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Frage von Markus:
September 2006

Quotes from Apple Shake 4.0:

"alls" wrote:
Apple Shake 4.0:

It heist compositing ... not Composting
Apple Shake 4.0:

Apple Shake 4.0:

"Even better Wisser" wrote:
Apple Shake 4.0:

It is called "mean" and not "heist".
Apple Shake 4.0:

Apple Shake 4.0:

"PowerMac" wrote:
Apple Shake 4.0:

It's called "mean" and not "mean".
Apple Shake 4.0:

Apple Shake 4.0:

"Eszet" wrote:
Apple Shake 4.0:

Spanish keyboard.
Apple Shake 4.0:

I love how these deposits! - No, no irony, I mean that quite seriously! There are in all of the factual-technical discussions laugh s.and synonymous with something! : D

Antwort von steveb:

hmmm "Spanish keyboard "..?! As I understand it is not ..

Antwort von comtra01:

.... ß There's only the German ......

Antwort von prem:

Well, the "sharp" yes ft, it is not on foreign keyboards, but it's so simple with our own keyboards:
ss after long vowels and double vowels for all ei and is always "B". Example: measure, treasure, throwing, horrible ..........
But after a short vowel: Kisses, that need to hate --- it is always ss

Antwort von Acer:

Probably you'll find on "Hispanic" synonymous keyboard combinations such as Alt + 164 ", finally we can then write the Spanish" ñ synonymous.

Antwort von Markus:

One for the collection:

Antwort von grovel:

Mark you, the sharp S is totally unnecessary. We Swiss are coming for 100 years without getting out (and still have produced great writers such as Frisch and Dürrenmatt).

There is one case in which S has the sharp, clarification, namely, in the headline, "buses for Uganda". Without Sharp S, it is unclear whether a state sends its old buses this time, or whether the International Court of Justice has imposed a penalty.

In all other cases, despite double-S clear what is meant.

So, dear neighbors, let the funny part yet to be synonymous easy.

SeeYa Groveler

Antwort von tfp:

So grovel to have as many countries have in their written such wonderful luxuries such as hats (â), beams (Ø), tails (E), funny hair shafts (( etc.) when not begrudge us our beloved " sharp S ".

I think even you are just jealous of our German only because of the good weather, the nice people, great service and is now synonymous with the potential due to the beta ...

Antwort von Wusel:

People, I think it definitely needs a girlfriend. (or friend)


Wusel (incidentally, also from the beautiful Swiss country)

Antwort von mp3around:

Hello, dear confederacy,
so many "what do YOU-DEN? there are all over the world only once.
In Germany, the land of poets and thinkers!
But it was a German classic that has the "Tell made world-famous" - in a spell, stand for now a "poor" in the witness would be. I think that was the one synonymous
"Wrote Schiller's Robbers." (I hope that is now synonymous Powermac's
Apostrophenfittichismus somewhat satisfied).
Max Frisch and Friedrich Dürrenmatt have (had) their assistants to
the ulcer teutsche for schools Sprake made accessible.
Was it at the apple now Tell's Geschooos and when Gessler (Gessler) Tell's Geschoßßß?
No one was there, one can assume, however, that neither Frisch's
blind "Gantenbein" still in Dürrenmatt's "old lady", which almost
consists only of prostheses, Tell's crossbow had with the game.

So, dear grovel:
Even our esteemed Mark, would be (what this forum without Him? "), Which incidentally does not like to tell us what brand of deposits for us women are capable, obviously Spasz it.
But where's he going to know such-as a macho, composed of "irony"
"irony" does.
But Mark has made serious, as he had meant it. Thank you!

I confirm the content of his announcement:
A battery without "refreshing" function is not good for much. And nothing is more tiring than reading on a permanent basis, such as:
"For ten o'clock I Jaren wuste geschriehben not as Inscheniör economic
unn book now, I myself am one. "

Nice to have again reingeschnuppert with you ...
How about a site with "The Best Of ..." etc. ?


who had promised you to provide reviews regarding Camera and DV editing, and to keep this promise to be synonymous.

Coming soon to this Movies!

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Anonymous" wrote:
(...) Powermac's (...) Tell's (...) Dürrenmatt's (...) Tell's (...)

All wrong.

Antwort von mp3around:

Fun in the forum ...!?
Clearly, all wrong: the " '" s, "Grass's SS," ... and, and, and (here is no comma before "and" And the following "unds" and "ünd"!

PowerMac, just for you:
"No man can sink so low,
Of the Kakau through which one he prefers
synonymous drink too ...."

(The quote is not from "Kohlhaasens Daughters")

But stay as you are!
Simply unique! All right!

good-slash -

Antwort von Markus:


for whatever reason, the question of spelling is really so damn important? Schwer, it not only illiterate and foreigners, but synonymous so many users, if the contributions are written at a late hour. ;-)

Sometimes it can even become a real challenge to write words correctly, even if you really want and know the exact spelling.

For example, if a customer wants a foreign language video title ( "CIAG dalszy na DVD 2") and special characters appear in it, who does not know the Titler. Then drag & drop quickly arise when a question mark - not only in the mind of the user. ;-)

Did you know that this sa ogonek hook is called? I think this is a beautiful name for such a tail, do not you think? - Too bad that no characters like the German accent, ogonek (the plural is correct?), Tilden, slashes ( "Røde"), Cedille, Caron, breve, Macron, diuresis, etc. there.

* edit *
And just then gehts: Drag & drop was still okay, then after sending  ... that would normally

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Anonymous" wrote:
(...) PowerMac, just for you:
"No man can sink so low,
Of the Kakau through which one he prefers
synonymous drink too ...." (...)

Only for you: I am under so much of the Kack au '. But thanks anyway for your arrogant words. With any claim you may fuck me.

Antwort von Markus:

One for the refueling ... Cla, Collection:
Thou shalt only sober film (2 posts)

Antwort von domain:

One thing is true
the spelling in German is taken much more seriously than most other foreign languages.
But an example using Swiss, German anyway for is more of a foreign language.

Mus, Do, is leisure for you ........... well Schweitzer all the same? or?

Basically it is a help for learning German wills.

LG domain

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