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Frage von Britta Leuchner:
Januar 2011

Hello everyone,

Have long have heard nothing of me, I hope you are all well-slipped? Now it gets a little bumpy. I need to update a speed and compatibility with another cutter unit change of my dual 2.7 G5 PPC Mac to a new PC. Experience: NLE - yes, even together now - no. But instead I ofcourse. (What else) orig. insufficient budget, at least when it comes to a dream combination.

So here is the thread 100tausendste but always valid because of new synonymous always something changes out there, what do you think of this compilation, and where you see a chance to save even more? Would like to get below 2000 EUR.

(Link to a wish list with all components)

Those who know will probably see the same: it comes with graphics card and panel to reach a compromise. The point is this: At the moment it is money terms a bit tight, but I must have for the first quarter of a reasonably functioning PC setup. I'll have to pay attention only to the fact that I happen not to rough cut and rough correction for a trailer and concept Showreels Bagatellfehler as the monitor of color and contrast assessment completely skin next to it or because I need the rendering of HDV or 1080p sequences 3 nights or similar .

To check on good reference CRT monitors I render out and go into the transitional editing studio. Work is done with MC5, Premiere, Light Works, After Effects and Nuke.

Processor When I because of some opinions that he is probably little of the i7 2600K at medium load is different to previous elected. nVidia CUDA purpose should be clear. exceeds ne good for the GTX Quadro lack the money. HDMI preview would go but synonymous with the GTX, right?

But I'd like to come to hold less than 2000. Does anyone have experience with a panel which is close to the Eizo Fiora and does not cost nearly 900 bells? Seems the only publicly known panel below 1000 to be what in video magazines still passes barely so. Or is there another place where you would save in the situation?

Later you can always go shopping again properly. For this we need to stop getting only 3 projects funded and need to show a little something. So for 6 months, there should be enough to navigate a bit in dim light.

I would be adjusted over a good indication of the new situation very happy.

Many thanks in advance.

Antwort von DSLR-Freak:

Britta, I think I get up in the woods.

Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

"DSLR-Freak" wrote:
Britta, I think I get up in the woods.

ojeh ... I feared's: (I'm just rubbish written, or * gulp * Sorry

As I said NLE work s.MAC PC and yes, MAC compile synonymous yes, but PC put together, complete novice ...

Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

I wanted to know more what you're getting and I once looked at your posts ...

"DSLR-Freak" wrote:

Oh oh, I suspect evil. Just read it the following statements:

"Forget about Sandy Bridge for CS5. You are much better off with a i7-950/X58 mobo combo. Why?

1. The 2600K (i7) is about s.fast ssOC'ed i7-920@3.8
2. The memory architecture limits you to only 4 DIMM slots, so either 8 or 16 GB
3. The P67 mobo only has 16 PCI-e lanes, so you can not install a much needed raid controller
4. The intrinsic graphics Do Not Support MPE, so you still need a card GTX-4xx/5xx
5. The touted turbo mode works only marginally with multi-threaded programs like, CS5
6. It does not have PCI-e 3.0

If you want Sandy Bridge, s.least wait for the Sandy Bridge and the E X68 mobo. Then you have:

1. Octo cores
2. Quad channel memory and 8 DIMM slots (16 or 32 GB)
3. 40 PCI-e 3.0 lanes and the architecture for a good raid controller.

If you need a new system now, entry level is s.i7-950, 12 GB RAM on a X58 mobo and the rest.
Currently the 980X is the best you can get and it may be another year for Intel to come with a good successor on the X68 platform.The current crop of announced Sandy Bridge CPU's is only suitable for mediocre systems s.best. There is no X68 mobo out or even announced yet for the new octo-cores.
Meanwhile, consider investing in 24 GB memory and a good raid controller and additional disks. That will make your life much nicer and editing experience.

Results have been posted here: "PPBM5 benchmark

So read the PPBM5 Latest News:

Conclusion is that the i7-2600K is a nice CPU, but nothing to get excited about. It requires massive over-clocking to 4.7 GHz to end up very close to s.i7 s.3.7-920 GHz, and is still severely hampered by the platform, because it Prevents installation of a raid controller.

Have a look here: PPBM5 benchmark to see what makes a fast system!

Source: Harm Millaard, http://forums.adobe.com

This is very interesting this benchmark. Synonymous here shows how important are the hard disk system (RAID or SSD) and the RAM.

Both with Sandy Bridge severely curtailed or even sometimes impossible (RAID)!

ok, so slowly I begin to understand s.deinen comment and can only quote up ...

---> "I ch - stand - in - W ald ..."

I already had everything for days cobbled together nicely haareraufend and now hoped to be inside a little ind it matter ... and now this ... mpffff

Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

But one thing irritates me so. As it is, there is no RAID support, but all the MB's that I found to base 1155, it says RAID 0 and on it first

I figure it now, something is not?

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