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Gibt es einen guten Deinterlacer? (50i -> 50p)

Is there a good deinterlacer? (50i -> 50p)

Frage von positron:
Januar 2007


I'm looking for an opportunity PAL DV video to deinterlace. Target medium is just the computer. I would prefer a program that with a good adaptive deinterlacer a 50p (50 frames per second) video produced.

For deinterlacing to 25p have many programs with options. Even if some do not meet my quality performances. But unfortunately go synonymous original information is lost.

When interpolated to 50p, could be in every picture an "original" field jacket, while the other line would hinzugedichtet best efforts.

Is there already or must I use the program itself?
Anybody know any software player with whom I 50 different images per second show get?

Happy New Year

Antwort von Uwe:

50i after 50p you get the best of my knowledge in good quality only with the After Effects + Fieldskit ...

Antwort von grovel:

The following

Antwort von positron:

Booyah! Thanks you two.

So far I have only the first instance tried Avisynth. This seems at first glance but very easy to operate.

Since I will eventually buy the camera but with interlaced into consideration. But now I will only have a little experiment on the calculator or wait while it converts. : D

Antwort von Angiecam:


if we're on the subject ... I (beginner, just as a warning ;-)) had yesterday after a deinterlacer sought, and had usAvisynth Virtualdub downloaded. With Virtualdub I am quite clear, the quality is quite Onich would like Avisynth tried, but somehow I do not understand how it works, so there is no program to open directly. Do I have the whole into a specific folder inside pack?

Tschuldigt the silly question.

Danke schon mal!

Antwort von Angiecam:

Or we ask different - there is somewhere an HP, the application of Avisynth (I suppose, the thing is somehow using Virtualdub serves, is not it?) In fairly easy to understand words said?

Antwort von positron:

I was somewhat confused until synonymous of AviSynth but has given. ;-)

After you have Avisynth installed, you go in the directory eg "C: \ Programs \ AviSynth 2.5 \ Examples".
There are already some files with the extension *. avs
You can just with the editor create a text file in which the Code of purely Groveler writes.

[code: 1:69 fffcc9d2] AVISource ( "c: \ videos \ beispielquellvideo.avi")
Bob () [/ code: 1:69 fffcc9d2]

The text file then renames it to "beispiel.avs"

Then you go in and opened VirtualDub beispielquellvideo.avi but not "beispiel.avs". Then, you (hopefully) with joy that there are seemingly as if by magic to beispielquellvideo.avi act. Only that it has the 50p / s has. You can then after a codec etc. chosen as another AVI file.

Antwort von Angiecam:

So far, so good - I have done, when all's first attempt has worked. But in any further attempt to import an attempt avs-file is now "Avisynth open failure: Avisource: Could not locate a compressor for FourCC dvsd (C: \ beispiel4.avs, line 2) I love those meaningful error messages. What have I done wrong ?

Antwort von Angiecam:

Have a little rumprobiert ...
If I, as a source video is already edited and compressed video, then it works. But if I take the raw material, the above error message. But it can not be the intention, the videos only to compress and then with Avisynth to handle, huh? There's a size limit to how big each file to be processed may be?

Antwort von Angiecam:

* Nudge * Help

With the size he apparently has no problem, only a 5Mb large Rohclip wants it not. But a too 5kb compressed piece he takes.

Has anyone a hint for me where the fault lies?

Antwort von grovel:

The error message is very meaningful. AviSynth has the codec not found. The problem is that the file as dvsd (instead of just dv) compressed output - I know that this happens regularly, but remember no more reason s.den (mean time use Google and search the forums). Experiment with FourCC times (I think this tool can do) the codec (from Beispielclip) in dv to change. Alternatively, instead of using the command "AviSource (" clip.avi ")" the command "DirectShow source (" clip.avi ")" should actually synonymous go (try the first time). Evt. you have to have a DV codec installed, like the Panasonic codec.

SeeYa Groveler

Antwort von Angiecam:

Groveler Hello!

I was actually very relevant for someone like me has no clue;)

In any case, I have the command with "direct show source" tried, and it works great, thanks! Fortunately, because the other stuff I did not understand:)

Many greetings

Antwort von positron:

DirectShow source works for me so far, that I then synonymous mpeg etc. can open. But the picture is different. Apparently is another filter on the picture had been. Apparently, it is the average of two fields. Instead Kammartefakten are in motion blurred edges.

Antwort von kiteschlampe:

Hello, Thank you first for the above description.

Could the tool will not be synonymous for slow motion effects?

Gruss Chris

Antwort von grovel:

"positron" wrote:
DirectShow source works for me so far, that I then synonymous mpeg etc. can open. But the picture is different.

Well, DirectShow source is being used DirectShow drivers for playback. Unfortunately, as often between filter running. Especially with the MPEG2 codec is often already a deinterlaces before. But there is the possibility (with a small detour) MPEG2 natively in AviSynth to open. However, with a small detour. Just after DGdecode on Avisynth Page looking for.

SeeYa Groveler

PS there is certainly a possibility, the 50p to 25p to slow down in general is the tool for Avisynth pulldown of all kinds, the solution can be found with Google.

Antwort von nexus1980:

Hello, I'm new here and already have a problem directly. And although I am looking for my recorded videos (Huffyuv) a good deinterlacer. And now I have a lot about VirtualDub and Avisynth read, but it is not smart or do not know how I do that I do not lose details when deinterlace.
Since so apparently one or the other here so I would know me super happy about your help.
The article to which I am referring to here I've found:


And now the first Page and the following. What I do now and what I need because everything?

Thank you ...

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