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Aftereffects : broken window,gun shots in car effects?
Hirose connectors
recording in LP mode on a full

Aftereffects : broken window,gun shots in car effects? - Perry Mitchell

>can after effects simulate broken windows/gun shots in the ground/bullet
holes in car?<

As well as a very comprehensive collection of effects at 2 levels, After
Effects hosts hundreds of 'Plug-in' Effects from third parties. Some are
very specific and are sold as one-off effectors, most are sold as packages
of effects. Most of the publishers have Web Sites with demos and Galleries
of examples.
It is usually easier to ask what After Effects cannot do!

Hirose connectors - "Perry"

Tim Selander posted:
>Okay, I've been in the biz in Japan for almost twenty years now -- and
have never heard of a "Hirose" connector. What's it look like and what
kind of equipment did you find it on?! All of our equipment uses XLRs
like the rest of the civilized world!<
If you look at a Betacam (I'm looking at my BVW-300) then the dc out, the
remote control and the lens connector are all Hirose.
Incidentally, it should be Cannon (after the connector company) and not
Canon (the camera company).
Perry Mitchell
Video Facilities

recording in LP mode on a full - "Perry"

> Anyone know what Sony machine will allow me to record in LP mode on a
full-size consumer DV tape?<
I don't think anybody answered this as such:
AFAIK only two Sony machines will record DV (as opposed to DVCam) on full
size tapes, the DHR1000 deck and the DCR-VX9000 camcorder. The latter was
only ever made for PAL and is now obsolete, the former definitely doesn't do
Perry Mitchell
Video Facilities

(diese posts stammen von der DV-L Mailingliste - THX to Adam Wilt and Perry Mitchell :-)

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