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Sound / General

The Myth of Microphone Reach [21 May 2004]
 http://www.shure.com/support/technotes/app-micreach.html  report broken link

Guide to Audio Systems for Videoproduction [26 Jul 2002]
 http://www.shure.com/pdf/booklets/video.pdf  report broken link

Hollywood Approach to Better Location Sound [25 Jul 2002]
 http://www.equipmentemporium.com/hollywoo.htm  report broken link

Sound Recording [25 Jul 2002]
 http://www.24fps.com/Article/Alpha/sound%20recording.htm  report broken link

Designing for sound [9 May 2002]
 http://www.filmsound.org/articles/designing_for_sound.htm  report broken link

Digital Video : It&s the Law [28 Jan 2002]
Adam Wilt about the physics of sound, e.g. the inverse-square law.  http://www.dv.com/columns/columns_item.jhtml?category=Technical+D  report broken link

Critical Listening -- making a good audio recording [6 Aug 2001]
 http://digitalfilmmaker.net/videosmith/index.html  report broken link

Audio : The Basics [9 Jan 2001]
 http://www.cybercollege.com/tvp037.htm  report broken link

Sound / Articles

Tarantino&s Use of Music [1 Mar 2002]
 http://www.netribution.co.uk/features/essays/quentin_tarantino_mu  report broken link

Sound / Books

Sound Design : The Expressive Power ... [12 Nov 2002]
 http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/0941188264/slashvideodig-21  report broken link

Sound / Introductions

Introduction to Film Sound [27 Feb 2002]
 http://www.filmsound.org/marshall/index.htm  report broken link

Sound / Free Sounds

Freie Soundeffekte [28 May 2003]
 http://www.flashkit.com/soundfx/  report broken link

Sound / GEMA

Sound / Infosites

Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory [14 Jun 2004]
 http://www.filmsound.org/  report broken link

Audio and Hifi page [28 Feb 2003]
Lots of links about audio: acoustic, digital audio, home-recording, microphones, speakers and headphones.  http://www.epanorama.net/links/audio.html  report broken link

Sound / Dictionaries

Rane Professional Audio Reference A [11 Dec 2000]
 http://www.rane.com/digi-dic.html  report broken link

Sound / Software

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 2.1 Review [29 May 2002]
 http://www.camcorderinfo.com/display.php3?display=sonic_desktop_s  report broken link

The SmartSound Solution [11 Feb 2001]
 http://www.webreview.com/mmedia/2000/01_28_00.shtml  report broken link

Sound / Sound effects

Art Of Foley [16 Aug 2002]
 http://www.marblehead.net/foley/  report broken link

Sound / Tips

Boom Mic Basics [25 Jul 2002]
Tips about how to use a directional mic on a boom.  http://www.dv.com/features/features_item.jhtml?LookupId=/xml/feat  report broken link

Boom Techniques [25 Jul 2002]
 http://www.24fps.com/Article/Alpha/boom%20techniques.htm  report broken link

wind screens [25 Jul 2002]
 http://www.24fps.com/Article/Alpha/wind%20screens.htm  report broken link

How to make digital video sound like film [9 Jan 2002]
 http://www.dv.com/features/features_item.jhtml?LookupId=/xml/feat  report broken link

Sound / soundtrack

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