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Frage von sebherrmann:
Juni 2009


How can you adjust the back flange of the XL1S? It seems as if that does not fit with my cam. I zoom in and clean focuser. Zoom in, I got up then adjusts the focus anymore. I use the original lens.

Has anyone similar experiences?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

I knew that one of the garnich alss USER yourselves. And as has already been said once, what should zoom the pure and focussing on ... And then to expect the picture was still sharp when you zoom out again ?!?!?!? Although people should give their cameras and so this can make with ner XL1s gehts mal defenetiv not.

Even with most photographic lenses does not go to the nonsense.

B. DeKid

Antwort von tatita:

Why is it nonsense? That's the normal procedure when one is sharp, right?


Antwort von soahC:

I do not understand synonymous. Of course you do it exactly! It zooms in quite pure, is sharp, and zoom out when the focus is naturally on the previously focused object!

The Problem: Can I adjust my knowledge, the XL1S is not itself

Antwort von canovision:


Of course, this process is correct when manual focusing,
even in the operation manual as described, if one did not already know.
The viewfinder image appears in mid-shot of getting a little fuzzier than
zoomed in details that paltry resolution of the XL viewfinder is the cause, a shortcoming of this otherwise excellent camera.
If it's a bug that has not previously encountered so my advice: contact the Canon Service, as did a very good experience with the Fa.Schuhmann in Linz, friendly and helpful, taking
You certainly e.lehner @ schuhmann.s.erfährst more about your problem.
But wahrscheinlichch synonymous in every other Canon repair shop near you.



Antwort von sebherrmann:

Schonmal Thanks for the replies. 'll Probably times the Canon service contacts. The assessment in the viewfinder is very difficult anyway, I noticed the problem is synonymous in the cut.
If one flange-no disguise can, I wonder if the problem is different, because previously everything was working properly ...

@ B. DeKid: How do you do a "zooming"? You like the zoom lens while correcting the edge? Consideration, I would make me not even with a high-quality viewfinder trust ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Among us ... I use meaningful s.meinen XL1s Cams nearly 95% WW and really zoom in NIE and I get it just synonymous for the absolutely free when I zoom in on something and then turning the lens back so I should set my sharpness ... oh well but like I said desöfteren film is not really trying to earn my bread roll.

Oh yes, and of course, otherwise I use AF, or have been focussing once tried nen skater or BMX rider from the hand to?
For photos I hold myself, or let me nen broom s.The place where I keep my driver in the air and is focussing this manual and then I hold your finger on the trigger which then works 3 times then are 36 images in the caste I once synonymous shooting like a move 4 movies full.
So I'll do that now for over 15 years ... Thats has no complaints.

B. DeKid

PS: Oh yes, and here it was already time so nen thread, because people were synonymous gabs of Meihnung that the zoom trick s.Ihrer Cam did not work.

Antwort von domain:

"soahC" wrote:

Of course you do it exactly! It zooms in quite pure, is sharp, and zoom out when the focus is naturally on the previously focused object!

This is not at all obvious. On the contrary, it is rather that the sharpness of a focal length zoom lenses with even the slightest change would get out of hand if there would not intervene in a corrective lens, a separate group. Previously linked via precise mechanical control curves s.The focal length change, now largely controlled by electronical actuators.
In both cases there, and there is no guarantee that this will at least with sufficient accuracy.

Antwort von canovision:

Well, Canon has urgently to the operating instructions
XL1/XL1s or XL2 ändern.Auf of Page 39 (; XL2-Bed.Anl.) Is accurately described this approach. "In man.Fokussieren> Zoom in telephoto position to bring to focus, in order afterwards to the desired neck
go back to (; in spirit)
Did the synonymous while shooting over 30 years as required, whether or bin with old Nikonzoom's latest Canon 's always gone well with it.
Has been synonymous preached in all the many photo books always so.

But maybe if it were indeed synonymous gone differently, is synonymous no preference, the main thing
the sharpness is sitting where it should be!

Antwort von domain:

I just wanted to argue against the widespread notion times that of a zoom lens can not be otherwise than that the sharpness is maintained throughout the zoom range auto.
In the initial problems of the EX1 / 3 came so clear as day. It was only a correction of the stored electronical control curve of the correction lens group through a firmware update has been associated with the Schärfehalten in order. It was mechanically altered nothing s.der Camera, Flange not synonymous.
But that was only for manual operation, because the autofocus is not the problem anyway.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Frankly, I have made over the back flange of amateur cameras and no idea of leaving the job of focusing the autofocus.

Of the professional cameras, I know the Vorghehensweise zooming, focusing, zoom out. Since the back flange is elementary, since the focus is drawn un manual so we must be sure that remains the focus of the zoom range.

When the manual that XL1S this approach is described, the flange-synonymous must be set correctly, or it must be synonymous with the need to correct. It does not matter if the back flange is set "classic mechanical" or by changing a control curve "electronical".

In my view, a case for the service.

Antwort von Manuell:

To reinzubringen times now even more confused :-)

With the Canon XL2 can ranzoomen to focus, and zoom out again, and still has a sharp picture, which I always do so and when one of my XL2s I use the 16x manual lens, which is synonymous with the flange-way stops.

With the standard lens but I do not know that you can adjust to change because the back flange, or in any way. I think it's already factory-adjusted optimally to the standard lens and not just as changeable.

Now I can not say for XL1s nothing, but at the XM1 it does not work and when it sharp reizuzommen zoom out still have a sharp picture that can not.


Antwort von domain:

The method of Scharstellens telephoto with Rückzoomen was already a standard in photography. But especially with cheap zoom lenses, they still did not work reliably. If that was not true or Flange (; plastic) control curves were already worn out, you could not rely on this.
The Flange was incidentally will be corrected quite easily by the service for mechanical change lenses, because it involves a separate thread with locking screw was provided for each lens.

Antwort von Manuell:

@ domain where I can only agree.

Antwort von canovision:


if something is worn or damaged, or synonymous with a lousy made Billigprodukt that is no longer "naturally"!

At the XL1 the thread originator hats synonymous apparently worked perfectly, but just not now, so his request.
Also s.meiner old XL1 was not a problem, synonymous with intermediate Extender null Problemo!

Remember me, s.meiner old 16mm Federnwerk-Beaulieu
(; not even know if I was to write the name correctly), the
Flange synonymous adjustable, using spacer rings behind s.der Optics.

Antwort von sebherrmann:

True, it has worked once! So what has to be lazy with the Flange. Let's see, what does the service ...

@ B. DeKid: AF? In XL1s? Especially in fast movements, the camera is totally overwhelmed and began pumping see at.

Antwort von canovision:

Type yes rather a flaw in the optics, is indeed very complex, the entire lens with the many electrical servos, and the optics has a fall, etc. behind?
But as I said, you think s.den Service, as indicated in my first post mailadres. leads you to a very competent authority that has often helped me very much, perhaps even synonymous get the opinion of a second workshop book.
None of your friends have such an action.? Could you then yes (to taste different; exchange Optics etc.)


Antwort von sebherrmann:

Good idea, would borrow another Optics times ...
A fall or similar, I rule out the fact, camera was always handled with care and only transported in the trunk.

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