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Bewertung Schnitt-PC bis 3.500€

Review cut-PC up to 3,500 ¬

Frage von ahooge:
August 2010

Hello Forum,

I know that you very often confronted with these issues will, but individual PC systems are numal ... individually. Therefore, synonymous, I would like to read even a few opinions on my planned Calculator.

It is a calculator to about 3500 ¬ for DV editing (Mercury engine), 3D processing and a bit graphic. Game performance should (secondary) to be there, but rather from the interest in me time to try s.einem Machinima.

I still need about two months to have together, but I wanted to employ an early stage to later in the rush to make any false purchase and until then may find one or the other component as a bargain for the entire Money ;-)

After a few days tinkering I now have the following configuration together
(Ex-Prices of various shops):

CPU: Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 980X ( ¬ 929.0)
Mainboard: GigaByte GA-EX58-UD3R ( ¬ 197.9)
Memory: Corsair XMS3 PC3-12800U KIT 12GB DDR3-1600 CL9 ( ¬ 275.9)
graphics card: Palit XpertVision Nvidia GTX 480 ( ¬ 399.9)
Case: Cooler Master Centurion 5 II (54.9 ¬)
Power supply: be quiet Dark Power Pro 1000W ATX P8 2.3 ( ¬ 194.9)
SSD: OCZ SSD 120GB SATA II Vertex OCZSSD2-1VTX120G ( ¬ 239.9)
HDD: WD Caviar Black 7200rpm 64MB SATAII WD2001FASS 2000GB (2 x ¬ 149.75 = ¬ 299.5)
Sound: Creative SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series 7.1 PCIe ( ¬ 156.9)
BR-burner: LG BH10LS30 Blu-Ray SATA (116.9 ¬)
Boxing: Logitech X-540 5.1 System (72.9 ¬)

Monitor: NEC MultiSync EA231WMi (320 ¬)
Miscellaneous: Contour Design Shuttle Pro V2 (99.9 ¬)

Total: ¬ 3358.5

I must say that I am not a professional, hobbyist special, but easy to lose the desire, if something is slow, jerky, etc. permanently I already have experience in the assembly of individual Calculator, my knowledge is not quite up to date. Therefore, please do not complain when something is selected totally stupid wrong above ;-)

I am talking mainly about just that no gross errors in it, such as "the memory is totally false", "available for the price it much better hard disks" or "you should definitely take advantage of a RAID System" (See my Knowledge is not the case - hence two panels: one source, one target files).

Many, many thanks in advance (if only for reading the long text ;-)

Antwort von Alf_300:

Sound You can omit
as a writer I would take the Plextor.
With 2GB plate gives sometimes synonymous with Win7 problems
So two more 1TB Samsung or Hitachi

Antwort von ahooge:

Hi Alf,

first thanks for the reply.

Sound omit? The internal sound card should be enough then?
Plextor burner? Ok, I google times the differences.

The plates ... hmm. I have 2 x 2TB in the list. 2 x 1 is of course much less. I have to say about it (hence the strong synonymous Calculator) that I want to cut videos in FullHD 50p (Did Pana SD707). This of course makes the files larger synonymous.
But I will still search again for experience with the plates and Win7.


Antwort von Alf_300:

for info

Have you recommended that because the LS10/LS20/LS30 did not work for me properly read as BD50

Otherwise, 2x 1TB Striped (Raid0) since you are with the Pana707 good about it.

Antwort von rush:

The system would be me, although at least 2000 ¬ too expensive but if you have the charcoal then you just get it ... * Lol *

I mean it, that you just "hobbyist" are, after all you seem a generous budget for your hobby to have.

And whether it's 980X Extreme i7-be .... well I do not know - seems to me rather something for purists:) There should be a strong synonymous hinlangen i7 4-Kerner ...

The burner ... I have the LG BH10LS30 .... no problems burning, but so far only synonymous 25GB BD-R discs of Sony.

Antwort von ahooge:


ok, the Internet is the experience with the Plextor consistently better than with the LG. Also changed are :-) just another 100 ¬ * more * hmpf

I now have no money in abundance or so. Admittedly, I fall easily into the * will * have-mentality in such matters. With the camcorder I have long swung between synonymous Pana SD 707 and Canon EOS 5d. There was the Pana but * then ultimately a rational decision proud *

In the 50p material, I got really read many times that has a good Quad, the lower limit, ie minimum is. And if I now synonymous ¬ 400 less in the CPU invest, I get annoyed to death if my funkelnigelnagelneuer Calculator at some software has the same problems. Satisfaction me the money is worth. For that I will spare you synonymous.


Antwort von schibbe:

your system is good and running, but I think we had some time ago a thread where someone presented a PC for under 1000 ¬, the videos should be sufficient to completely edit your pana. So I would still rather save ¬ 2000 and in camera technology, etc. invest ..

Antwort von ahooge:

Hmm, now I'm obviously already quite uncertain whether I was spending too much money.

So the "under 100" calculator from the other thread I had already looked at. So something more I would do that already. SSD for system and software as me is already important.
In the thread I've just met but only to the Matrox MXO 2 Mini. Of course, is synonymous interesting, but if I as a "hobbyist" would use an HDMI output as a preview ...
It is just a hobby. I want to make sure is that I can work fast.

Edited because someone here 50p video? Not only cut, special synonymous with various n bit effects? Would be interested to know how the AMD quad-core HexCore or general strike since ...


Antwort von Alf_300:

relating to 2TB hard drive:
Since a patch (KB977178) for win7

Antwort von ahooge:


ah, great thanks. Then the worry is Schonmal away :-)
If the CPU / motherboard and wonder whether the graphics card the right (price / performance)
Here http://www.tomshardware.de/charts/desktop-cpu-charts-2010/ video editing Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, 2428.html
there are a few benchmarks s.Beispiel Adobe Premiere CS5. An example rendering took 3min and 5min with I7 980X with the largest AMD HexCore.
On the same Page, there is a synonymous After FX benchmark. Here, the CPUs differ by only a few seconds. Hmm .. Difficult, difficult. Good that I started so early with the choice ;-)


Antwort von Alf_300:

Motherboard must remain
synonymous with the CPU is under I7 @ 940th
When the graphics cards is still synonymous change was also Nvidia s.GT285

Antwort von ahooge:

Hmm, I do not know. I think I must find someone who can deliver the experience with the 50p DV editing with its particular computer configuration. It is to be disappointed me too much money for later. As I yet could not find a practice reports, I decided yes for the fastest available (Consumer) CPU and GPU.

With the GTX 480 I know what it brings -> http://www.cheatzona.com/gtx-480-performance-in-adobe-premeire-pro-cs5.html


Antwort von Alf_300:

Treasures that you will get problems with experiences in this configuration
From my perspective, the only Good but not Namely synonymous New.

Antwort von ahooge:


yes, that's true of course. I would be synonymous but experience with other configurations right. Now, if someone says he 50p material with the Phenom i7 930'm X6 or cuts and thus has no problems and running smoothly, then I it.
Or if someone with nerve GTX 285 makes similar positive experiences, such as the bin from the video with a 480, I synonymous here.

Maybe someone says, but synonymous, that he bought NEN 930s I7 and so angry at DV editing has.

We'll see. Some of this forum have so synonymous ne SD7xx of Panasonic.


Antwort von Corpse:


I already have material cut from Ner JCV GY HD 251 in 50p with NEM Core2Quad 6600 and Ner GForce 9800 GTX +!

Absolutely no problem.

I think you give the money from s.der wrong place. does a "normal" i7 with good price / performance ratio it all.

If you want to block an SSD you get around to Intel just does not. They are simply the best, as you should definitely investigate good, very sensitive issue.

Mainboard I would buy in any case of Asus. Of Kingston RAM.
Sound card can save you.

If you really want performance, I would suggest you one of two Media Storage Black WD in Raid 0 and a WD Black for the output.

Of course, backup disks (External). Lacie is because the keyword.

Alerts when the graphics power of Nvidia Quadros.


Antwort von Moritzk:

Watch the times "Dell XPS Studio 7100" to. If you wish for something then you'll also tune with about 1500 ¬ here. I'll grow me this Pc synonymous end of September.
I need these Pc synonymous for AVCHD DV editing.


Antwort von tommyb:

Short time thrown into the room:

- Make sure the memory rather lower latencies (eg, 7-7-7 20), the net number of cycles bring not very much

- From the processor - if the 980s monster is not super-duper important to think maybe once synonymous s.die i7 8xx models. The core i7 860 is a tick faster than a 920/930, but has less power consumption with 95W TDP and must be cooled less synonymous (ie quieter system).

The 1156 boards are then synonymous cheaper than 1366 (for core i7 9xx), only one must use to get the memory to 12GB on precisely Module with 2x2 and 2x4 GB.

Antwort von ahooge:


oh, come now, but many tips. Many many thanks. Ok. Tomorrow I shall again screw something s.der configuration. See one that the system may be a bit oversized, s.einigen bodies.
I take time together the tips for tomorrow.

"Smaller" I7 in the field 860 or the lower 90s. If necessary. synonymous Phenom X6.

Board of Asus (Why?) Only had an eye on the P6T, but which has no USB3 and no Sata 6 (Ok, I know, but let's see what the future brings)

Intel SSD better search, and

Memory of Kingston (had actually heard of OCZ synonymous much positive)

Raid 0 for the input panels

Hmm. NVidia Quadro ... Why are the eingetlich faster? If for example, less CUDA cores and most of the memory bus width less. In any case, the FX3800. Or you should because the really big expensive (= take)? 've Unfortunately never read anything about the gaming performance of Quadros (because of Machinima)

Because of the Dell Studio ... From Dell I'm now abandoned. If I want to upgrade to 4GB of Studio 12 GB Ram, it costs ¬ 450. Madness!

Memory rather take 7-7-7

In the motherboard I'm still undecided. If I stay at the base in 1366, I can theoretically upgrade later. However, I have often thought and never did :-)

Tomorrow I'm going through all the times.
Thanks again
best regards

Antwort von Alf_300:

Vielleicjt found until morning, is one of the opinion that one of HD-cutting may not be oversized enough ;-)
Sure is CUDA or switching to 64bit Grundlos

Antwort von Corpse:

"Ahooge" wrote:

Board of Asus (Why?)

Memory of Kingston (had actually heard of OCZ synonymous much positive)

Hmm. NVidia Quadro ... Why are the eingetlich faster? If for example, less CUDA cores and most of the memory bus width less. In any case, the FX3800. Or you should because the really big expensive (= take)? 've Unfortunately never read anything about the gaming performance of Quadros (because of Machinima)

So I personally only block of Asus motherboards, which have made with the best experience. Also I use for media production computer only Intel CPU's and Nvidia GraKas. The same goes for the RAM, have already installed a lot and just made the best experience with Kingston.

The Quadros are simply designed for the media and optimize production. I do not think the man with which to gamble synonymous.
Whether you synonymous a consumer graphics card is sufficient for you to decide, that crops up on it s.was you want to do.

Will you just cut n bit HDV, tuts a synonymous Calculator for 800 ¬. But do not stress your system that you will now also tune eh not be optimal. This, then is that you build, it is! ;-)

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