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DVL-Digest 1166 - Postings:

After Effects 5 and Canopus Codec
Newie: Request for technical info, papers,etc.
tomato/tomatoe sort of a thing

After Effects 5 and Canopus Codec - "Valerie Shoaps"

>We've been happily using Storm/Premiere 6.1/AE 4.1 for a while, and had
>success outputting valid Canopus files direct from AE.
>So, we've now moved to AE 5, but using the same export settings as we used
>in AE 4.1 creates invalid Canopus avi's.
Make sure you set the audio to 48Hz, even if you don't have any. Canopuss dv codec needs it. AE is using the software codec, not the hardware based codec so there are slight gotcha's when working with it back in AP.
Running this way, I've never had problems with AE Canopuss avi's back into AP.

Newie: Request for technical info, papers,etc. - Adam Wilt

> What I need is technical data and papers about DV format and how I can
> reproduce it or may be embedded it on a micro.
Start with http://www.adamwilt.com/DV.html, and follow the links from
Adam Wilt
[Any bizarre line breaks courtesy of OS X's Mail.app. Think Different!]

tomato/tomatoe sort of a thing - "Crittenden, Jan"

John wrote:> Wow, and I thought I made a big deal out of obscurities. The
David Wiswell
> (author of the article) is being really anal-retentive. The
> pulldown can
> start either way --
The strange part is that David shows and explains it differently in another
paper. I do not believe, as I do know David, and yes he is a very bright
guy, I don't believe that he intended for us to get so wrapped up in such an
> Okay, now I'll put on my anal-retentive hat: it's NOT a
> "tomato/tomatoe"
> sort of thing, tomato is never spelled with an "e" except when
> plural. It's a "tomato/to-MAH-to" sort of thing.
And John you are right again, I was looking for a way to say exactly that
but at the moment I wrote it I lack the imagination to spell it properly.
Best regards,

(diese posts stammen von der DV-L Mailingliste - THX to Adam Wilt and Perry Mitchell :-)

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