Lieber Debonnaire

Dear Debonnaire

Question of marputz:

Dear Slashcam community.
I read a very long time here in the forum with and have learned so much by synonymous.
Ambiguities and unanswered questions let me I would rather explain in other forums (with pleasant manners).
But a question I was granted ..

@ Debonnaire, darling
However, where the videos below to link to your concoctions?

Reply B.DeKid:

"Marputz" wrote:
Ambiguities and unanswered questions let me I would rather explain in other forums (with pleasant manners).


Un Flemish go there, then why not?

Your statement quoted above, I am quite Perso.!

Just because you might not fit some present forum participants need, far from all the others to throw in NEN pot!

Furthermore, we need any of us to the works of other men's attention, since we already know for themselves with the people to come clear.

B. DeKid

Reply Debonnaire:

Yes, marputz, there ARE some of my films. And if I were you, why would have been always synonymous or not, for good and interesting and exciting enough to publish it here as a reference pieces, I would have that homemade!

I play with the gloves off here and many hate me for this, but at least I play fair and respect certain personality boundaries. The same does not apply to you! Well ...

"Marputz" wrote:
(...) From a very long time I read here on the forum with (...)

Interesting way, Steffen, that you were "Very long" unauthorized person is reading the forum here - with this Joined TODAY, and have it placed exactly in this "very long" s time for a review ... THIS! - Show ': If you go out already about certain ethical boundaries, then at least have the backbone of this under your standard, do we pseudo-KNOWN! What a mope ...

A quick search here revealed that subscribe to the following nick name in their posts with "Steffen". That would s.sich nothing spectacular, but the fact that many of them have also written only one or very few posts would be fit quite well with the theory that you all / most of these are pseudos SELF, eh? A cheap Nick Wechsler, a Höseler! :-)))

Pseudo - Filing Date
Steffen - (to no longer be determined)
SteffenUP - 27.04.2007
Hans Steffen - 12.05.2008
naich - 26.12.2008
Dexter - 22.08.2009
Schnei25 - 10.12.2009
* Steffen * - 20.04.2010
marputz - 01/11/2011

Reply mann:

The intro on Vimeo reminds me of s.Beiträge Debonnaire to contents of Clips (contributions not in terms of technology): fuss and Sausse and then nothing comes more ...

So I scroll through slashcam occasionally quite often and with pleasure reading all the technical tips, but what SUBSTANTIVE comments here on the presented-admittedly some really unattractive terms-clips / Shooting, which is for me to eighty percent out of the question.

I mean simply the spiritual and intellectual level of ambition.

Since I have the feeling that one or the other but should stay with the technology.

Reply PowerMac:

*** Of *** from admin

Reply Debonnaire:

Wow, you want REAL war! Well ...

Reply Freddi:

"Marputz" wrote:
... @ Debonnaire, darling
However, where the videos below to link to your concoctions?

Reply Gabriel_Natas:

Guys, you go too far.

Nu's enough time and listens to you like little children to behave.

Reply Gabriel_Natas:

"Freddie" wrote:
"Marputz" wrote:
... @ Debonnaire, darling
However, where the videos below to link to your concoctions?

Reply pilskopf:

Debonnaire was fast. : D

I delete synonymous s.and to ne old chestnut that I have rotated but basically you can but to be what you do. Find even more important when they divide the criticism that anyone can see whether the person is not only synonymous rumschwätzt but really what can. For estimating the criticism, not that one of s.Ende can demoralize someone who is not himself know how to make it better. This has to be done in an anonymous Internet with confidence and stop you need to know if you can trust and who just want to be loud. This is not a criticism s.Debi mind you, just ne note to the anonymous network and that it's nice if one of which is shown when expressed often. More courage and indeed all the shows, much more shall your deeds and you, not just hand out, plug synonymous, each person can only learn from it.

Reply Debonnaire:

Patrick Banfield, I tell you something right now, unverblühmt and without any blinking or room for interpretation:

If the least of my private material which you Persönlichkeitsspähre unjustified here trying to have published my injury under, somewhere in this forum or in the environment or in connection with it appears or is occurred to me then give me a ride to Waghäusel, Frankfurt or Karlsruhe not much effort to be personally relevant and quite impressive to show to get my views to you.

Reply B.DeKid:

And s.hier you can then lock the whole thread again!

B. DeKid

*** Yes, is locked - and your future in every way a little more consideration and restraint! ***

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