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Hauptsache gutes LowLight

The main thing good LowLight

Frage von FrankWö:
Januar 2011

After I've read a few days in the forum but now I have to have time to get rid of my question, I am totally confused now.

Have until recently used a Panasonic NV-GS140.
Since this is now the blessed time, I was determined to rise in the HD world.
I've borrowed for the purpose of two devices in the neighborhood that fit into my price range. So the camcorder (JVC GZ-HM200 and Panasonic HDC-SD20) both in the hand un dzu probegefilmt home. Then ssden HD-ready TV and I was scared what delivered the cucumbers for low light quality. I found my old recordings so the better.

As I film but very, very much (children at play, kindergarten, school plays) in poor lighting, I need some money for a behavior best possible low light.

In the comparison list here slashCAM I have in my price range (Cam can be bought used synonymous quiet)
good to excellent low light at 12 lux and searched for and deleted after cams. remained in the list
Canon HV20 / 30 / 40

Canon's only been tested with satisfactory, although I find the test pattern very well. Because I overlook something?

Can someone tell me what the practice of the camcorders? Especially in terms of low light?

Or do you still have ne other ideas? Possibly do it again for dying technique and no HD?
I do not really everything no preference. The main thing LowLight good!

Thank you for tips and suggestions,

sorry that I have so far been collected and written so much,



Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

Even a video DSLR considered? Larger chip-> light sensitivity.
Synonymous but different handling.

Antwort von wolfgang:

I do not know if you'll be happy with these devices. If you lowlight so important, I would consider myself more the 700 series of Panasonic (707er, 750er in 2D mode). Is probably synonymous expensive.

Antwort von glider_pilot:

Or maybe a used SonyVX2100? Which is of course synonymous pretty fast and if you do not arrive too much on the HD ability ...

Antwort von nicecam:


And quite what is said on the fly: The lowlight has to be resolved as much as possible. The cameras, which come to you in question, the only somewhat.

You should urgently make thoughts to schedule at least one head light for the camera. On this subject, please look here on the forum.

Here, the worst head light is better than none. Good head light is new not cheap.
But basically you can not do without it. It helps but only in the vicinity. Let's say a flat rate of 2-3 meters.

I myself have the HV-20. But is too dark if, then has to have the head light.

Look in the Camcorders-Datenbank. Da kannst du nach allen Gesichtspunktern gewichten. Ach so, ich sehe grad, du hast die wohl selber gefunden.

Vergleichspictures are unfortunately synonymous always a bit subjective.

The old DV cameras are to be part of the light have been stronger. But you're determined to go into the world of HD. DV cameras are here slashCAM no longer involved at the score with.

Comparison lists are synonymous to VIVEOAKTIV-DIGITALthe best list . There are still synonymous SD camcorder. You should opt for HD.

And Hupp, since others were faster.

Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

I may perhaps by the low light performance of the 5D MK2 ussehr be spoiled, but if the 707 will satisfy him here? Have the synonymous, no matter the price for not a bad camera, low light but I find it poor.

Antwort von rush:


I think the SonyXR500 is quite reasonable as far as it s.Camcordern the low-light performance in the class.

For a DSLR then go with the appropriately bright lenses synonymous very quickly into the Money and whether this is worthwhile is another question ...

And if I make a Kitoptik use with f / 4 or a halfway lichstarken camcorder not necessarily the huge difference. Especially since he has s.Camcorders easier handling and the advantage of AF ... And it is a zoom rocker synonymous ...

If he turns a performance of his children, a permanently fixed setting but annoying ... There is some flexibility often required more than "Filmbokeh":) Oh yeah .. and the image stabilization is synonymous built the same:)

Nevertheless, of course, a DSLR with lichstarker Optics better in low light as one of the sensors in the mini-camcorder ...

Antwort von Axel:

The low light capabilities of the HD camcorders are not worth talking about, synonymous if there are differences. So far Sonybei comparable values always one step ahead marginal (maybe just better noise suppression) had. It is, as Hans writes Mole: A DSLR is potentially (though not synonymous of the intensity of Optics dependent) to beat in terms of light intensity by anything. Disadvantages: hand-held camera is recommended at all, images are limited to 29 minutes, but should be limited to a few minutes s.Stück voluntarily become hot because a chip has several disadvantages, of which a shorter lifetime is the s.wenigsten acute. Theater? Only if it's short ...

How about with a used Digi-Beta ? Go out for probably less than 1000 ¬. Here we have to do it synonymous with extreme intensity. The quality of the art ridiculous resale value declared by a series of disadvantages that each of brooding self. (BTW: The Optics can indeed adapt to such EX3, but there produced some very crass CA, is not worth it).

My suggestion:
Today, there are not only bright recording devices, but the synonymous matching power-saving lamps. A normal HD camcorder, the man with a small area with energy-saving light bulbs a little help there is, synonymous record without gain noise, and a light, almost no heat evolving lamp housing does not bother (yet cool, in a double sense: LED screens with battery power, but the better are still quite expensive).

An amateur mistake is a picture that something is dark, to strengthen so that we all recognize the camcorder's display. The purest noise poison!

This skin tones are located as a reference for a well-exposed video on winter Caucasians with over 75% in the heights, but were better received with only 50%, that is underexposed. To explain it in detail would be a long story, but I suggest that the test: comparisons with a low light recording auto-gain with it, manual slightly underexposed, you brighten up the post ...

Antwort von pilskopf:

If real is just to low light, you buy anstinken ne DSLR, there with a bright wide-angle focal, no camcorder. Not even to some extent. But I do not talk of a 50mm with crop, this is not serious to film with the focal one. Sofo is expected at a Canon no affordable high-intensity focal 40mm on the KB gives them hands off.

And it is really fun with a light monster turn, a very good experience is not the time to be angry over the little light. I never want to miss this opportunity I have now. The reason is simply stop, one can suddenly photographed many more objects, one is not really and absolutely dependent on artificial light.

Antwort von nicecam:

Hab grad again be the headline act for me ... :-)

Nee Axel'm not a commentator jokes ;-)

Antwort von handiro:

Light now ....

Antwort von FrankWö:

first thank you for your lively responses.
I think I need to row a little time with my title back;)
The main thing good lowlight, but not at any price;)

Any price 1: The 700 series of Pansonic I've considered synonymous, but they are in my view of the fact that you still need some s.accessories, used synonymous still too expensive.

Any price 2: The Digi-Beta solution fails, as this solution on trips no longer fits in with the photo backpack.


1. I'll probably look around her for a little light for my new camcorder. Now I know right now not at all out of my head if my shoe so far have selected one Accessory ...

2. The solution s.meisten interested me just because I really more than photography movies. Have a Pentax K100D and Lenses diverse. Until now I did this equipment served long, but When I think about it, two functions in one unit are synonymous not so stupid.
Only I'm on my DSLR with video and not informed at all.

Quote: "Especially since he has s.Camcorders easier handling and the advantage of AF ... And it is a zoom rocker synonymous ..."

What does that mean? AF and zoom is not a DSLR with the shoot?
I said as a few Lenses for Pentax. If you read something about DSRL video you can hear mostly Canon and Nikon. Gibts synonymous Pentax ne good?



Antwort von pilskopf:

You should buy at your hobby a film end DSLR and nothing else, everything else is not even enter your application.

And now you see above Depends Fanboy're a brand and want to stay there or you are open for the best possible combo unjhd are willing to exchange your existing Lenses at all. That you need to know is it worth to you.

So I am currently using the GH2 with a 25mm Voigtlander Nokton f0, 95 on it and I can tell you, my dear Scholli, a low light problem I can not even identify by candlelight. : D

Antwort von nicecam:

"FrankWö" wrote:
1. I'll probably look around her for a little light for my new camcorder. Now I know right now not at all out of my head if my shoe so far have selected one Accessory ...

That is in itself a good approach.

It may possibly be a problem with the accessory shoe. Degree of cameras of the new generation. Although they have probably all have, but some will only fit accessories (micro, head light) from the same manufacturer on it. If you want to take other accessories that can indeed be better to, you have to adapt again, if necessary, causing additional costs.

So be careful with the purchase. However, if the accessory shoe of this shortcoming has, then that alone is of course not an exclusion criterion.

Antwort von pilskopf:

The problem is, however, the light only what you bring in people that are in front of you and then complain that they shine on you. The application area is so small and beyond the reach of Good and Evil. Then the swallows Batteries. What if you stand in a church and want to film the roof? What is with landscape? I recommend no head light. That's what reporters.

Antwort von nicecam:

"Pils head" wrote:
You should buy at your hobby a film end DSLR and nothing else, everything else is not even enter your application.

Do you focus on it here - and only the LowLight situation:

"FrankWö" wrote:
As I film but very, very much (children at play, kindergarten, school plays) in poor lighting, I need some money for a behavior best possible low light.

DSLR's are for me for the first nor Bohemian villages, but after what I hear, but more suitable for scenic shooting.

Children at play and staged?


"FrankWö" wrote:
... For trips ... in the photo backpack

Antwort von pilskopf:

Why it is so can not rotate the scenic? I beg you, I might have any experience with a 50 in 1.8 and made of precious Crop 1.6, which makes no sense synonymous yes, it is clear the uncertainty region as small and bescheurt of view so that only makes sense for certain scenes. Take the example of school performance, how far the filmmakers will be? 20cm or 5m? Why this is a DSLR with Powerful Optics insufficient please? Since everything is mapped sharp. You have to just start the correct focal length to use and keep a safe distance. Even with Aperture F0.95 I have with me all paarm s.ein sharp, if there ne group dances in front of me does it make anything. Consider children at play, I take s.Tagsüber because I take some with some Focal Aperture, everything is sharp. That's now really no secret. A DSLR is of course an appropriate choice of Lenses up for anything. At the same time she takes pictures.

And on excursions in the photo backpack. Yes fit out there strictly a film end with Cam? If he would always prefer to photograph, but I recommend the same ne film box end and no Cam do not ausrechend times in low light is and you have to spend money again. That makes no sense. With the new cams are still some very well in low light, so it's not synonymous.

Antwort von FrankWö:

ok, now I'm hot on ne new DSLR;)

@ John, but reads as an entirely accurate. After you think the current state of the DSLR video technology is nothing for my use.
Why? No zoom, no autofocus? Or why?

I'm there, as I said, still read not at all pure. How do I have to shoot me to imagine with nerve reflex? Lens on it, a camera to provide sharp, high-level and up? And set s.da nothing new or what?
And what it was earlier because of warm and so smart? At Ner school play the clip can sometimes take 10 minutes ...



Antwort von toxitobi:

Focusing? ... Well better the whole time to readjust the focus when the object is to be sharp changes the distance to camera. You are you having a live view of course and see what you're photographing.

Problems of the poor are VDSLRs Resolutionvon small bodies as it comes to podium form or artifacts because the sensor has to pay high MP, and can not read the camera, each pixel but that misses.

Greeting Toxitobi

Antwort von rush:

Contrary to the whole video DSLR-hype ...

For the recording of an event with a single camera I would not use a DSLR ... The depth of field is often too low and probably only the children are in the front row ready to buy may sharp ...

And ... There is no zoom button - so it is set in fast prime lenses on a Focal. How boring is that? Sure there's the Fußzoom ... but is not synonymous in every situation and s.einer photo optics to make a smooth zooming is synonymous not very elegant.

I just think that is the DSLR-hype of many currently viewed simply as extremely "cool" ... but there are certain limitations that you should be aware of and which, above all, a call or switch over quickly.

Antwort von nicecam:

That here, now over 20 pages dispute degenerates: not "versus DSLR camcorder" :-)

As I said pils head, with DSLR I have myself not yet explained consistently.

I mean only for Allerweltsfilmerei is good in my opinion still the camcorder.

But the rest of you here in the thread are competent to advise the Frank.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

By Pentax Although there are already video cams can but the quality is not as good.


You can either buy a GH2 (for Still Image quality but not so hot or with your Pentax is not to compare)

You can buy the 550D of Canon.

Everything else is priced NEN bissel expensive.

Whether a pure camcorder makes sense in the end you must decide for themselves - in fact I think makes the point.

VDSLR is nice but if you'll be happy with it, no idea.

However, it is synonymous with a film VDSLR children play with.

B. DeKid

Antwort von nicecam:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
... Filming children at play.

Whether or camcorder with VDSLR main thing folding screen - if you klappst, then it'll work. - :-))
because, then goes off the post - and then to see your there :

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