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16:9-TFT-Monitor - Tipps???

16:9 TFT monitor - tips??

Frage von Hannsemann:
Dezember 2005


Wants me to grow my future EB unit a clean (!) Control monitor in 16:9, the accessories I s.den shoe can fit the camera.

Well, I think Ebay & Co., but only expensive mini-television, which I do not need ... A Simple Display with VideoIn indeed is sufficient.

Have you perhaps tips where should I apply? Have you even made any experience with one or another device? How is that with the power supply? Batteries? Or is it about the power of the camera?

Thank you very much for your help.
Liebe Grüße,
the Hannsemann

Antwort von FritzK:

Hi, look at the forums of 07 After Dec. 05. I think there report.
Greeting Fritzke

Antwort von Markus:

Hello Fritz,

invite this report once and copy the link in your reply. Otherwise, it looks for a wolf ... ;-)

Antwort von FritzK:

Hello Mark.
I've tried a number 5 "and 7" TFT monitors. All were not optimal.Bei quick jerky movements or panning the Picture. Have all given back again. Now I've found a 7 "screen which is good: Type: Color LCD TV Monitor
Display Screen: 7 "(155X93 mm)
Toshiba TFT LCD panel
Resolution: 2400 * 480 pixels !!!!!
Brightness: 350 cd/m2
Power: car battery (12V)
Size: 185X36X123
Weight: 600 gr

I have tried so far (2 days) very, very pleased. The monitor has a great brilliant picture. Have the monitor with the supplied cables to
my 12V lead acid battery and s.meine XL 1S connected. The device
for the cable shoe I have a 2mm thick Alluleiste (DIY) and sawed curved handle and secured with the supplied screw. Arbeittszeit 20 min. Is very easy. And the price?
¬ 172.23 inc VAT, delivery, postage and packing.
So cheap, I had not found a monitor.
I'm super happy!

Antwort von Daddelmal:

Hello Fritz,

Ask a source of supply, or post link?

Greeting W!

Antwort von hkrull:

Hello Fritz!
That sounds very promising. I am also looking for an XL1 an LCD monitor. Please tell us the model name and the source or the vendor of your monitor.

Best regards

Antwort von FritzK:

Hello together. I tested again today and part of the various
Settings made. Brightness, contrast, etc. The monitor is just great!
Model: 7-inch TFT-LCD Monitor
Fa Carlights. TEL: 035771/64143
Christian Jurtz, Schulstr.15, 02953 Bad Muskau
Internet: www.carlights.de
If you have bought a monitor, but please share your experiences with.

Antwort von Hannsemann:

@ Fritzke: 1000 Thanks. Exactly something I wanted:) Here is the direct link:


Maybe it's shameless, but there's a Christmas I would ...........

Of course it would tip if you a sort of instructions for the monitor-> Zuberhörschuh could be post-> adapter. What parts do we need? How do you berabeiten them so that it holds.

After all, You have obviously made good experiences.

Even now, many, many thanks for it;)

Antwort von FritzK:

Hi, I just wanted to buy everything in the photographic trade, but I will have better everything. So: In the DIY I have aluminum strips 25 mm wide x 2mm high fetched. 160 mm abgeshnitten, 6 mm drilled hole, after adjustment s.das threaded hole underneath the monitor. 3 views bent in a vise, ready. Possibly it is this: Take a pencil with a U. Linke Knew 40 mm long downward. Below 35 mm high to the right, right Knew 50 mm, then the rest, 35 mm top to the right. From the upper right 15 mm downwards Knew I drilled the 6 mm hole. The Page, I left the center to 18 mm wide :-)) Sorry, I cut off do not know how I fell Stillimage get in here.
If you do not come clear, I give you my Te.l No
Greeting Fritzke

Antwort von hkrull:

It would have been so nice .........
Today at carlights.de appointed monitor has arrived and we discussed here with me. The initial enthusiasm about the homogeneous Picture at the high pixel count is then given a quick but lasting sobriety. The search for a 16:9 to 4:3-format shift was inconclusive, a call to carlights.de then brought clarity: The switch is not present, the information about this on the WEB Page of carlights.de are outdated .. . It is about a year before the model have been delivered with the 16:9 / 4:3-switching. Changes in the firmware were to blame for the omission.
I wonder then, however, such as CANON Fritzke XL1s user, also with a top-4 :3-camcorder, such praise of the distorted picture can sing and has raised this issue at all in his report. Inevitably, however, the 4:3-Picture of the XL1s drawn into the Width and the proportions will not vote at all.
But a few words on the other image quality: As I said, the high number of pixels ensures an almost pixelloses vision. It is dampened only if you are not in the correct vertical angle to the display looks slightly the angle of the top is ideal for the center out. The rather violent image but change can happen very quickly if the display is as synonymous of my intention to the top of the accessory shoe is attached to the XL1, and the XL1 is used at a higher tripod to shoot over rows of seats to a concert of time. Since tilts slightly when viewed obliquely from below of the image quality and hard for you almost think, the video picture be turned into a negative image. The horizontal viewing angle is there so much bigger and less critical. Be for a slightly forward tilt mounting must therefore necessarily provided. Otherwise, brightness, contrast and Farbsätigung can be adjusted fairly well, the focus should be synonymous nor sufficient for the camcorder operation. Miracle in the direction of "crisp sharpness" one may expect, however, synonymous with the high pixel count does not. My last point is precisely the XL1 in stand operation with Hinterkamerabedienung but very important, since one with the eye no longer s.den small viewfinder of the XL1 heranreicht.
Conclusion: All these LCD / TFT displays for the camcorder operation does not seem quite suited to be in car entertainment and as other small control for a video image, they serve their purpose. To assess the image on the camcorder operation must be done but probably too big compromises. Perhaps that is synonymous is one reason why such as CANON has not s.dieses (accessories) issue tackled by the XL1/XL1s and there outrageously expensive on a black and white viewfinder tube is made.
Well, what can I say - pleasant it would otherwise have been with this monitor, if not the lack of format switching and the vertical viewing angle for minimal frustration would provide. Luckily, I had Mr. Jurtz carlights.de of the 14-day return policy to have confirmed and apologized for the incorrect information on his website - it is a good thing bought from a dealer. Only, my search for a suitable LCD monitor for the XL1 again not end there. Too bad ....

Best regards and Have a nice evening

Antwort von FritzK:

Hi hkrull. Please do not be angry, I had tried the monitor only 2 days and only about 1 hour I was really excited to have over the last Teilen.Ich now a filmed theatrical performance with the monitor. I then synonymous angry about 16:9. Then I put a TV beside it and taped the picture on the TFT with a black Isolieband to 4:3. :-) The result is ok. I had not thought about synonymous.
No stiff neck during filming so that I get when I have to shoot over their heads, I had a broken shoe or video light with Photo. This I removed and screwed to a holder.
Works fine. Now I can tilt the monitor so until I see the picture perfectly. Here you have another address for LCD monitors: Google - Hami TFT TechCase.de --- Possibly. I try this Hami 4:3 but try. Is somewhat more expensive, oh well. Tell me your opinion about "Hami"

Antwort von hkrull:

Hello Fritzke!
I'm not angry with you, only the information that the monitor does not control a format shift, would have disqualified him for me the same. I wanted to use it synonymous with a Canon XL1s - and since we have both still a true 4:3-camcorder in front of us, synonymous when presenting the future (with HDV) is clearly towards 16:9. If it is in a 16:9 model of future-safe - assuming he has a 4:3-switching.

What do you have with your Abklebeaktion however intended, is a complete mystery to me. You have yet to cover parts of the image, vorzugauckeln of the components of the 4:3-image you have captured - and that just about you a 4:3-Picture?!
An attempt would certainly be worth it to use the 16:9 setting XL1s, then a shrink to fit (is anamorphic?-I know not spent) Picture that with the 16:9 - Display is brought back into the correct proportions. Only the picture quality still suffers from the XL1s simply has no 16:9 CCDs.
It is a cross with these displays - another 7 "16:9 model with 2400x480 pixels and Panasonic Panel was for a time offered continuously for 130, - ¬ Buyout price on eBay. Whether this is a format shift has clearly not synonymous, and the Dealers clung to a somewhat dubious reputation.
Like the 8 "Hami 4:3 model should be evaluated for our purposes, do I still not synonymous. Though it has 800x600 pixels which is ideal for a full PAL Resolutionan, but distributes them synonymous to an 8 'area with it in dimensions is even greater. My wishful thinking would be yes rather high number of pixels on a moderate face / size in order to get a sharper picture. Also has a TV tuner installed, I did not need. As part of the large optical alone probably makes a XL1s??

Questions, questions, and have them sent to the parts to play forever and then when unsuitability of the 14-day return policy with Fernabsatzgesetz can not send back to be the solution - no thanks to which I have no desire synonymous. At this point it is very, very helpful if they miss an owner of the monitors and completely honest about "your model".

In this sense, a good night and love greetings

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