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Frage von inferno_o:
Oktober 2010

Hi folks,

you have an idea of how to send large files on the net free s.einen receiver?
Just put in the post production and is currently an employee s.anderen end of the world.
The clip is almost 1GB in size.
Things like Rapidshare etc. are at that size no longer free.
Is something perhaps synonymous with a ftp connection?
I like this unfortunately very little idea, but I think that is synonymous to see other post production and back again confronted with this problem ... Maybe you know even a solution!

Best regards

Antwort von inferno_o:

Oh yes, I tried dropbox. Unfortunately, the program would need to date 23 hours (!) To upload the file and determines the exact same time in order to load them back down. They seem to have cut back the program.

Antwort von nico:

How about if you split the clip into multiple files so that they fit separately in the "free grid"?

Antwort von crassmike:

The complicated version: If it's file size limits is to compress the file in a split ZIP / RAR archive and then upload the parts separately. The other has all the parts then download and unzip. It also has the advantage that with a broken or defective download of complete front must begin.

Of course, a direct connection is via ftp as possible - but it needs to run software to establish the Internet connection.

I have, for example, the Opera browser - Supports the System under the symbol "Opera Unite" a few nice file sharing and streaming possibilities.

But remember that 1GB of a normal internet stream will take a very long time .. The 23 hours seem even realistic ...


Antwort von weitwinkel:

if you're in the postpro,
What do you do that already to be more than just a hobby ...
then offers to its own domain once synonymous with several GB upload space to ...
So in total I've often times more than 1 gb per project
uploaded to the server of my domain.

Antwort von Kevinovicz:

I think synonymous, that the duration of the upload a 1GB file is not reduced by drop box or a similar solution, but rather by the upstream bandwidth of your Internet connection.
What have you got there?
If that's the bottleneck is, are synonymous, the solutions using FTP, your own server space, etc. not better because you have to first upload the file so anyway.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Film packed in ISO ne

Create folders inside ISo

Winrar archive storage only of the folder with 10 Recovery Setting

The copy folder in Winrar

Split Files folder via Winrar to 50 MB (15 MB) create (again storage mode as Kompremierung)

Nun of the split files with a QuickPar Recoveryset to 10% better (15%)

Yenc then start pulling out all files as pure and upload to any NEN Usenet Server

Receiver will then GrabIt and loads of down the server, the fragmented files and files QuickPar

Checks whether the files are ok with QuickPar and they can unzip with WinRar


Winrar www.rarlab.com/

QuickPar www.quickpar.org.uk/

Yenc Power Poster www.yenc.org/

GarbIt www.shemes.com/ (Usenet Downloader - the best of it is free)

Just4Today www.just4today.net/ (Free access to Usnet to 24 hours must be limited in the down and upload throttled every 24 hours to be renewed)

Binsearch www.binsearch.info/ (search page for the purpose of the Usenet Nesgroup Index)


2-3 Tips

Empty Grupen seek always with "alt.binaries." start

write text file with short description of the upload and rename in 'meinProjekt.nfo "write in there that it is out private Post

Descriptive name given the packed file - for later on listing as binsearch

Winrar Archive encrypt this purely write *. synonymous in the nfo is yes because NEN private mail


So that's really it - works without problems, is very safe, there are many years the Usenet, runs all through the port so 119ener email port.

Whether you because 10 MB or 10 GB upload interested first no one really .... only possible, please do not spam the correct active groups are not really funny.
And please keep s.die basic rules, that is *. nfo to use Winrar split files and QuickPar Files grab it.


There are many studios that use the Usenet in order to exchange files with each other.

B. DeKid

PS: Since Just4Today allows only temporary search of 10 days and only a handful (NEN few hundred groups) lists, with extensive use of Usenet, please create in any NEM NEN Usenet providers account for NEN few dollars a month, THANK YOU.

Antwort von gunman:


A suggestion, but I do not know exactly whether it's because I have not tried it yet stands, but in the program help, and that it is indeed:

the program team viewer (free for personal use) allows a connection with a foreign Pc and there are certainly other such Programs and you can transfer files angeblicih synonymous over this connection from your PC to those of the "colleagues".

Have not tried it yet, but it would actually work in the program help.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes that's is then a kind of ne P2P (Peer 2 Peer) connection

ICQ for example, can something synonymous (but please use as Trillian or the very old ICQ ;-))

You should still be synonymous only ship in Split Files and Recovery Files with such large files

Some firewalls or even some providers complain but happy with such connections and high transfer rates.

As I said the IRC and Usenet existed for years and is almost certainly synonymous and especially clean. The boom is thank God synonymous flamed again rise to the "any to profelierenden Zeitschrieften" in past films let respect expel Cracked Games and Progis about Usenet, which was rather annoying because it was spammed in one group and many do not see the "rules" were.

For example, what led to the USENET.com was closed down over 7 years where I displayed what possessed me Perso. really annoyed.

Therefore, once again the request to use the Usenet conscientiously - Thank you.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Jott:

www.mydrive.ch, reputable, no ads, up to 2GB for free.

Antwort von Alf_300:

if one is not familiar is bad, or I should say the mini FTP Serrver up, on the other side because one has WS_FTP Transfer Manager, IP and transmitted in 3 hours, the case settled

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