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Wie kann ich die Lautstärke in meinem Adobe projekt ohne Übersteuern erhöhe

How can I adjust the volume in my project without Adobe raise taxes

Frage von PhilippKurtz:
Dezember 2007

Hello folks!

I have the volume on my Adobe Premiere Project s.einigen posts via audio gain controller, or multiple filters simultaneously channel volume increases, which is editing in Adobe synonymous super and works without clipping is being played. If I export the project, however, the tolerance is much lower and a little louder passages override it immediately to a painful crash. We accept only volume levels very close to the sound .. What can I do? why is this so? how can I still use the volume without increasing side effects? Believe me, it's not roaring loud or excessive, it creates when you edit the play so easily ..

Thank you nice christmas days and your Philipp.

Antwort von Wiro:

Your total gain is overridden.
The fact that you only when you export the notice is because high-quality editing programs with the internal 32-bit floating-format work, but when you export back into a fixed-bit format is expected. This may be the maximum level is exceeded, which leads to clipping.

Open the audio mixer and watch the level. None of the channels may ever reach 0dB limit - All must be clearly below (-9dB). If a certain body in a canal more than loud, rather than push the audio gain to the top - otherwise kracht. On the contrary, it governs the other channels down after the top rules should remain the absolute exception and only with extremely weak basic levels.

The master controller (the far right of the audio mixer) shows the total level. The Peak, in the peak somewhere between -9 and -4 dB bud, then the world iO

Sounds complicated. Is it synonymous.
If, however, the basics first intus, is the mix for fun ;-)
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von Noakyl:

Thank you for this helpful and comprehensive reply!

- But alls sounds complicated but not very plausible ..

Antwort von Hanzl:

a very annoying problem with Premiere synonymous with whom I have fought (and uncomfortable when the only error in the DVD notes). If the difference between before and after the export of Adobe does not get a grip, you should at least cut out a warning, who already looks permanently on the audio mixer. Try again in the audio mixer for the master track Dynamics, Limiter 0dB to or slightly below cease.
Greetings of Ludwig

Antwort von Wiro:

Pardon, Louis, but what you write because it shows that s.den Basics missing. Not Adobe must get to grips with but you.

Your proposal to override the simple sum rail an additional limiter on it to clap shows that you have not grasped it. It is about the same as if you have a 6-hole in the wall bohrst and since then a purely 8er dowel plugs like. It is true that if you with a hammer on it for so long racket, until it fits, but it is a Murkslösung. Thus, it is synonymous with the limiter.

Nothing for ungut, you are certainly well intentioned.
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von Trixi200:

Hi Wiro,

I basically do nothing for you, but honestly, I am working on the Master synonymous track with the limiter. However, I must say that I have to make sure that the master level - without limiter - not in the "red zone" is. For me, so the limiter in this case, only an additional hedge against short and not too sharp peaks which I have overlooked. Perhaps we should instead use "Soft" take. Do you have experience with this?
What especially surprised me is that you are master of your track "only" to -4 dB patrons. Why not up to 0 dB?

Danke & Gruß Karsten

Antwort von Wiro:

Karsten, I wish to heaven no one will act as a disincentive to s.die Clippinggrenze auszusteuern and / or limiters, expanders, compressors and other dangerous means. If you can handle it ... - Jedem Tierchen sein Pläsierchen. Many have their audio so already mastered to death ;-)

My contribution is intended more as a recommendation to see a video as a DVD to bring that neither the Software Auth strike nor the encoder abschmiert. And that when viewing on a home television is not only desperately to regulate the volume must be returned. It corresponds almost exactly then that the level of the television. The majority at least.
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von Hanzl:

Dear Wiro!
Unfortunately, I have your answer until now to read in spite of the holidays but I can not help you to answer synonymous because I believe that a fundamental discussion of quite general interest. If you have no close relationship with Adobe, I've been a bit sad and sorry about your general fault tolerance in the EDP in Europe, which is almost surpasses the Americans and want what are called. In no other discipline, one would tolerate so much. If I do and after the export, without changing settings, something else I hear is a declaration is not enough, each error has an explanation. An error for me is still ev tolerabel if his remedy is not technically or not with reasonable effort or other more serious problems would. But the least we would then be a clearly visible notice. Premiere is that even in the help / manual is not listed, but perhaps I have not searched long enough. The problem with Premiere when exporting in the forum I have read several times already, I am not correctly like on the other "good" editing software have read.
Also my experience with audio filters are not the best but at the limiter I think that he at short overload peaks is the lesser of two evils (compared with several hours of work and destroy a DVD). I've tested it, with short spikes is not really an intervention and to hear the Knaxen is gone. But something else worries me. From your statement, you can not necessarily assume that the problem occurs only when real overdrive (with values + dB) occurs. Therefore, your relatively large safety margin to 0dB?
Incidentally I find the audio mixer does not do so great how many, I use it only to filter through the entire track and to control the Audio Control. When mixing annoying me putting many of keyframes, where eg two would meet my calculator and sometimes sour reacts even though he did not have such a bad performance. As always synonymous, for me is another problem with the Audio Mixer ungut. Obviously, the audio mixer s.die only track and not be bound s.den clip. If after Verton small corrections in the video clips you have to carry out arge problems (eg Musikeinsenkung comment or postponed). If you work clipgebunden and music change with each other with the sound track is again very soon in order. I know all the pros are aufheulen that after the soundtrack nothing changes ...
To avoid misunderstanding, I have no Adobe hater and I am with the software usually satisfied. Even your contributions, Wiro almost always, I appreciate very much. From my over 30 years of professional experience (as engineers) with computer science / computer (audio not video), I know that the very manufacturer tend to trivialize and error is the problem of stupid computer user or supervisor of the customer to make the stop order should be clear.
Nothing for ungut Wiro, cordial greetings of

Antwort von Wiro:

Hello again,
if you want a film dubbing and problems, you can

s.auf scold the software that the developers have no idea and do not get to grips
b) anyone who does not confirm the problem, suppose that it with the software manufacturer or marriage is related
c) those who do not have the problem, simply look over your shoulder and it is exactly so after making
d) Seminars and workshops visit to a show and so why not something different.

I am the way c) and d) gone forward for years even premiere workshops and know the difficulties some users quite well. But we have so far (almost) all can be allayed. Only courage. It takes some time before you have such a program has bolides grip.

A reflection in a Christmas cup of coffee and a large piece of Christmas stollen
by Wiro

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