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Probleme mit MOV Datei nicht Konvertierbar nicht abspielbar

Problems with non-convertible MOV file not playable

Frage von Dovtek:
Oktober 2008


I've got a very big problem with my MOV. files of a digital camera of a known (irgenteine CASINOcam).

I can not play with Quicktime (error -2048: The File XXXX.MOV can not be opened because the QuickTime file format can not handle) or convert no preference with what codec or what program. Super does not and the right codec, you can herrausfinden not synonymous.

I have been synonymous with a program to repair files of Digital Media Converter tried the 2.7 just says "install QuickTime 7" even though it is already installed.

The only one where the Mov. Files can play is the digicam. On the cam was so synonymous youtube labels so that the file in dierekt can upload youtube. Does not synonymous!

Is there the possibility irgenteine agree to convert or repair? digicam was wrong? What can you do?

Antwort von scubavideo1:


Try this tool:

If it does not work, you must type the exact name of your post Cam. This can make it in the codec datasheet raussuchen.

Antwort von Dovtek:

it is a: Exilim EX-Z80 of Casino. The tool is synonymous SUPER economy comes not only ERROR!

Antwort von Dovtek:

Description / Details: Compact Digital Camera / Series: Casio Exilim / Sensor Pixels: 8.1 Megapixels / Sensor Type: CCD-Chip (1 / 2, 5 ") / Resolution: 3.264 x 2.448 Pixel / Optical Zoom: 3.0 times / Digital Zoom: 4.0 times / Screen Size: 2.6 inches / recording: 1.4 sec / memory card: Secure Digital (SD), Secure Digital HC (SDHC), MultiMedia Card (MMC) / min. Sensitivity ISO: 64 / max . ISO Sensitivity: 1,600 / Exposure Time: 1 / 4 - 1 / 2000 sec / Focal: 38 - 114 mm / Focus range: 40cm - / Image Stabilization / USB Port: USB 2.0 / Internal Memory: 12 MB / Viewfinder: LCD monitor / Scope of supply: NP-60 Battery, battery charger, instruction manual, software, strap, AV cable, USB Cable / File Formats: JPEG (EXIF 2.2), H.264 / integrated Flash / Self-timer: 2, 10 seconds / video / audio recording / Motif Programs : 30 / Power supply: NP-60 Battery / Connections: Audio / direct method: PictBridge / Face / Macro Recording: 10 - 50cm / Overture: 3.1 - 5.3 / Exposure Correction: + / - 2 in 1 / 3 / On the market since: March 2008 / Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 19 mm / Weight: 150.0 g / YouTube Capture

I have no idea if and where you can change the codec can rauslesen .. the H.264?

Antwort von tommyb:

Yes, the h.264 could come out.

Times Rename the file to MP4 to try and (if PC) times the VLC player to play this.

install ffdshow
Media Player Classic try

Antwort von Dovtek:

small stupid question: How do I rename the file in MP4?

Antwort von tommyb:

And instead of clicking on a MOV MP4 attach.

And, certainly, the file extensions hidden by default when you like. Then:

1. Job opening
2. Tools -> Folder Options
3. View
4. Hook in "extensions for known file types Hide wegklicken

File.mov in File.mp4 rename. Voilà!

Antwort von Dovtek:

Hab ffdshow installed but ...

"Windows Media Player can not play file. The file is corrupted or the player supports the format is not specified."

"VLC can not detect input format.:
The format for 'C: Documents and EinstellungenxxxxxxxKopie of OrdnerCIMG0412. Mp4' could not be ascertained. Look for details in the error log after. "

I think slowly the cam simply faulty or broken videos makes .. or the setting is in irgenteinem behinternen files format ...

Is there a program irgentein MOV. Files can not be repaired "the file format can not read" codec needed "or" ERROR "or similar reports?

the cam but the video was playing!

Antwort von tommyb:

The only way out of interest: How large is the file? (Right click -> Properties)

Antwort von Dovtek:

So there are multiple files between 12.5 MB and 42.4 MB, depending on the length

Antwort von tommyb:

You could still be with the program Gspot try. This gives you the codec out of files. All I know is not whether such Gspot synonymous with "unknown" files comes clear.


Antwort von Dovtek:

Gspot synonymous, I had already tried this makes synonymous irgenteine error message; _; I think it is pointless. trozdem grateful for the help:)

Antwort von Johannes:

I have a problem ähnliges. But I have already found out the data for VP6 codec have. Now I have this on my calculator iwie install or something. Vll. has a plan exactly what I need and where it herbekommt. For Windows, I have the codec to be downloaded already found but not for mac. And then I would.

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Dovtec

The JPEG (EXIF 2.2) is the file of the memory card. How did you get the file on your calculator than get? simply being pushed or with a transfer program, which is sometimes to the cameras, there?
It is usually only a readable video file, which is then synonymous may be greater than the restriction maps.
That is probably the worm.
This is always a problem with the video function of these small Still Image Snap.

@ John
A few years ago, we have to run MacOS times VP6 had. this is actually an AVI file. MPlayer das was I do not, however, whether the so everything still works under 10.5.5, but 2004 saw it all.
Give it time .... Here is the link to download:
Good luck

Antwort von Johannes:

Hello Wowu,
Now yes this is my problem, the less I play.
I get the file just not in Adobe Premiere Pro cs3 pure.
He always shows me the codec s.das incorrect or unavailable.
Where can I get the codec and forth where I make him nacherhin?

In addition, this player plays me just the sound and not from the Picture: - /

Nevertheless, thank you

Antwort von WoWu:

Can you not in a common format and then transcode to premiere next or you will necessarily remain in the source codec? If yes ... why in such an exotic? Nowadays there are much better.
I believe On2 Technologies, Inc. in England vertrieb the codec ... but since I have no link.
But really, this is material from the early years of the millennium. then a top product and the Reisser but now every third-algorithm is better than this (almost) transparent.
But versuch's mal .... only if there precisely for ADOBE Plugs are ... I do not know.
Have fun ... tell me what has become of it.

Addendum: Perhaps here?

21 Corporate Drive, Suite 103
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Email: info@On2.com or sales@On2.com

Antwort von Johannes:

Now I have a question, what a transcoder (kp. whether it really is) you recommend for Mac? Especially for this codec?
In the hopeful himself somehow solve my problem I have now massive software downloaded and the disk vollgemüllt.

Why I use this codec is an interesting question. Well a friend came with his past record has given me the data and said "then mach mal" and since I am around here. Nevertheless, thanks for courage and for the help.

Antwort von Dovtek:

So my problem has been solved by getting another cam with a new video made ^ ^


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