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Trade Fair Video: LaCie Rugged RAID Pro // NAB 2018

bildAt the LaCie booth, we took a closer look at the highly compact LaCie Rugged RAIDRAID im Glossar erklärt Pro just introduced and asked a lot of questions: among other things about handling, the new interface concept, the free data recovery service as well as availability ...more

[12:22 wed,25.April 2018   by ]

AirMap App can now control DJI drones

bildOriginally the AirMap app (iOS/Android) was only intended to allow dron pilots to check whether their planned flight route could be flown as planned without violating (temporary or permanent) no-fly zones. The latest version now also allows direct ...more

[09:37 wed,25.April 2018   by ]

Livestream Studio One Live-Streaming Encoder Box // NAB 2018

bildLivestream/Vimeo presented a new, compact professional hardware livestreaming encoder at NAB. The approx. 28 cm wide Desktop Encoder Studio One on Windows 10 basis comes in three versions - as 4K Edition with 2 x HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt inputs, one HD Edition with ...more

[15:57 tue,24.April 2018   by ]

Trade Fair Video: AJA HDR Image Analyzer // NAB 2018

bildAJA presented the prototype of its HDR Image Analyzer at NAB, which, like the FS HDR before, extends AJA´s product portfolio towards HDR and again ...more

[08:11 tue,24.April 2018   by ]

Trade fair video: New features Adobe Premiere Pro and best hidden new pro feature // NAB 2018

bildPremiere Pro's new features were the focus of our visit to the Adobe booth at NAB 2018. In particular the Color Comparison Mode (also for waveforms), the new audio functions with keyframe generation, the extended Essential Graphics InterfaceInterface im Glossar erklärt and the ...more

[12:42 mon,23.April 2018   by ]

Universal codec kit - FFmpeg 4.0 is here

bildWho shouldn't know it yet: FFmpeg provides numerous codecs and tools for processing audio and video, which can be used independently (standalone) or as functions of other programs and applications. The special thing about FFmpeg - besides its open ...more

[10:20 mon,23.April 2018   by ]

Neural image compression clearly demonstrated

bildETH Zurich has published a highly interesting paper on "extremely learned image compression" with neural networks. You can try out the really exciting on the linked project page with your own mouse on the screen. This is because there is an ...more

[09:22 sun,22.April 2018   by ]

New Configuration Guide for DaVinci Resolve 15

bildThe new Configuration Guide for the upcoming Resolve 15 gives again interesting hints how the hardware requirements will change with the new DaVinci version. For Mac shoppers, iMac Pro is recommended for the first time, with particular emphasis on ...more

[10:55 sat,21.April 2018   by ]

Interviewclip: Vocas Flexible Camera Rig for Canon C200, EVA1, GH5 uva.

bildAt NAB 2018, accessory manufacturer Vocas presented a highly flexible and compactly transportable camera rig for the shoulder, which is intended for a whole range of current DSLRs/DSLMs and compact S35 cameras. Sony Alphas, Pansonic GH5, Canon 5D, ...more

[16:12 fri,20.April 2018   by ]

Large Format 4K Cinema Camera anyone? LargeSense LS911

bildArri Alexa 65? IMAX? Kids'amp; stuff! The LargeSense LS911 is a digital large format camera that literally eclipses everything that has ever existed in the field of large film sensors. The sensor of the LS911 should be an incredible 11x9 inch ...more

[12:23 fri,20.April 2018   by ]
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