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/// Slashcam News - September 2011
Stereoscopic Huberbuam climbing documentary - 3D is (almost) on TV at 30.September 2011
Video Tutorial: drive before green screen filming 29.September 2011
Panasonic GH2 vs Sony vs Canon EOS 600D 5N NEX 29.September 2011
Stu Maschwitz on Adobe and future IRIDAS color correction 28.September 2011
The switch from Final Cut Pro X 28.September 2011
RED versus ARRI: industrial espionage 27.September 2011
Automatic Duck will premiere broadcast integration support 27.September 2011
Low Budget Film Blender Tutorials - Blend That Movie 27.September 2011
The crop factor explains 26.September 2011
Waterproof HD Actioncam: ContourRoam 26.September 2011
50 documentary films you must see 25.September 2011
Create, convert, burn - Nero 11 25.September 2011
Title animation in three dimensions with 3D Corel MotionStudio 24.September 2011
RED 4K developed laser projector 23.September 2011
OpenShot Video Editor 1.4 is here ... 23.September 2011
Final Cut Pro XML Exporter announces X'gt; Final Cut Pro 7 23.September 2011
Update for Apple Motion, Compressor, and new codecs 22.September 2011
YouTube converts videos from 2D to 3D and the time limit is 22.September 2011
Pro Keyboard for Final Cut Pro X 22.September 2011
RED Scarlet performance on November 3 - finally 21.September 2011
moviez HD and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD Visual Effects Suite 21.September 2011
Face exchange via face tracking in real time 21.September 2011
Nikon Nikon camera system with a new series of lenses in front of 21.September 2011
Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X free update with support including XML and Xsan before 20.September 2011
Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 10 20.September 2011
Intel Ivy Bridge 20 decodes HD video streams in real time 20.September 2011
Simply practical - Xume Quick Release Adapter 20.September 2011
Hotwheels Racer Video 19.September 2011
FloLight Cyclight: Green Screen illumination with only one light 19.September 2011
Final Cut Pro X Shoot Out on various Macs 18.September 2011
Slow motion with Twixtor by software 18.September 2011
Blender for Motion Graphics 18.September 2011
Actioncam GoPro Hero, Replay XD 1080, Contour 1080p and Drift HD 170 in the comparison test 17.September 2011
FFmpeg can decode ProRes 16.September 2011
Free Case Studies Independent Movie Distribution 16.September 2011
Rumor: Canon S35 camera with 4K in November for $ 15,000? 16.September 2011
Canon Rumors Specification: EOS 1Ds Mark III and EOS 5D Mark II 15.September 2011
Edit videos and are subsequently farbkorrigieren 15.September 2011
First USB 3.0 HDMI display adapter on the horizon 15.September 2011
Short Vegas 11 GPU demo video online 14.September 2011
Roland is writing new portable 6-channel audio recorder R-26 before 14.September 2011
Toshiba FlashAir: SDHC card with built-in Wi-Fi 14.September 2011
Panasonic AVCCAM Importer for Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 and QT 7 13.September 2011
Avid has extended transfer passengers off for Final Cut Pro User 13.September 2011
First autostereoscopic 3D Field Monitor - Marshall ORCHID OR-70-3D 13.September 2011
Presentations of the digital interface Fair 2011 online 13.September 2011
Intel Ivy Bridge will make it better and faster QuickSync 12.September 2011
Panasonic Announces Price and availability of 3D Cam AG-known 3DP1 12.September 2011
Small Professional Upgrade - JVC GY-HM150 12.September 2011
IBC 2011: Sony announces 64 GB SxS PRO memory card before 12.September 2011
SDI link and GPUDirect - new video technologies from AMD and Nvidia 11.September 2011
Sony Projector VPL-VW1000ES: 4K home 10.September 2011
Sony Vegas Pro 11 shows the IBC 9.September 2011
Product of fireworks including Black Magic Intensity Extreme HD and SmartView 9.September 2011
Sachtler tripod system is favorable for Ace Video DSLRs before 9.September 2011
Magic Bullet Looks brings 2 for Sony Vegas Pro 9.September 2011
Sony announces price for high-end 4K (8K) Cam F65 CineAlta known 9.September 2011
Grass Valley Mobile Storm - Capture and break-out box (also) for laptops 9.September 2011
IFA 2011: Sony FS100 vs. * * 5N NEX NEX and VG20 (GH2 &) 9.September 2011
Adobe buys IRIDAS Technology 8.September 2011
Adobe CS 5.5 with 45% sales growth thanks to Final Cut Pro X 8.September 2011
Edithare Lightworks - New Features and license 8.September 2011
Filmic Pro Video App for iPhone with manual control 8.September 2011
Ultra-Compact Home Media PC - Zotac ZBOX nano AD10 7.September 2011
Final Cut Pro X and ColorSync better than broadcast video output? 7.September 2011
Panasonic AJ-PCD30 P2 card reader is there 6.September 2011
Physically correct lens flares by real-time GPU rendering 6.September 2011
Eyeborg: the artificial eye as a camera has 5.September 2011
Kick Started: CineSkates Camera Slider 5.September 2011
Practice low-light camera comparison: 35mm vs. Arri Alexa, Red MX, EOS 1D and Sony F3 4.September 2011
Light box film camera from the Fraunhofer Institute: 3D and depth of field in post 3.September 2011
IFA: Mini Pocket Clip Toshiba Camileo and X200 / X400 2.September 2011
Apple Final Cut Studio offers for sale again at 2.September 2011
IFA: JVC Full HD Hybrid Camera PX10 with brisk Falconbrid processor 1.September 2011
IFA: New camera system with Full HD Samsung NX200 1.September 2011
Sony Cyber-HD with 3D glasses: HMZ-T1 1.September 2011

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