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MAGIX Video Pro X7 now because

bildBy his own press release MAGIX Video Pro X7 provides "more power, more content, more features". In practice, the following comes up: the user interface should have been after many suit you fully revised and updated and visually draw ...more

[12:36 thu,26.March 2015   by ]

Canon&s first consumer 4K camera viewing

bildThe authentic acting images on a Canon presentation a new 4K camera with fixed 10x zoom lens (8.9-89mm f / 2.8-5.6) which would correspond to the probable 1 inch sensor an equivalent small-screen Burns length of 24-240mm. Interesting is the PIC 1 ...more

[10:33 thu,26.March 2015   by ]

Zylight Newz: mobile LED head light

bildThe Newz of Zylight is a compact LED camera light that plugged into the camera and (7.2V / 14.4V) is powered by the camera battery. The for ENGENG im Glossar erklärt and mobile recordings provided light is full (0-100%) dimmable and has barndoors, a beam angle of 60, a ...more

[13:14 wed,25.March 2015   by ]

Apple patent II: 3-chip camera module for iPhone

Apple NewsbildAnother Apple patent is making the rounds, this time it's about a 3-chip camera for the iPhone. As with the novel image stabilization here the light is initially deflected by a mirror, whereupon it more optical components mesh opening to finally ...more

[09:08 wed,25.March 2015   by ]

Canon C700x faked announcement

bildCurrently just makes a faked press release, the round in which an upcoming Canon C700x is announced. It is worth noting the Detailfuelle of the hoax that is specified in the product idea to the day. So the camera should bring the same 3 Shot Slots ...more

[10:50 tue,24.March 2015   by ]

The next big small thing? Mini Camera Pod

bildWith just 50 grams lightweight mini suction cup camera Podo the kickstart the project seem to have hit a nerve. At least they seem to reach their biggest backer objectives loose. PIC 1: Small and "sticky": The camera Podo We must, however, ...more

[08:12 tue,24.March 2015   by ]

Linux Video Editing - Cinelerra want to know again

Linux DV NewsbildWho still remembers to Broadcast 2000 can save yourself the following lines. All others had as background tells that it is one of the oldest and most complete video editing programs under Linux the successor Cinelerra. In its turbulent past, there ...more

[11:24 mon,23.March 2015   by ]
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