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Perfekter Schnitt PC für unter 1000€ - Hier der Guide

Perfect cut for PC under 1000 ¬ - Here is a guide

Frage von CedricRotherwood:

The perfect cut PC for under 1000 ¬

I have made in recent times here, many questions relating to camera and accessories and have found great support. For this, a big thank you (especially sBDeKid and Carsten of ART NEWS & Media)
Since here the question arises so often for a good editing system and I in the course of my camera equipment Search Komplett me just such a craft together, I want to give in this way synonymous something of my "expertise" next. Since 1997, I am building together Calculator - so I know what I'm talking about!
The following text will be quite long. I would like to introduce each component and, above all synonymous justify why it should be this.
There are indeed several ways to get a cut to a PC.

Option 1 ...
... And now synonymous currently in the forum topic: Buy at Saturn (just a 1000 ¬ PC in the "Offer"), Media Markt and co.
For this I say: hands off. First, technical devices of all kinds in these houses are almost always more expensive than from good retailers - and s.die Internet prices usually come with your own special, not 19% ran campaigns and so on.
Much more serious is that these markets operate, of course, a mixed calculation. The Calculator will be sold there, therefore, often include components that are inferior. Components where one synonymous not really think about it first. So one can not expect in such computers as a power supply to be found, which is certified 80 +. What does that mean I declare next below.
In addition, one buys on such packages synonymous with components that are themselves not often needed.
Nevertheless, there are people who appreciate it very easy to go shopping there - and it is the grace which the "return" very high regard. But attention is that the widespread misconception, Saturn and Media Markt provide a general right to exchange. This is not the case. It is only by grace and as it can with the "return" are synonymous in the pants sometimes (personally experienced with a 28 "monitor)
So you see: there is not a single good reason to back an opportunity to take hold.

Let's talk about option 2
Special computer-cut these can be purchased at several dealers and broadcast equipment, of course, are great - not quite as great prizes. I'm assuming that those who read here, just not spend this money ... they want to or can otherwise would not be reading this ðJ

And now my preferred way to:
Same tinker - Ooooops .. now some here get a shock: I can not do that. For this I say: never mind - many hardware mailers offer to build an additional charge for the desired components into one together. Who you personally may want to look around in his city after a small PC shops ... there's really everywhere. There, simply the most hardware instructions booklet lists compare with the Internet prices. If these are slightly higher, it may be worth synonymous to deal very directly: to pass: I would like to buy these components: Take a one offer, including assembly.
But what we are here in a forum where people help themselves? I am convinced that there are people here from every major city that can take a filmmaker and colleagues on the ground. I had recently, for example, the help of Carsten here from the forum and I'm sure he invited to the Italians. I myself like to offer myself for Hamburg deep green before you in this way still synonymous great contacts with like-minded people get is an added bonus.
Better components or not. ... I'm just a poor beggar student ... then I'll pay not much more than media market? No ... You do not ... You'll see.
I list now time for a complete PC, the price performance ratio is not to be topped in my opinion. Mouse, keyboard and OS before I leave the outside .... This is a matter of taste. I myself will install as the OS on my PC, Win 64 7 bits. Does it cost just ¬ 70 and is, in my opinion the best Windows ever. Who should be here before intercepting system Adobe Produ

Antwort von PowerMac:

Save time and buy iMac.

Antwort von Alf_300:

When I find me here
https: / / www.csl-computer.com/shop/index.php?pse=gcpc&_s_ref=n7vG68s3S&gclid=CNGfhuuZnqMCFVErDgoddTxRow

PCs and finished getting ready for my ideas on.

IMac's rest I leave to the sold out 3% of PC users are not that at the end there is still

Antwort von HolgerH_2:

"PowerMac wrote:
Save time and buy iMac.

The original question was: "... for under 1000 ¬. Since only the fact remains, despite the somewhat dusty Updates Mac Mini http://store.apple.com/de
left. Ergo: Under these conditions, no alternative.

Theme missed, 6 share, ...


Antwort von MK:

The "cheap trick" with the 6 gigabytes of RAM with Intel CPUs with Triple Channel perfectly normal and not a rip-off ... far too sweeping the statement! When Saturn Calculator voted no because of the 860 Triple Channel may, but generally you can not say that for 6 gigabytes which is lazy.

Antwort von PowerMac:

This guide has a student ¬ 1000 as a limit. 50 ¬ more and it will be for students of the iMac 21.5 ".


There are almost synonymous an iPod touch for free. If you sell the one lying at about 870 ¬ for the iMac.

Antwort von rush:

Cedric @ #

mhh so for my taste, your configuration does not have quite enough disk space :-) And would s.Ram synonymous something.

But what is completely missing an operating system. Especially for people who vllt. still working on XP or Vista is indeed a quasi move to Windows 7 to recommend 64BIT and should therefore be mitkalkuliert. That's two "discounters" synonymous included ... which have to hand it to them;)

I have as synonymous ALF_300 such a relatively low-priced-CSL and the whole system was increased by corresponding components or customized ... quieter fan, a total of 8GB ram, HDD more

Runs without any problems and could hardly be much cheaper ...
I have previously screwed itself synonymous ... But to this day I miss the time and I honestly do not feel like synonymous read more:)

Otherwise it should have listed already fit what you like ... and at least 4 weeks is the almost back "Old scrap of yesterday" * lol *;) Where currently the quantum jumps not quite so enormous are .. at least it makes me so appear. But plug as synonymous not so there:)

Antwort von HolgerH_2:

"PowerMac wrote:
This guide has a student ¬ 1000 as a limit. 50 ¬ more and it will be for students of the iMac 21.5 ".


There are almost synonymous an iPod touch for free. If you sell the one lying at about 870 ¬ for the iMac.

The main poster that's been building Calculator is 1997, so your guess is a student and has thus the Education discount.
Interesting version, so you're probably right.


Antwort von PowerMac:

Not in my opinion, he said was:

(...) I'm just a poor beggar student ... (...)

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