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Handycam Panasonic HDC-TM60 / HS60

Handycam Panasonic HDC-TM60 / HS60

Frage von tertulla:
April 2010

Hello everybody,

times only a short introduction, so you understand my question better:

I have a SonyDCR 30 / 6 years old, which unfortunately gives up the ghost and the SW to Ulead Video Studio 9 & 10 editing

Yes, unfortunately I have to look for a new camera, and have always synonymous with a Sonygeliebäugelt read, moderate price around 500 ¬, but have, according to test that the vergleichb. Panasonic models are a little better and I would like to buy one of the above model. And now comes my problem:

I am a little prakmatisch, I do not want to get used s.so many new things, because never have time with children, etc. videos I try in my power to work well, but of course not sooo prof. how many of you.

I therefore do everything already since years with Ulead SW and Ner Sony camera. But the Panasonic has unfortunately only MPEG 4 MPEG 2 and no more (like Sony) which plays a role for me? Question: Can I still use my SW umzugewöhnen next without me? I can not try anything.

From the PC processor, there should be no difficulty, which is apprx. with new QuadCore etc.

maybe you can give me some hints about which I am very pleased.

Thanks LG Andrea

Antwort von actaion:

what do you mean with "the Panasonic?

Generally it is between HD and SD camcorders distinguished.

SD Cams take (up to MiniDV_Geräte) all in Mpeg2 on (synonymous of the Panasonic).
HD cams take a rule in AVCHD. SonyHD Cams synonymous can take either in MPEG2 (but only in SD resolution).

Video Studio 10 afaik can not deal with AVCHD. because you had to upgrade to a newer version.
The getting used would not be as huge as the handling is similar.
If you want to stay in SD area, would be the SonySX73 (very good picture, synonymous with Lowlight, small) or SonyDVD410 (good picture, lots of equipment: Viewfinder, Nighshot, internal flash memory, remote control, etc.) are recommended.

Want to HD transfers, would Pansonic SD/TM/HS66, SonyCX115/116, or JVC HM330/335 uA in question.
Here, the Pansonic is the image quality synonymous with stability and a little forward. What is missing is a filter thread.

Antwort von tertulla:

SD / HD difference, I know. should my old camcorder was still SD, but the new HD to be. The Panasonic HDC-TM60 / and HDC-HS60 HD devices are yet?

So I have to get used me, shame shame, what qualifies for the DV editing progi in question? Ulead / Corel ('re together now)

Can the Ulead VideoStudio 11 or 11.5, maybe?

LG Andrea

Antwort von tertulla:

One question I still have: my selected models of Panasonic, 17 Mbps instead of at Sony24 Mbps. what does it for me as Fastlaien a difference?

LG Andrea

Antwort von actaion:

"Tertulla" wrote:
One question I still have: my selected models of Panasonic, 17 Mbps instead of at Sony24 Mbps. what does it for me as Fastlaien a difference?

LG Andrea


if between the pans 66 and the sony is 115,

Pro Pana:
- Slightly better Picture
- Pre-rec function
- Optical stabilizer
- More manual intervention options
- Built small light (little-wide)

Pro Sony
- Slow motion
- Synonymous recording in MPEG (SD) possible
- 24Mbps
- Filter threads available (possible use of filters / converters)

is now just the question of what one of them is important.

Antwort von tertulla:

I will decide but probably for a Sony model, because MPEG 2nd
I think for the Model: HDR-XR155E

Unfortunately, Sony does not cut as good s.bei Lichverhälntnissen bad, because the difference is to Pan. very large?

And what I've noticed is not synonymous, that's no longer the PC via Firewire port s.den as I know that. How to do it now with the data? About USB?

LG Andrea

Antwort von Jan:

HD material of a SonyCX & XR is synonymous MPEG 4, only the good old standard definition material is 2 to MPEG To record current as Canon, JVC and Panasonic HD cameras in its SD no, Sonyganz alone with this feature in the big 4 firms. Samsung HD models but allow synonymous SD recordings.

Yes, Panasonic is easy for about 500 ¬ in low light better. But this applies only to the new devices (SD 66, TM 60 and HS 60).

After the tapes were Firewire cameras only once briefly on some JVC hard disk devices, the other firms are all on USB.

In the 2010s Sony's HD even with the special feature that can be hard disks and USB sticks can be connected directly. But there are some things to consider (power supply, formatting, hard disk size, disk configuration).


Antwort von tertulla:

I can adjust quasi s.Camcorders whether I want to record HD or SD?
No, what would a stress for me ;-) If I knew everything, know what I do, I take the Pana synonymous TM 60, but since my DV editing no longer fits it. I just know not whether I have all this new technology then hinbekomme Attn when I bought it. after I edit my videos ... I do not so poor woman ;-)

LG Andrea

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