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DVL-Digest 942 - Postings:

Final Cut Pro 2..any feedback
Calculating Drop Frame values
Hi8 -> DV
Sony VX-700

Final Cut Pro 2..any feedback - Adam Wilt

I would appreciate any feedback from users who are using Final Cut Pro 2,
> all comments welcome good or bad.
Using it since beta. Solid and stable. No problems here.
> I have upgraded two machines but I'm having a few problems running the
> software.
And these problems might be...?
Do also check http://www.2-pop.com. Most of the known FCP problems have been
found, and solved (or worked around), on that forum!
Adam Wilt

Calculating Drop Frame values - Adam Wilt

Can some one give me the formula for calculating where Drop Frame
> timecode will drop frames?
Skip the first two frame numbers (:00 and :01) of every minute except for
minutes divisible by 10 (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50).

Hi8 -> DV - Adam Wilt

Don=B4t remember the exact specs, but isn=B4t there a longitudinal =
audio and
> a video-track integrated one (with different bit depths?) on V8/Hi8=
There was a longitudinal mono track (analog) in the Video8 spec IIRC,=
but I
don't think any vendor ever implemented it. Most equipment used the a=
nalog AFM
track (comparable to VHS HiFi audio), mono at first and stereo in lat=
implementations. Some equipment also supported 32 kHz PCM stereo audi=
o (and a
couple of decks supported using the entire tape for multiple tracks o=
audio!) but aside from the professional lineup it didn't see that muc=
h use. As
AFM is recorded with the video data and PCM is separate, PCM audio al=
lowed for
audio and/or video insert editing.
In the DV25 formats Panasonic has added a longitudinal audio cue trac=
k to D-7,
to the delight of linear editors and other high-speed shuttlers all a=
cross the

Sony VX-700 - Adam Wilt

What do folks here think of a Sony VX-700?
Single-chip VX1000 with, as I recall, a couple of other limitations (no audio
meter on the back panel? No custom presets? Something of that nature). No
carry handle on the top. Can't play DVCAM. Pix looked OK but were not up to
VX1000 levels of sharpness or quality. Haven't seen one for YEARS!
Adam Wilt

(diese posts stammen von der DV-L Mailingliste - THX to Adam Wilt and Perry Mitchell :-)

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