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No cutting of the 199 pc - see display

Frage von diewennsundabers:
September 2006

Competent people who love video of here!

Long herumgegoogelt vain. Nowhere (other than data and facts)
there is a Council (experience report), who encouraged us with the iMac
FC Express to Mac xy with FC Studio 5 (? Switch).
(The costs speak for themselves!)
Which apple variety tolerates such as power-Programs
eg motion 2, without going to their knees, in full operation?
In this forum, there are certainly well experienced people from the Windows
Can offer the universe, the appropriate hardware and software.
We have more confidence in your experience as to the dealers,
us the blue sky promises ....

many thanks
And many greetings


Antwort von PowerMac:

A large system is worthwhile only in the very real professional applications. If you have no money and still want to work with Motion, you have a dilemma. Also on Windows Page you will find no Motion / After Effetcs in combination with cheaper and also very fast hardware.

Therefore: Mac Pro 2.66 GHz, Ati Radeon X1900, 3 GB RAM, Contour Wheel, two 23x Display and Final Cut Studio 5.1 (!) The display is pure option.
But s.Mac Pro executes m. E. over in no way. The graphics card is required.

For inspiration: http://dieagenten.de/systeme.htm
You will find in finalcutpro.de Forum and to creative cow or dvxuser.com; www.vfxtalk.com, macuser.de many users. Each of those would you recommend above setup but at the moment. Many still use the Quad G5, one or older dual G5. But they are synonymous somewhat lame. If you want to work properly in Motion, Mac Pro and X1900.

Antwort von DWUA:

Thank you PowerMac!

For the freelancer models has run us the water from the mouth
And the spit stayed away!
(btw: www.vfxtalk.com "... could not be gfunden.)

But now we have also an old 21 Inch chest tube with out -
projecting image quality. (Better than any LCD). We are told that a Mac had no problem. There were an adapter.
Is this correct way?

Many greetings
And thank you very much


Antwort von PowerMac:

Macs are perfectly normal and can successfully use computer keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers, cables, etc.. The monitor also comes naturally. But if he really is better than all LCDs, I doubt that.
When you make your Mac Pro even when combined it (eg Education Store if you have a teacher / students know) and hard disks and RAM kaun elsewhere, you can save loose 1000.

vfxtalk however, goes:))

Antwort von DWUA:

Thanks for the responses of PowerMac!

Our decision is we should get easier.
With a tailwind!

For contour design, thanks to your reference, we usfanden
Devices, with which we have never worked before.
Now we ask you, how useful they (Contour Wheels) at work
Your experience can be and how it is.
(Ball or buttons?)

Once final order with our questions.

We thank PowerMac
very warm!

Antwort von PowerMac:

The former is cheap:
This is good:

Quite well handled. Virtually coil to frame by frame or herumzuzoomen quickly ...

I would regard MacKauf finalcutpro.de penetrate even when the current hardware recommendations. The Mac Pro is currently the fastest. Some are probably still recommend an old G5. Only about three times as lame ...

Unlike the case is, if you do a lot in Photoshop. Because of the Quad G5 is still a bit faster.

Antwort von DWUA:

PowerMac Lieber,
We refer to the above conversation, 25 Sep.

Under fcpro.de updates to the Studio 5.1 is recommended.
And further updates can be paid only after a first
free (downloaded) horrible word, dubbed thus better: or
be downloaded.
Now we have places in s.mehreren www. heard that just
these updates have caused problems without them
had taken place.
The collaboration of individual program components is sometimes
have been so severely disturbed that some users have regretted it,
have installed them at all. And everything back to the origin
state has moved with the warning "Stay away!

We, the WUA, are not keen, always the newest of the new
to possess, our concern is rather:

Prefer an older but fully developed version without bugs, with which one

Who else but YOU, (it experienced people) in this forum
otherwise we could help next ....?


Antwort von PowerMac:

I do not know what you've read somewhere about updates. This can neither I nor my professional Final Cut Buddies confirm. For every current Mac you need Final Cut 5.1.2. Older versions have to be emulated, are not officially supported, and about three times as slow. For newer models, they are even required. S.sich updates are not bad or evil. This is just a statistical misinterpretation. On the Internet you read of three problems, of the 10,000 other people but not without problems. We can recommend Apple and Final Cut updates generally use them. Eliminate errors and updates to bring new productive features both new speed. Old errors are eliminated rather than bringing new mistakes! That is its meaning. Especially with 5.1 because the new Intel-Calculator are still new.
The update to 5.1 is not free. How expensive, it depends, which has one previous version. The music starts p.49 euros. The update to 5.1.2, of course, is completely free and easy einzuspielen (). Although some people have problems with that. Each program in the world in the last 40 years, had bugs and problems.

I understand the question. If you want a fast and stable Calculator, you must use the latest version. Basta. The Forum of Finalcutpro.de almost all professional German Final Cut Pro editors have gathered. That should actually be enough, especially since the most professional work than her.

Antwort von DWUA:

Thank you PowerMac!
So is 5.1. in trade and to the free update to 5.1.2.
the internet!?

We are ashamed of us ...


Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes. 5.1 is available as an update or full version. The update on 5.1.2 is free, as well as 5.1.3 and 5.1.4, which will eventually give. The current 5.1.2 running really well and brought some new features and optimizations.

Antwort von DWUA:

The wenns and buts (DWUA) erstmal thank you very much for your condolences!

Although we know the Andreas / Manuel and Björn / Christoph
(The ISBN can be reported for books like readers, the book trade
is in fact not as dead as people think)
But the solution to a current problem, which is in no books
is found only in one way: More than a forum like this.
Slashcam one of them. Thank s.The "doer"!


our girls are at it, a cake and DIR
the guys ask themselves whether and what to grill for YOU.
What would you like to drink?

Back relating to:


ps The fact that the "Preview" (= beautiful eiden) after the sending of such a ...
looks like ...! Therefore we can not do anything .....

Antwort von DWUA:

Hello, my PowerMac!
Now we have our sides of an Apple dealer
(Your proposal as) the "tiger" as a system based on above.
What do you like it?
Better question: Is it good?
So a "Yes" on your part would have us to help you.

Kind regards and thanks,


Antwort von PowerMac:

Tiger is Mac OS X version 10.4. Tiger is the most sophisticated operating system that exists. It is also fast, stable, intuitive and has more useful functions (eg, the file search for "Spotlight" is the cutting of uncommon advantage; fast graphics as with many effects / motion) than the previous Panther, ie 10.3.

In addition, you can only use 10.4. 10.3 is already a few years old and runs on current machines and the computers of the last year has passed.

Final Cut Studio, like any current Mac require the latest version of the Mac OS, says 10.4.8. So you can not go wrong. There is no other way synonymous, because older versions of the Mac OS does not harmonize with current editing software and are not current computers and particularly fast or matured. On a Mac, it is done in the last five years so that each version s.10.3 s.sich well and is reasonably usable, any update that makes the whole thing but still better.

Antwort von DWUA:

Thank you PowerMac!

Thanks to your advice the efforts of the mountains lie halfway
behind us.
Before us now are probably the labors of the layer (s).
If we are not there out of the swamps s.eigenen Hair
draw, we will contact you again.

We hope that you are hereby not only us but many other
will remain in this forum and were of great benefit.


Antwort von DWUA:

Nomen est omen!
Not in vain we called ourselves then.

1. After a successful Umschau
(Macuser forum-nonsense = erstmal nix) for us
We have learned that your advice was to map an optimum X 1900.

2. Because of the many windows were invented that of apple, is your
Proposal for a 2nd Reconsider monitor.

3. It is said that Studio 5.1 now requires at least Quicktime 7.1.3.,
(sort of Media Player 11-22?)
Is not he already here? On the MacPro?
Answer we have not found.
Maybe with you


DWUA, with best regards ...

Antwort von DWUA:

@ PowerMac

PowerMac Hello,
Following your advice, we have googelnd, haggling doves will include the following offer:

- "Tiger", Mac OSX 10.4 (not 10.4.8)
-two 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
-4 GB (4x1GB)
ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512MB (2x Dual Link - DVI)
-250 GB Serial ATA with 3 Gb / sec.
and 7,200 rpm.
-16x SuperDrive
Quicktime 7.1 (not 7.1.3)

5x USB
2x Firewire 400
2x "" 800

As a complete package with FC Studio 5.1 (-euro 2oo,-off)
given the final price almost 47 Giant () window-dressing?

What (besides the price) you would disrupt s.diesen specifications?

do not despair, PowerMac ask -

warm regards,

Antwort von PowerMac:

Sounds good. The XT1900 is a duty. Much RAM synonymous. So fits the whole thing. Of course there are 10.4.8 and Quicktime 7.1.3 in it. Those are just Unterupdates.

Antwort von DWUA:

Many thanks, PowerMac!
If the upcoming run, all the more!

As to your posts here in the forum:

1. The fact that you have answered us, shows that we are not for you
Morons think.
2. And you're not so synonymous ass, the stupid questions always
3. But:
"We are not, we will erst .." (Principle of Hope)


Comparison with your example "Gothic" or similar we liked:
We would rather there darted through the Orc-Troll prejudice herds, as we embark on the endless carnage, bored at some point.

Thanks and regards,

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