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Canopus Launches Real Time MPEG Encoding and DVD Authoring Products

Canopus announced a new line of professional real time MPEGMPEG im Glossar erklärt encoding and DVD authoring products. The first products to be released in this series are the MPEGPRO MVR and the MPEGPRO EMR. Both products feature pre-filtering and variable bit rate encoding capabilities to provide quality MPEG-1 and MPEG-2MPEG-2 im Glossar erklärt video even at low bitrates, making it well-suited for preparing video for CD, DVD or network transmission. While the MPEGPRO MVR is a PCI-based board, the MPEGPRO EMR is an external unit that connects to the computer through the USB-1 or USB-2 port and lets users create high-quality MPEGMPEG im Glossar erklärt streams, even on a laptop computer.

[10:43 fri,23.May 2003   by thomas]

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