at which new technology enters film production is breathtaking, as are the resulting possibilities of expression - and at the same time the call for tradition, for filmic craft, for the priority of the image (e.g. over its technical ...more

[15:31 mon,16.July 2018   by ]

Netflix leads nominations for Emmy Television Award for the first time

bildThe balance in the production of high-quality content is gradually shifting towards the web: for the first time in the history of the well-known American television award Emmy - the TV equivalent of the film Oscars - a streaming provider, Netflix, ...more

[10:28 mon,16.July 2018   by ]

New YouTube Copyright Match tool spots unauthorised re-uploads

bildThere are already several -- more or less automated -- tools to make copyright infringements on YouTube more difficult, especially the Content ID. A new tool, Copyright Match, is now added, which should especially recognize re-uploads of a YouTube ...more

[09:47 sun,15.July 2018   by ]

Football games as 3D reconstruction in the living room -- the future?

bildMany minutes of football matches have been televised in the last four weeks -- in 2D. You are not used to it any other way, and basically it works splendidly. But maybe the next World Cup will run on your living room table as a 3D reconstruction? ...more

[12:07 sat,14.July 2018   by ]

Avid Media Composer 2018.7 with new Live Timeline and 16K support

bildAvid has now also moved from delivering a few major updates to more frequent, small updates throughout the year. The new version 2018.7 has a lot of new features: The most serious change is likely to be the new live timeline: From now on, video ...more

[12:42 fri,13.July 2018   by ]

Apple: new MacBook Pro models with Intel Coffee Lake CPUs (4-/6-core)

bildApple has added new hardware to the MacBook Pro models just introduced -- including 8th-generation Intel Core processors. The 15-inch model has 6 cores (i9 or i7) and is expected to deliver up to 70 percent more performance than its predecessor, ...more

[16:52 thu,12.July 2018   by ]
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