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Für Schwach-PCs: Wie am besten HD-Material in SD-umwandeln?

For low-PC: How s.besten convert HD material to SD?

Frage von brianwilson:
Februar 2011

(After a fruitless search through various forums the following request for clarification ...)

After 3 years of apprenticeship with a simple SD Camera (Panasonic SDR-S10), I would like to develop film.
It is discussed the Panasonic SD-909.
Right now I can not afford not to the purchase of an HD-capable computer.

Hence the plan:
1) filmed in HD (AVCHD).
2) data on the calculator in an SD format converter.

And I have the following questions:

In which SD format I convert HD files for editing with a less powerful calculator to s.besten?
- Easy to mpeg2?

What program do I convert this to s.besten AVCHD files?
- Sufficient for this, Magix VDL (16:17)?
- If the decoder of Canopus Pro (much) better?
- Or a different program?

If the plan, ¬ 800-850 for an HD camera and then spend (initially) the Materiela play in SD, moronic?
¬ 400 to invest in a good SD camera seems to me unreasonable.
Once money is for a greater accountability there (perhaps for the possibly cheaper then Bulldozer chips of AMD), I will indeed synonymous play in HD.

I would be extremely grateful for enlightening!

Antwort von brianwilson:

If the "Xilisoft Video Converter ( ¬ 45) is a good solution?

Antwort von crassmike:

If you use GPU acceleration (CUDA, STREAM), which can Converter is a good solution. Otherwise, there are Programs like the SUPER Converter synonymous for free.

Of course, makes an HD camcorder makes it now synonymous with SD editing, because you simply massive pixel as a "reserve" have, so the sharpness and quality (depending on the quality of the conversion) should be very good.

Otherwise, I recommend to use the SD format as an intermediate format and the final format and save the AVCHD raw files in the archive. Because then you always have the raw material in original quality. As SD-intermediate formats, all with minimal losses take compressed format such as DV-AVI, DV, MOV.
In the HD between formats I've read here of Avid DNxHD in the forum, maybe that's a possibility. Buyable, for example, with Edius Neo indeed the Canopus HQ codec, with the synonymous editing should work on slower systems.

For a more detailed recommendation, we should know is synonymous your PC configuration.

Antwort von brianwilson:

Aye caramba!

Canopus / Grass Valley ProDecoder 3 costs at www.digitalschnitt.de
in the full version ¬ 299, -!

They are already 1 / 3 the cost of a new HD-ready computer!

Antwort von brianwilson:

@ Crass mike: Thank you for your feedback!

VA regard to your interesting Edius Neo.
Seems to be a great overall program.
Although over 17 Premium Magix VdL (because Mercalli) with ¬ 200 costs twice as much.
Seem synonymous but much more professional, more stable and to be faster.

In various forums, but was still about Edius synonymous reported many negative (false-and error-prone, immature processes, old and no known bugs, etc.).
Can somebody confirm or possibly qualify?

(I currently have only a single Office of Atelco Calculator:
CPU = AMD 7550 Dual Core (2.5 Ghz)
GPU = NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE (256 MB) (onboard)
RAM = 3 GB)

Antwort von wolfgang:

Why not simply one of the last Canon HDV camcorders, and filmed in HDV? The issue can s.PC to convert to SD - and an older PC at synonymous easier than HDV AVCHD.

Antwort von brianwilson:

For other people with old computers and new Camera (ambitions),
facing the same question as I:

Here, following consistently positive report to the last version of Edius Neo:

Antwort von Jasper:

Solution for VDL17:
The clips with the Stappelkonvertierung to convert MPEG2 720x576 (name of company and store in a separate folder)
These clips can then edit with a weaker PC.
If the project is done, then removed one of the Win-Explorer the converted clips and replace it with the original HD clips.
Then you can spend the Project in HD.

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Conversion to MPEG2 would be computationally expensive, lossy and slightly more demanding in the cut. Why not DV? Just because it uses more disk space?

Antwort von Jitter:

My tip: Power Director 9th When you import the files you can create so-called shadow files, which are the clips in a significantly reduced resolution. Thus, a weak PC synonymous deal with it. When issuing the program then back to the original files back. So you can create an end product of the highest quality as a file and also another one in SD resolution.
Advantage: you draw on in HD, edit files on the reduced surface and give out the final product in any desired quality.

Antwort von gunman:

"Jasper" wrote:
Solution for VDL17:
The clips with the Stappelkonvertierung to convert MPEG2 720x576 (name of company and store in a separate folder)
These clips can then edit with a weaker PC.
If the project is done, then removed one of the Win-Explorer the converted clips and replace it with the original HD clips.
Then you can spend the Project in HD.

Well, that, I could hardly imagine that this will go so easily ... can anyone confirm this?

Antwort von Jasper:

Not quite: D
the file extension and name must match the files with the original clips.
I have now tested again at Win7 64bit.
*. Mts files (HDV1440x1080) to mpeg2 (720x576) converted and renamed the file extension *. mpg to *. mts.

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