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MPEG-4 / Articles

MPEG Vs. Proprietary Video [22 Jan 2003]
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MPEG-4 / Codecs

XviD [18 Mar 2002]
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MPEG-4 / Introductions

Overview of the MPEG-4 Standard [23 Mar 2001]
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MPEG-4 Users FAQ [12 Mar 2002]
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MPEG-4 / Forums

XviD Forum [29 Mar 2002]
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MPEG-4 / News

H.264 Video Prepares MPEG-4 For Prime Time [25 Mar 2004]
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MPEG-4 / Tutorials

MPEG-4 / Comparisons

MPEG-4 / Miscellaneous

Xvid MPEG-4 Codec [30 Jan 2003]
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AJA HELO Plus: Professional dual H.264 streaming and recording 27.April 2022
Teradek Prism Flex: H.264/H.265-Enkodierung/Dekodierung und Streaming in 4K HDR 27.March 2022
New Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Recorders Record H.264, ProRes and DNx 30.July 2021
Blackmagic Web Presenter HD: Live streaming via H.264 for SDI cameras 19.February 2021
New video codec VVC is ready: 50% better than H.264 7.July 2020
Blackmagic Design: Atem Mini Pro Switcher with integrated H.264 encoding for live streaming 3.April 2020
NAB Video: AJA Ki Pro GO -Multi Channel H.264 USB Recorder-Player // NAB 2019 23.April 2019

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