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Gripes #2: Premiere 6 Capture

Gripes #2: Premiere 6 Capture - "Perry"

The 'NG' tag is part of 'ClipLink' which is Sony's proprietary system for
improving the whole capture process. AFAIK it is only supported by the Sony
EditStations and maybe Fast who actually make the Sony ES-3.
JVC have a not dissimilar scheme for the ProDV cameras but again it is only
supported so far on the JVC edit station. As has been implied, there is
presumably nothing to stop parts of either like the NG tag from being
supported on any system.
The full ClipLink system presents the EditStation with information about all
the in and out points of the wanted clips, with a thumbnail still, AT THE
END OF RECORDING on the DVCam tape. The data is all stored in the memory
chip and the thumbnails are stored in a still frame montage that is added on
the end of each clip on the tape. You can thus load a tape fresh out of the
camcorder and within seconds the edit system has a capture log that you can
confirm, with thumbnails to jog your memory. If you have the full ES-7
system, you can then load the clips into the hard-drive at 4x normal speed.
This sort of system costs big dollars compared to most of our more humble
affairs and the ES-7 software took so long to get right that I think a lot
of folk gave up on it!
Perry Mitchell
Video Facilities

(diese posts stammen von der DV-L Mailingliste - THX to Adam Wilt and Perry Mitchell :-)

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