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/// Slashcam News - November 2011
Canon EOS C300 Video / Viral 30.November 2011
What to consider when submissions Fri Film Festival 30.November 2011
Vasco da Gama 6: Travel Route animation in 3D # # # The latest version of the travel route animation 29.November 2011
Canon C300: Philip Bloom's first Eindrcke 29.November 2011
The iPhone as a Field Recorder: Tascam stereo condenser microphone im2 29.November 2011
RED Scarlet-X, Canon C300, Sony FS100, Canon 5D MKII, Panasonic AF100 - the paradox of choice 28.November 2011
? Which Groformat sensor camcorder (Specs) 2012 28.November 2011
Paper have the Open Source NLE Systems Lightworks versptet is 27.November 2011
€ 100 cashback on Panasonic GH2 26.November 2011
Intel's QuickSync knnen in FFDShow 25.November 2011
Answers: Model agreements on the iPhone / iPad can sign off 25.November 2011
Open Source as a dream camera - overt? 24.November 2011
First shots Scarlet X 24.November 2011
3D production glut cools off 23.November 2011
Computer judge aesthetic impression of image 23.November 2011
Adobe: cheaper upgrade price just for owners of the latest version 22.November 2011
Flat Picture Styles for the Canon EOS 5D MKII in comparison 22.November 2011
Philip Bloom: Thoughts on buying the RED Scarlet-X 21.November 2011
New high-speed cameras from Vision Research Phantom Miro M-Series 21.November 2011
First RED Scarlet-X is shipped: Playback enabled 20.November 2011
Sony Firmware Update 1.20 F3 & view 1080/24p for FS100 (in Europe) 19.November 2011
Clear answers Fri scriptwriters - Screenwriting.io 18.November 2011
Final Cut Pro X update to 10.0.2 17.November 2011
Grass Valley EDIUS extended to 3D 17.November 2011
Intel Launches 50-Core Chip "Knights Corner'quot; with 1 teraflop before 16.November 2011
DaVinci Resolve Lite 8.1 has now unlimited nodes and DNxHD 16.November 2011
Tapestries of Adobe Digital Video Tapestries 15.November 2011
Timelapse Surreal images of the earth from the ISS with Nikon D3s 15.November 2011
Iconoscope A-cam with 1080p RAW comes dII 14.November 2011
How to use an analog meter 13.November 2011
Looking 3D, motion control and motion in a video (with Canon 5D MKII) 13.November 2011
Michael Bay - The (secret) statistics for the safe Blockbuster 12.November 2011
Short test of hyper prime 12mm / F1.6 m4 / 3 lens of SLR Magic 11.November 2011
H.264 decoder in Javascript 10.November 2011
New GH2 hack 3.63d PTool brings motion and ISO 12800 10.November 2011
GH2 firmware update and video mode quasi 1080/25 (PsF) 9.November 2011
Overview crop factor, capacity, and B / s of Red Scarlet X 9.November 2011
GoPro Hero2 gets Wi-Fi Remote Control with Preview 8.November 2011
"The Hobbit": 48fps 3D 5K with 48 RED EPICS 8.November 2011
Speculations About Panasonic GH2 update in December 8.November 2011
Sensorgrenvergleich C300 Canon EOS Scarlet and RED-X 7.November 2011
New cameras from Panasonic - Lumix DMC-GX1 and 3D1 7.November 2011
3 x 64-bit: Avid MC 6, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro dedicated X 7.November 2011
Canon EOS C300 Cinema camcorder footage 6.November 2011
LomoKino: analog film cranks in the 21 Century 6.November 2011
Cheap Cam Action at Aldi: MEDION LIFE S49002 5.November 2011
Simple, but realistic embedding of 3D objects in photos 5.November 2011
Canon EOS VDSLRs kndigt coming with 35mm sensor and 4K recording of 4.November 2011
RED Scarlet with 4K from November / December 4.November 2011
Canon introduces PowerShot compact C300 and C300 EOS PL Cinema camcorder 4.November 2011
Avid Media Composer opens up to 6 I / O Cards 3.November 2011
Sony DEV-5 - Marketed Digital Binoculars with 3D recording 3.November 2011
Walter Murch on Final Cut Pro editing workflow and postpro 3.November 2011
7-inch HDMI monitor viewfinder - Lilliput 668GL-70NP 2.November 2011
After Effects and Cinema 4D and Blender 2.November 2011
Kdenlive 0.8.2 is here 1.November 2011
The future of the Mac Pro reported 1.November 2011
What to expect in terms of RED Scarlet? 1.November 2011

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