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Macro System hat am 17. Dezember 2008 Insolvenz beantragt

Macro system S.17. December sought

Frage von dvcut:
Dezember 2008


Antwort von Frank B.:

ME Macro system has the problem that it continues to track. With its potential could be much differently. Starting on the definition of a self-made platform in the rest already been made common PC components. We could have the editing software so sure synonymous PC users can access and so much more s.Markt spread. But the company's philosophy was to last one of the independent non-linear computer editing. That is now no longer be maintained, for the PC prices. Furthermore, macro system had good approaches by Casablanca on the devices in the direction of entertainment centers, or hard disk recorder has developed. But that is somehow synonymous stuck. Again, you can probably the price pressure from the PC to not stand up.
Often I thought: Why not build the external hard disk recorders such as the Focus, or Citidisk now synonymous Sonyand Edirol. That would be synonymous to a gap in the market. The knowledge would secure. And a price for a hard drive with some electronics to control the 500, - Euro would certainly synonymous possible.
So, I do not know if it only s.der financial crisis is that they had to file for bankruptcy.


Antwort von videomensch:

The stuff is what the build anyway, the last scrap.
People the cheap effects, fonts, etc. for expensive money
Sell this happens quite right ...

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"human video" wrote:
... Stuff ... is anyway the last scrap. People the cheap effects, fonts, etc. for expensive money selling happens quite right ...

If you despite this brilliant analysis of synonymous facts should be interested, I recommend this link:

Antwort von jogol:

That was in the 90gern a very innovative company, a video card (V-Lab Motion) built for the Amiga, which funktionierte.DV really good editing and compositing on a 25MHz Calculator.Schade actually, I hope the times berappeln itself.

Antwort von hannes:

> People ... the cheap effects, fonts, etc. for sale Money expensive ..

The "analysis" is really true.
As for the offer, I can with computers to make better and cheaper.
Thus the "analysis" but only a simple statement of fact.

Antwort von Meggs:

"hannes" wrote:

As for the offer, I can with computers to make better and cheaper.

The sell computers. The hardware is optimized for DV editing with its Program Committee.
They are synonymous stop a victim of the banking crisis. I find it incredible that German banks in the U.S. market windy billion to invest, and the German arm medium s.ausgestreckten let starve.

Antwort von hannes:

> The computer sale.

and why not then run "Computer Programs" on it?

> The synonymous are just a victim of the banking crisis.

Please do not push any error in the management of the financial crisis.

Antwort von Meggs:

"hannes" wrote:

and why not then run "Computer Programs" on it?

It seems to me you are not informative on the latest

"hannes" wrote:

Please do not push any error in the management of the financial crisis.

Did you read the above link? Good foresight but no cash. It's just so many.

Antwort von Frank B.:

Hi Meggen,
Lappi just that they offer is evidence that it could go, PC World and Casablanca world, to grow together.
The Lappi buy it at a supplier and install their software. This only works if you switch of Windows. Smart Edit is not running on Windows, but under its own operating system.
On the stationary of Casablanca, this switch is not (am no longer up to date). Why do you not? Or, why can not the user can decide on which computer he wants to install the SW, where the SW is compatible with Windows? Who wants the software must be equal to the (very expensive) hardware with purchase. As PC prices, but significantly lower than this, there should be synonymous with no financial crisis ever closer for macro system.
I had synonymous times a Casablanca. With time disturbed me but the expensive acquisitions complement (eg, 1500, - DM for a DV extension) and the establishment of an editing program. Also, the PCs were always faster, so in my Casablanca Render time soon clearly isolated. The PC technology is the technology Casablanca always a step ahead. The argument of the macro system reliability does not. A well-equipped PC with Liquid or Avid Canopus Edius is faster, cheaper, more open to complementary programs and runs at least as stable.


Antwort von hannes:

> A well-equipped PC with Liquid or Avid Canopus Edius is faster, cheaper, more open ....

is what I say. The rest is just a long-term Gehampel.
(where the Canopus AVID I would prefer)
So what has changed on the PC really enforced?
Are all still niche products.
That may be like us or not, but is the reality.

Antwort von Meggs:

I never had ne Casablanca and would not buy me synonymous. But it is already a niche product and there are people who swear by it.
I have video of the interview with the Manager Assets of Macro System read. If not lying, that the beams bend, you have very probably still a market, but no money. Therefore, the bankruptcy plan.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Why is here on Macro system so eingedroschen? The flexibility in Casablanca may not be very high, the prices are good. Still ...

I once had the opportunity to Casablanca on a cutting. This was an open channel of Berlin. The people who make television there, are not always so PC in love that they necessarily with such a work. Do you want quickly and without the "around" cut their films.

And that is precisely the gap or clientele, who serves Casablanca. The film makers, with the PC can not handle or want. It should be clear to everyone that Casablanca is somehow a PC-based (or at least similar) system was. But it was "plug and play" - and turning away. No persistent software and drivers installed and no user, without any further knowledge on a "fundamental Wollmilchsau egg machine", on the next to cut programs or office, and games run a lot of Internet is done, just installed this program and times that s.Ende and are surprised that nothing works anymore. The forums are full but with the questions: I have a new graphics card / drivers a new / a new software / codecs installed many new and xyz is now no longer ...

I'm not Casablanca user and have none. I find the idea quite well, and running a coordinated whole - for the above clients to sell. As these clients will be getting smaller, the market for this admittedly small.
Any PC-based software solution carries the risk of incompatibilities and the unskilled user intervention

If I were the contribution of Frank correctly, the Casablanca is probably notebook with a dual-boot partition equipped, so the device as a normal Windows laptop is used and also in a decoupled environment as a pure Casablanca. An intended exchange of data may be external hard disks being held. The danger of "Client hardware modifications" is the Notenbook not (or in comparison to the desktop is very low) and thus may be cutting system without external threats rather be operated safely.

The completed notebook is the right direction, a pure software solution in my opinion, not initially. This is the market too narrowly. Whether the price with almost 1600, - is too high or not is hard to say. This one would have to know the Hardwarehesteller and the proportion of software and system integration s.price. But if the system works, then it is synonymous (continue to) to find a buyer.

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