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Wireless Monitor - ein Wunderding?

Wireless Monitor - a marvelous thing?

Frage von zelot:

dear friends

I have a Canon D5 Mark II / HD and 2K came across this offer. wireless 7 "monitor for dslr cams for ® 200:

I was surprised and did some research, here are the links:


I'm still not sure if all is true? has anyone heard of it? maybe even use?

general I am interested to buy a wireless monitor system for my canon 5d. in 2 months I will be director "play" with a documentary and not the camera man would have to look over their shoulder.
has anyone experiences and tips of where to help me?
Thank you.

Antwort von frm:

That sounds hard hammer.
'd Stick synonymous interested if this really is so.


Antwort von ruessel:

monitor resolution is 480 × 234th

Yawn .......

Antwort von thsbln:

"Trunk" wrote:
monitor resolution is 480 × 234th

Yawn .......


is to halt what the directors in between speeches without recognizing what, a cameraman and Fokuspuller not know what to nix.

Antwort von zelot:

s.ruessel. thanks for the note because of the resolution. is clear is not hd, but as monitor but should this last? and we can not spend ¬ 5000, so apparently synonymous interest s.dieser cheap solution.

You have already worked with wireless monitor? If so, I would be glad to know which system and how the experiences were so.

Antwort von ruessel:

But as monitor if that was enough?

What you doing in this Mickey Mouse Resolution Check? Even just the picture is perhaps underscan not really possible .... I'm at such a price extremely skeptical. So, now and not wonder .....

Antwort von zelot:

s.thsbln and ruessel

what would you recommend for a wireless monitor system for the canon d5? this is more than a part of the directors want three just talk without seeing anything more than yawn and synonymous?

Antwort von ruessel:

It must necessarily be wireless then? 10 Meter HDMI is on normal flat and well .....

Antwort von tommyb:

A Regiesseur to do with 480x234 not happy, even when wireless is.
(Exception: The Picture is running on the iPhone, it's horny again)

Antwort von majaprinz:

With an HDMI splitter and some cable it would be s.günstigsten. HDMI wireless systems bring synonymous rarely more than 10-15m. Plus, you still have the problem with the switch between 480p and 1080p - you had to first try out, such as radio systems react on it, and how quickly.

Antwort von zelot:

@ Ruessel
Thanks for the tip and the attractive photo. I think the documentary is of convenient wireless, so I'm looking for it.
@ Tommyb
thanks, I see is 480x234 not be assessed for acuity, but visual board control in the documentary is certainly possible recording. what do you mean with iphone there is a possibility to send wireless to the iPhone. probably not? to this too: http://www.ononesoftware.com/blog/2009/05/15/iphone-app-from-onone/

Antwort von WoWu:

Check it out at e-Bay.com.
Since wireless systems are in there in the 2.4GHz range for $ 35, which dissolve at least PAL, bzw.NTSC. At the tiny receiver output is then your some one monitor, which you get for a few EUR now everywhere. If quality is to be a little better, you just invested some EUR more. this can not be that hard in 1080p50 and HDMI is due to the bandwidth per cable not just once synonymous Sun Unless you use light guide.
We must always look at the bandwidth that we transported.
Good picture always means high frequency and that is always susceptibility, or expense.
1080p 25/50 by radio is anything anyway, because the bandwidth in the channels not available.
Since then only spark gaps are in question, in which channels are bundled. (Expensive)
So, $ 35 transmitter and an LCD of your choice. This leaves one far below the almost 300 $ and probably still has the better picture when I see the Bonsai resolution.

Antwort von tommyb:

@ Zealot
From personal experience I can tell you that people call in director chairs 480x234 as "eye cancer" or "mice cinema."

Then again, they are of devices from Apple so excited that the 480x234 directly on an Apple device, which would be different.

That was only Apple-bashing on my part ...

The radio thing is at the most notorious for "cable ripping" or "monitor-on-the-ground-Schmeisser-because-someone-was with-the-foot hanging in the cable-" people.

I personally have no problem at all synonymous with only "image section control," but now times Regiesseure are not technicians.

Antwort von thsbln:

I have no experience mt radio links, sorry, even I do everything myself and just a SmallHD.

I wonder though, how you in a documentary situation by means of a control monitor nor profitable to act on the images of the camera's like - it might not be easier to allow it time and cost to a small amount together "to practice sign language" and then by short gestures the cameraman to point to things, just as it vl not considered so important? Ideally, of course, a camera man filming the so-how would it synonymous - or of which we know, he does it differently than I do, but better.

You are surely on the set so close together in space that you share basically the same relative perspective, right? If this were so, I do not see the advantage of a very intermediary monitor - and if you are remove ten meters, then you whisper it to iPhone earbuds instructions?

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