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/// Category: NLE editing cards

Hardware / NLE editing cards

ADS Pyro 1394
Canopus DVRaptor
Canopus DVRaptor RT
Canopus DVRex
Canopus DVStorm
Canopus EZDV
Dazzle AV Master 2000
Dazzle DV Master pro
Dazzle DV.now
Dazzle DV.now lite
Exsys EX-6500
FAST Studio XL
Matrox Digisuite
Matrox RT 2500
Matrox RT Mac
Matrox RT.X10
Matrox RT.X100
Pinnacle DV500
Pinnacle Miro DC30plus
Pinnacle Pro ONE
Pinnacle Studio DV plus
Terratec Cameo DV 400

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NLE editing cards / Market overview

NLE editing cards / Tests

NLE editing cards / Comparisons

The Real Meaning of Real [16 Jan 2002]
 http://www.dv.com/features/features_item.jhtml?LookupId=/xml/roun  report broken link

Great DV Shootout 2002 [8 Jan 2002]
 http://www.digitalvideoediting.com/2001/12_dec/reviews/cw_shootou  report broken link

Trailblazing Cards for Mac Video [8 May 2001]
 http://videosystems.com/ar/video_trailblazing_cards_mac/index.htm  report broken link

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