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1920x1080 50i oder 25p ??

1920x1080 50i or 25p?

Frage von sturgarder:
Dezember 2009

I hae seen yesterday a video tutorial that tells where the moderator is that prefer to edit is in "p" be included,
because of the fields with "i" and the resulting horizontal stripes.
Now I have the video transferred to the Pc and lo and behold, ei 50 i have all those stripes. That can not be garned what the mode should then be good?

Thank you in advance for your help

Antwort von pilskopf:

How about the times when you deinterlace. Late field to first in your editing program. Progressive ausrendern. In VLC Player bob deinterlacer set times and be amazed. Da gibts no stripes. On a PC, you need frames, s.einem CRT TV fields.

50i I find great, perfect slow motion if you will, and very soft synonymous in motion pictures. In exchange for 25p we hear often that it jerky. So I do not know, I am very satisfied with 50i, and so would be synonymous not already turning into 25p, synonymous if I could. But I would at 50p, but rotate the cam so I can not.

Antwort von sturgarder:

Super, came the answer already ne. Fortunately, this is a Beginners area here, because I can still just ask what is meant interlace something:)

Antwort von pilskopf:

No problem, everyone starts to wonder s.and times, wtf? Was with me and my current cam otherwise, I've wondered myself synonymous and thought my cam is shit. : D

Antwort von sturgarder:

Can you tell me synonymous;)?

Antwort von Axel:

This was some video tutorial could one of Lutz's HD-Trainings. It uses the SonyEX, and thus has a really progressive video originated in the "p" mode. So many smaller cameras, most, to be exact, obviously not the case. The "p" mode is reduced from these cams Resolutiongegenüber the "i", at least in the filming of a test chart. With moving subjects, the bill may look different, but it is important to clarify the individual in a direct, meaningful Comparison.

Whence come interlace strips, if you in any "p have" mode filmed? The answer is obvious: It is not a true progressive mode. That displays stripes, is wrong with security s.einer recording or timeline settings in your NLE. Of course, the right attitude "p is" synonymous but can hide in a denial of the question of a field order. Since the Vodafone advertising, we know that reindeer are wrong move. Whether Pug or real reindeer, antlers must be!

Antwort von pilskopf:

In your NLE so you start a project. Place the correct Resolutionein and 50i, and "upper field first" one. Then edit your video and you can adjust the render everything you want but pay attention to is progressive. You'll then either 720p eg while editing lines and see the law not only rendered video.

But just look at your e teste original files. VLC Player do you know so determined to play there, then when go into the menu and set Bob deinterlacer.

50i has precisely the advantage that you make perfect slow motion with 25p can do what you do not have. Take the two modes s easy to me, render it to 720p files and compare the files and see the differences make the 50i and 25p with him.

Antwort von sturgarder:

I had recorded in 50i, they are directly transferred and played back immediately aufn Pc with VLC. There were these strips. I now have time-bob deinterlace applied and lo and behold they are all gone.

What does this mean, however, specifically for me?
I continue to take my videos in 50 i on, cut the video in any freeware program and cut what I set then, must nich everyone who looks at the video-bob deinterlace synonymous to click?

What is NLE?

Antwort von pilskopf:

NLE programs are cut. I would as such a cheap buy Magix s.deiner place, so I hold nothing of freeware, which have almost 100 or even only 60 ¬ to be in it. Well, if you then create the project correctly in the render you are cutting in and 720p (p for progressive frames so - i for interlaced, ie fields), they can quickly look at each without Bob.

Now I know not whether or not the SUPER Converter can convert your videos synonymous. You have not yet tried. Freeware and can convert almost all.

Antwort von sturgarder:

I think I understand, so I have to look at rendering the p in it is and it is the video for each properly visible?

That means synonymous, even if I do not want to cut a video, I'm not drum with p to render it around?

Antwort von Axel:

N on L inear E ditor - editing program. You have to keep so just 50i. Clearly that is not of its own, "p" is. I would recommend you but, except for losing Webfilme (YouTube etc.) to the deinterlacing too. What was said in the tutorial on Effects, concerns sophisticated color keying, which subsequently synonymous with "p" will not clean and will work with animated masks. What is here is a "i" problem is, you will notice if you actually try it.

It is best to keep the features of a video which it has of the house. This is usually combined with the best quality. And "i" is still - indirectly, through more or less synonymous good hardware deinterlacer - supported by modern playback devices, so no reason to be nervous. If your car has a real wrench as a pet reindeer - well fine. If not, the puppy synonymous graciously accepted. It's all a question of the gaze.

Antwort von sturgarder:

Axel, you have destroyed my world view again;)
I thought in i, these strips will always be.
Sure, I want to spread synonymous films outside of the Internet, but then still without the strip through the fields

Antwort von WoWu:

There were these strips. I now have time-bob deinterlace applied and lo and behold they are all gone.

... synonymous and thus the entire second half frame.

Surgard, Axel has been right to leave it as it is, especially if your camera is no real "should p have format.
But if she "p" is, I would be more synonymous with the format preferred.
You'll want to show not your total contributions in slow motion?
And as for the stripes and the de-Interlasing: Yves Faroudja, so someone who should know, put it, to the point: "It does not work."

Antwort von pilskopf:

Well if he just want to watch it so nothing is left but to make it so. It's only the VLC Player. And if he wants to make vids for Inet, b leibt him no choice but synonymous than editing it.

I would be synonymous to see what I really want to make the shots and what not and then decide. Slow motion slow motion so will not only synonymous but can make slow pans or zooms slowly or synonymous. I find this extremely handy but I did anyway so no choice for me. Many a scene, I'd certainly rather synonymous 25p rotate.

Antwort von sturgarder:

So I figure it, with the best sake do not why should i let the videos so
looks at the deinlace-bob thousand of times better. Respectively to normal, and cruel. So why do so?
I'm sorry if I'm obtuse and more consumption, but what good is that?

Antwort von WoWu:

If you have half-frames (2 Fileds), as images that only half the content Resolutionhaben.
So only half the lines, but just 2x in a time interval of 20ms, so you come again to the total number of lines, but have just this little MAUSEZÄHNCHEN it.

Bobbe but uses only half a picture to make it back to a whole picture.
So you lose half your screen resolution.
With a "p" Picture You'd double the resolution.
But if it goes to you and you will find it better than a (i) the Picture, then do it all.

Antwort von pilskopf:

It only looks on the PC so there is synonymous TVs that are directly via memory card as the videos play correctly, and then you have the best result since untreated. That's why I say, it depends on it s.was you want to do. For computers, you need p material as you notice synonymous for the Internet.

Antwort von sturgarder:

Ok, well, if I edit videos for the PC (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) then I have to (get the videos to p as synonymous always goes that I have to teach me yet).

And if I want to play s.Television the video to friends via cable, it can be ichs in i?

Does that mean that I speak for the synonymous of p i to convert only have exactly half of the resolution, say 1920x1080 to 960x540 is?

I'm off over Christmas to see some friends who have a Full HD television. How can I read whether the television i read or just p?

Antwort von pilskopf:

Because I know myself now, not synonymous, but the best results from you should have when you give the movie directly from your camcorder to the TV. For Vimeo or tube you should use 720p.

NLE gibts many times as you've got to just worry what you want to spend but less so about 100 ¬ and will turn out. You can look at each of prog download a trial with the limited time you can test. Mal gucken Musst halt what it there, which may in fact almost all the same. I had started with Magix and me it has almost always served as one gets a nice package where almost everything is inside.

Problem with the TVs, it's just that usually lack the mixers. Full HD Bluray would be the best but who has since been such a burner? Newer 'models can play as I have said synonymous via the memory card format, but if the TV can now everyone, I do not know. You can synonymous determined using a laptop as a player. I know because I really not so good and can not give more tips.

Antwort von schlaflos011:

Our favorite picture so far is because we often run install 720/50p slow motion, these super smooth. On HD-Ready TV, I look with Western Digital HD TV (echt super, the part)

With MPEG Streamclip we do mp4 data and 720p are really satisfied with the outcome.

Next year I treat myself to a Blu Ray player and an experimental time "mini-BluRay"
Did someone burn to experience (HD material on standard DVDs)

A 1080/25p Test - Youtube can indeed now - has surprised me, however, synonymous very positive.

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