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58mm auf 50mm - aber wie? (Kowa Anamorphot)

58mm to 50mm - but how? (; Kowa anamorphic)

Frage von koji:
Dezember 2009

I'm looking for a step down ring with the I of my M42 with a 58mm threaded adapter with 50mm threads coming. Has anyone there has an idea whether it sowas?
So in the bay, I found nothing.

One solution:
1x 58-55mm +
1x 55-50mm

or who has a better idea?


Antwort von canovision:

You are sure that there are not 50mm and 49mm;
50mm filter adapter rings or I do not know,
of 58mm to 49mm, it should already give grades, which adapter you want to install it s.der Optics?

Antwort von koji:

this is a Kowa anamorphic lens 8z. According to the seller 50mm. Got it unfortunately can not verify this is not so

Antwort von canovision:

Have just googled, so should really be 50mm, M50 ... 0.75 mm pitch to be precise, since running hot threads for this Anamorphic that adaptation is always a thorny issue, the distance to the optics should vote synonymous, there is But it seems, Chinese vendors on Ebay, which offer some such thing.
Googel synonymous times,
in various forums is about it (on the adaptation s.verschiedene Lenses discussed).
It would be synonymous to reconsider making one, is having none of your acquaintances ne small (or large) can operate lathe?
My Sohnemann used s.seiner GH1 and the 14-140mm lens, a Panasonic Anamorphic, who has at least a "Christian" 72mm thread for the connection.

Antwort von alibaba:

I'm the 8z synonymous synonymous with 50mm lens purchased un 0.75, you have your been? where you get your from?

I'm synonymous to the adapter of 55 to 50 is fetched but not synonymous since :-)
And the security is still a 52 iwie to 50.5, the thread to be a bit problematic

s.welcher cam you use the anamorphic lens?

here will almost certainly work


Although the vendor currently has no s.hast else do you find one?

Antwort von koji:

tja ... unfortunately will not fit the.

check out the infos about this at times here:


Antwort von koji:

All comes to an M42 1.2 Lens and a 7D. The good part is exactly a 58mm thread.

Antwort von alibaba:

I paid 100 but vary so markedly, of 400-50 euro? you've caught the 50-sk on ebay?

since one gets even isco Fastner

Antwort von canovision:

If the thing does not vignetting, as the diameter of the Kowa port is smaller than the filter thread of your optics?

Antwort von koji:

no, unfortunately.
I'm quite far reaching into the bag, but get hold while a new one. According to owner (62 more years old) - brand new (Lens not) the owner;). I've paid for 299th - via Buy It Now. Was quite expensive but I've received synonymous bad times were leaving for the 250 in the UK. However, ... I am 100% with the 299th - not happy but I think these parts are still going up properly in the future. Today saw an anamorphic Iscorama for 640 pounds. The last was on 1500 (!!!).

Antwort von koji:

"canovision" wrote:
If the thing does not vignetting, as the diameter of the Kowa port is smaller than the filter thread of your optics?

as you stretch these files then anyway, and even circumcised "should be" I do not think it would be the problem. But I've read that the first Kowa s.20mm vig. - If this is true? No clue. I can post if I have 1-2 times experiences with it.

Antwort von alibaba:

haha I'm bidding system to 500 after I have it hergezeigt in cinema5d forum. :-(
thinking of going even higher because I think an extremely rare with 1.33 factor was the 20 * was prepared.

Antwort von alibaba:

yes, it is evidently kowa 8z with 2 different ports, but the results are already the hammer


Antwort von koji:

haha ... yes I'm 360 pounds synonymous entered when the command Isco but I never made, because I've already seen that since I am with my 350, - I can go roaring) (Austrian idiom. Basically, I think the 650th - synonymous quite OK. But for me as my Kowa 300th

Have just found someone who has built a custom adapter for Kowa (of McClaren !!!!). But Will 150th - and I already find quite expensive. But Writes:

a proper adapter Allows you to screw down locking ring, you then add the anamorphic optic, get perfect position then screw down so even when you change focus no anamorphosis optic needs to be adjusted.

naja ... I call s.Mo. once at a mechanic on. For the money can rotate with the safe sowas synonymous. What do you think?

Antwort von canovision:

yes, the proposal I have you already made, such specially-looking things are synonymous in the network is always very expensive, go with the part to a spin that looks the s.and tells you the price, then you have an exact match Adapters and are satisfied!

Antwort von alibaba:


thread where you were sure thinks so synonymous road rhervag the 50mm stepdownringe would fit unless you want to jump of 58 turn down you can then transmit custom adapters. or did I misread that?

Antwort von koji:

yes but this Englishman says of what fixing. I must honestly confess of what has since mailed I do not quite understand it. I think it's about 3 screws which are built-in adapter. So you can fix the Amorphoten if true picture.

Who can confirm?
Has here sometimes who rotated with such things?

Antwort von alibaba:

ey schau mal koji

http://cgi.ebay.de/58-to-50mm-58-50mm-58mm-50mm-Step-Down- ring Adapter_W0QQitemZ250523169380QQcmdZViewItemQQptZDigital_Camera_Accessories? Hash = item3a54583264

Item Description You are bidding on a new Aluminum 58mm to 50mm step down ring adapter. It features a 58mm male thread and a 5 0mm fe-male thread with a 0.75mm pitch. Use this step down ring to mount any 50mm filters or accessories on your 58mm lens thread.


Antwort von koji:

that if it were ... Only one guy has been right. You can use the Kowa not fix it. These need screws. Or you tinker something.

think a 50mm will fit on a 49.5?
Otherwise that would be the solution. You Ordered you one?

Antwort von alibaba:

I've already got one ordered me of 55 to 50 because my yashica 55 has filter diameter.

Antwort von koji:

na if it comes, it were a hit

Antwort von alibaba:


I had considered synonymous to Vignetti but would have been more and more expensive than my kowa.

Antwort von koji:

I think the Kowa is better. The Sankor gibts synonymous quite often in the network.
I'm s.mo. time a rendevouz with a precision mechanic. We'll see what the price says about the.

Do you have an accurate vignetted summaryplot s.wann the Kowa?
And how much it actually fade in rem swallow?

Antwort von alibaba:

juhu kowa is my grad angekommmen probiers holding just out with time off.

did I think reads gehts s.ff sure to 50mm
trimmed but do not remember to which the relationship has.

after table here ne 1 / 3 Aperture
15-20mm and vignetting s.Super8??

Antwort von alibaba:

I only see vignetting on my 28mm objective picture

times a picture with the kowa 2x
28mm f2.8 s.gh1

First recorded as it is then equalized in the cam and then gecroppt Cinescope the first on the second, so the vig. is gone.

sorry sequence reversed.

Antwort von koji:

super. Thank you!
this looks quite promising.

that is, at 28mm you can see still strong vignetting. Would be interesting to know no more s.wieviel mm he's done. Have you happened to be a zoom? Then you could figure out pretty quickly.

Well ... good to know would still Crop of GH1. I must first googln times.

EDIT: 2x crop is therefore
That means you have a 28mm on a 56mm and get a sticker. I have a 55mm at 1.6 Crop and therefore 88mm. Well, that could come to

Antwort von alibaba:

The GH1 has 2x crop is also around a 56er, I think s.nem 58 aufm ff vig is no longer there, but I like the easy vig even quite good.
have unfortunately no wide-angle lens, you have your kowa not otherwise, it could indeed dranhalten times.

format in which you want to get out because s.schluss because 3,55:1 is already very far and if there's going to cinemascope cropt more weitwinkel.

Antwort von koji:

I have for my 7D, unfortunately, only the 55mm 1.2 - nothing else.

pfff ... about the format I have not given me more ideas. What are you doing? If you have rotated or something photographed, then it can perhaps be yes. 'd Really interest me. I have not even paid for my not synonymous, and I expect the days before 7-10. unfortunately.

Antwort von gmeini:

So here's a small contribution to my work with one Anamorphic intent.

'm S.testen only had unfortunately not been much time.


Comments were synonymous nice.

Of canovision work like my father, "" already mentioned, with a Panasonic GH1, Kit-Optics, Novoflex adapter for Nikon lenses.

Feedback is welcome:)

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