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/// Slashcam News - August 2009
Canon EOS 7D says China is with fps before 24/25/30 31.August 2009
Clip Online Service Animoto now with video support 31.August 2009
222 Apple Motion Video Tutorials 30.August 2009
I already know the film - about "narrative exhaustion" 29.August 2009
Apple Mac OS 10.6 and support docs for the media 28.August 2009
Roxio Creator 2010 with CUDA / ATI Stream GPU support 28.August 2009
Sony brings retro Cracker: DSR-PD175P DVCAM Camcorder 27.August 2009
YouTube Partner Program opens for single, popular clips 27.August 2009
3D on the rise: Sony delivers 56 CineAlta 4K projectors to CinemaxX 26.August 2009
Adobe CS4 shortcuts Spicker as AIR app 26.August 2009
First Trailer for James Cameron&s 3D movie Avatar 25.August 2009
multiAVCHD - their own multi-video archive on Blu-ray 25.August 2009
Apple Mac OS 10.6 from 28 August now officially 24.August 2009
Is turning with the Panasonic AG-HPX300 - A test report 24.August 2009
Reprinted: Aiptek PenCam (HD Trio) 24.August 2009
Review: Boris Continuum Complete 6 22.August 2009
Review of Kodak's First Pocket Camcorder Zi8 21.August 2009
New Canon camcorder with only a few changes - and HF21 HF S11 20.August 2009
New 3D polarization of Hyundai monitors from 22 to 46 inch 19.August 2009
New: Windows Live Movie Maker presented 19.August 2009
720p webcam from Microsoft: LifeCam Cinema 18.August 2009
Rumor: 2011 Full-sensor camcorders from Sony - Alpha 1000 18.August 2009
The last cry? Sony patented salmon Ensor 17.August 2009
Olympus E-P1 in the video test 17.August 2009
Completely new Apple ProRes Whitepaper 16.August 2009
Dual, Magic, Smart? Samsung ST500/ST550/ST1000 15.August 2009
Focus Enhancements FS-H200 flash recorder in the test 15.August 2009
Green screen shooting for practice ... 14.August 2009
First Nikon D300s video samples to download? 14.August 2009
Adobe provides support for PowerPC Macs a 13.August 2009
Blackmagic delivers new SDI / SDI audio and / Fiber Mini Converter from 13.August 2009
Photo Slideshow: My name is Dhiraj Dechen of Sing 12.August 2009
Cooler Effect Escher for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop CS4 12.August 2009
JVC 46 inch FullHD brings 3-D polarization-TV 11.August 2009
Apple Final Cut Pro 7 under scrutiny 11.August 2009
Rumor - Next iMacs with Blu-ray Combo Drive? 10.August 2009
Short review: Adam Wilt & Panasonic AG-HPX 300 10.August 2009
Test of the JVC GY- 10.August 2009
David Lynch & Danger Mouse = Dark Night of the Soul 9.August 2009
Apple Compressor 3.5 tests 9.August 2009
New high-speed cameras from Vision Research: Phantom Miro eX 8.August 2009
Background info on Francis Ford Coppola: Tetro 8.August 2009
Elgato Turbo.264 Hardware H.264 HD encoder for Mac Test 7.August 2009
e-HDR recorder hard drive for Sony XDCAM EX1/EX3 7.August 2009
New in the Fall: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 and DSC WX1 6.August 2009
Comparison of 4 professional LED lights 6.August 2009
Google buys developer On2 codec - YouTube goes VP8 5.August 2009
New at the IFA: PocketDV AIPTEK AHD H5 Extreme 5.August 2009
Four new Rollei Movie Line HD camcorder announced 5.August 2009
Adobe poll winner announced 4.August 2009
New trend? Projector in the camera - Nikon COOLPIX S1000pj 4.August 2009
Anti-RollingShutter plug for The Foundry Nuke and After Effects 4.August 2009
CyberLink PowerDirector 8 available 3.August 2009
Apple Shake kills 3.August 2009
15 video upload sites compared with 3.August 2009
Video camera in the ballpoint pen 2.August 2009
TMPGEnc Movie Style with AVCHD 1.August 2009
Web videos frame exactly comment on and link with uShow 1.August 2009

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