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Bitte um Unterstützung bei PC-Anschaffung

Request for assistance with PC purchase

Frage von cosar:
August 2009

Hello dear forum community!

I bought about a half year ago, the Canon HF100 (; synonymous read through a lot in this forum, has contributed greatly to the decision) am fully satisfied with the part.
I have inquired of course, was already relating to the processing of the video and it was clear wenns mal is where I need a new calculator.

Now it's done:
As for the video editing I have not much to no clue
But I was of course informed in advance here and have noticed that with all the hardware and software or processing seems to be very complicated.
Anyway, I have my views then downloaded a demo version of Corel StudioProX2 Ultimate. Only problem with my calculator: relatively old Intel Pentium 1,7 Ghz 2GB RAM.
Nagut've tried it with the ichs PinnacleStudio12 has, of course, but it works (very slowly, no fun) but I think for me this software would first have done the trick. For the time being I would really only diverses footage for relatives and friends on DVD burn (; to play in a Player)
Of course I would want to do something synonymous to me then, and I these things then with the PinnacleStudio easy to convert MPEG4 and Full HD resolution. Original raw material, I would like to keep everything separately.

So now on the hardware purchase:
I would like to run my project smoothly declared hopefully understandable.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
775, 77 m³ / h, all models

NVIDIA GeForce 9 graphics card
Palit GF9800GT Green
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, 512 MB, 256 Bit, PCIe 2.0 x16

CPU Socket 775 Core 2 Quad
Intel ® Core !" 2 Quad Processor Q9550
4x 2833 MHz 2x 6144 kByte, 1333 MHz (; Quadpumped), Yorkfield
(; Although I have read a post here which tend rather to all the I7, but that's me from the price a little too expensive)

Thermaltake PurePower 500W
500 Watt ATX12V 2.2, ATX 2.03, EPS, 6 times, 4 times

Midi Tower Case
Sharkoon Rebel9 Economy Edition
9 x 5.25 "external, 4 x 3.5" internal, ATX

IDE DVD Burners
LG GH-22LP20
22 / 8 / 16 times, 22 / 6 / 16 fold, Ultra DMA/33, 16 / 48 times
(and it will eventually follow a Blu-ray Burner)

Socket 775 Motherboard
Intel ® P43 Express, 1333MHz, 1x PCIe 2.0 x16 Socket 775
2G IDE 88SE6102 1K
max. 2 devices, 100 MB / s
Intel ® ICH10 Southbridge
max. 6 device, 300 MB / s
USB 2.0 Controller
60 MB / s, USB 2.0, Max. 127 devices
Realtek ALC1200 (; HD audio, 8-channel)
4, Realtek ALC1200
Marvell 88E8001
1 x RJ-45, 10/100/1000 Mbps

3.5-inch SATA hard drive
Seagate ST3250310NS 250 GB
250 GB, 8.5 / 32/7200, Serial ATA/300
(; for the operating system)

3.5-inch SATA hard drive
Seagate ST31000528AS 1 TB
1,000 GB, 8.5 / 32/7200, ¬ 0.07 *, Serial ATA/300

Memory DDR2-800
Kingston HyperX DIMM 4 GB DDR2-800 Kit
4096 MB, CL4 4-4-12, 2, PC2 6400

Case Fan
Silverstone FM121B 120x120x25
120x120x25 mm, 186.9 m³ / h, 17 - 39.5 dB (, A), 2400 rpm.

Software OEM Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32-bit
Windows, DE, 1 User
(; Probably I should take a 64-bit version, but I have read and heard that there would be problems with some Software)

TFT Monitor
Acer H223HQABMID high-gloss black
21.50 inch LCD monitor, approx 54.60 cm screen, widescreen format, full-(HD resolution; 1.920x1.080), 300 cd / m² brightness, contrast: up to 20,000:1 dynamic, Viewing Angle Horizontal: 170 degree vertical viewing angle: 160 degrees, 5 ms response time. Color: Glossy Black

These components, I have a shop online configurator, because I want to buy the finished assembled synonymous here.

Maybe someone would be so nice to my collection soon

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I've studied a lot last time and you can say the following:

Take Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit,
at least 8GB of RAM memory to do so.
Cinebench R10 comes in 64-bit system, approximately 20-24%
better with my Q6600!

Studio 14 HD is not a 64-bit program
But it is the higher RAM memory and use
synonymous to work faster.

The CPU of you proposed is fine, look
But to you the Q9650 if you can not afford yet
haste more of it!

The other little details others may evaluate user here at whim and desire.

Antwort von rainermann:

Phew, I'm glad that I switched to a Mac and not worry about the more technical things must be ridiculous. 15years windows are enough for me. The one buys and starts to work and needs to see at no more worrying about it, as well as how stable and fits together ... I cut way, in full HD (; PMW-EX1) on my 2 years old white MacBook, 2GB Ram and Final Cut.

Antwort von cosar:

Many thanks schonmal for useful information.

Bruno @ Peter:
So price should I look again because of the processor.
Regarding the 64-bit version:
Has it not be more problems with various software objects that are only 32-bit?? Would it perhaps appropriate to the Ultimate version of Vista with upgrade to Windows7 take?

@ rainer mann: That would certainly be synonymous with a Mac ne idea, but I would rather stay with Windows, thanks.

Antwort von rainermann:

There you go, gern geschehen ;-)
I was only thinking - questions like the above (; 64bit which WinFassung, problems ...) would therefore lapse ;-) My tip: A MacMini or the smallest image - both at the 1000, -. An editing program for Basic (; imovie) and (to use program to DVD, iDVD, burn) and are already included in the price ;-) Buy, unpack, get started, no tinkering ;-)
Decide for yourself ..

Antwort von tommyb:

It's like a Scientology event here ...

@ Cosar
You should not make you any idea about your system in RAID (; and is let it run a software RAID) for sale.

I for one would obstruct a total of five hard disks. Two smaller for the system and projects. As a RAID 1 (; mirrored). Two great material for (; also RAID 1) and one Füs medium to small temporary files or render files, etc.

Thus you would have the advantage that when rendering the hard disks are not already s.Limit times as fast, because of data to be read and stored on a disk other. This is faster than, say, the simultaneous reading and writing with a plate. Furthermore, the system would be protected from sudden-death hard disks (and, except to the Render panel, but the point is not so important in security).

Alternatively, is synonymous RAID 5, but then there's the "worst case", the death of the RAID controller (; or the entire motherboard), which would make the recovery of data much more complex (; in Comparison to RAID 1).

Antwort von Bespi:

"rainer mann" wrote:
I cut way, in full HD (; PMW-EX1) on my 2 years old white MacBook, 2GB Ram and Final Cut.

But then you have to be a man with a lot of patience, perseverance and a low pain sensitivity.

I'm lying next to my 64-bit Windows 7 Calculator synonymous still the same Mac Book and would not even use this for editing of photos, due to the lack of performance.

The Final Cut is basically a nice program, but I do not quarrel off!

LG Bespi.

Antwort von cosar:

@ TommyB:
Thank you very much, because I have already read something about RAID, but that's the purchase of restoring a lot more expensive?
But it would not work without RAID synonymous "relatively smoothly"?

@ rainer mann:
Thanks again, I'll stay with Vista


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Sure you can raid without work, I'm doing synonymous.

A "snag", the editing with the transcoded AVI's HQ in Edius Neo, for example. The CanopusHQ codec consumes much more space than native HD material in the case of HDV as four times more. Five tracks will make already 500 megabits - about 12 megabytes per second. With each additional lane will be added a further 12 megabits per second, even modern hard drive to come here out of step. Remedy has created (in this case, an expensive RAID array, RAID-0).

Antwort von wolfgang:

Well, RAID is expensive, but I enjoy the Raid 5 composite total for me (- for various reasons, such as synonymous to the enormous space). Synonymous but if you work without RAID, you should change the context of providing icybox-for SATA disks, and without gekappselte housing. Costs 20 euros and expand your system is ideal.

The rest of the hardware is unfortunately not completely independent of the used editing programs. Are you taking about the PowerDirector or CS4 using the CUDA, you need some graphics cards - you are taking about Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum or Vegas Pro 9 is a 64 bit system and a fast processor is good. I would at all today, only on 64 bit or Vista, then go to Windows 7.

8 GB of RAM rather - there are 4 today so little.

Midi-tower chassis is no more but a great, wenns goes.

Antwort von cosar:

@ wolfgang:
Deienen Thanks for the tip with removable frame, which make sense to me synonymous.
Regarding RAID, I would rather do without it.
With regard to hardware components: (and if I understand correctly)
If I get a graphics card with support for CUDA'll take a 64-bit OS and 8 GB of RAM then I would have a pretty good starting point?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"rainer mann" wrote:
Buy, unpack, get started, no tinkering ;-)

I have EXACTLY the right ... anmachen unpack working ..... LOL

Then yes synonymous clear how well your PC for 15 years running, is not it,-p

.................................................. .........................

Time among us be if the new PC is ready ddann indeed times where something similar can look of MAC is offered and if what will cost!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::

Change frame plus raid is never wrong!
Yes 8GB RAM are not wrong.
64bit windows 7

Perhaps 2 power supply and 2 case fans can be synonymous never hurts.

And if there really more to be taken out then a multi-board notices to the very extreme power ;-)

2 Grakas with GPU are not synonymous wrong - but must nich.
Rather what is for 3D applications.

Emergency power pack then this one is synonymous with storm or power outage pretty well.

B. DeKid

Antwort von cosar:

Thanks great advice:

So the operating system and memory I will Nehem on jedenfall.

Regarding deienes with reference to the multi-CPU I'll never make more,
but perhaps a faster processor, let's see.
As fast as the hardware ever developed, I can always
invest even in the distant future.
Why 2 power supplies? 2 fan is OK --- for my ideas and more cooling.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

So I have 2 computers in the last few years, each 2 power supplies

Then plug in these PCs synonymous different PCI cards

As I let the cards go through the extra power supply.

And since the Pentium 2, I'm just fan of multi-processor boards. Although more expensive to buy but what with my utilities have until now it was always very horny.

(; Ok so today I'm servers are down and feed this through simple "workstations")

B. DeKid

Antwort von cosar:

Ok this is not the case with me so I therefore submit to a power supply even in the interim from perfect.


Antwort von tommyb:

Regarding RAID:
A RAID can save you a lot of anger, of course, but it is associated with additional costs.

Suppose you have the system now for three years, almost every day at work and now you get a major project by the customer. 10 days you shall work on it. On 9s day you tune your system, it boots up good. You want to open your project, says the editing program: "File d: was xyz.m2t \; material \; not found."

You wonder.

What happened? You have 1 terabyte hard drive has gone so big just overnight, flutes, and so do all the work you made you. The data you do not come synonymous ran so quickly, because the controller is the plate erstmal dead, can only bring back data recovery services. However, the immense costs a lot of money and possibly the data is not synonymous rescued to 100%.

Your customer is at the door and says he needs all but until tomorrow. Then, the fair is where he wanted to run the movies.

And now?

You tell him that the hard drive is dead shit, shit Manufacturer, then builds a waste. Bla bla. The customer: "That does not help me next, I thought they were a pro." That is the last order was.

With a RAID You take care of a very important thing in your system: Security (, or) speed.

Think you are good. Personally, I have lost my data the last time in 2002 with a Festplattentod. Since that never happened to me again.

If you want to earn any money with the system, then it is completely your choice whether you views of the data loss just as "s.Arsch" passes by;)

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