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Adobe Lightroom 4 with video capabilities immediately available

[17:07 wed,7.March 2012   by ]    

Since January as a beta version of Adobe&s antestbare new Lightroom 4 for Windows and Mac is available immediately as an official release. What it also makes for interesting video enthusiasts, the new video features, among other things, four of Lightroom now www.slashcam.de/news/single/Adobe-Lightroom-4-Beta-unterstuetzt--r3D--9579 . html (. r3d videos of the RED camera) supported. PIC1 Furthermore, the following functions to edit video clips have them: trimming, extracting individual frames (JPEG) White Balance (JPEG equivalent), basic tone, exposure, contrast, white clipping, clipping Black, Saturation, Vibrance, Tone Curve , Color Treatment (HSL), Black and White, Split Toning and Process Revision and Calibration. Exports can be as H.264 clips Videos&s or directly to facebook orFlickr. VY = P0F_5oG1euA And of course also for the processing of RAW photos new features available to you, such as new controls for the histogram to maximize the overall dynamic range as well as new and improved automatic controls for dynamic menu guidance for exposure and contrast settings, and other local correction tools for noise reduction, white balance and MoirEffekte. There is also the possibility, photobooks create directly in the application and a new map module can display images automatically places assigned, and disposes of a marking function and reverse geo-tagging and a memory function of the places that marked the photographer most frequently in his paintings. The price is compared to the introduction price of Lightroom 3 by 50%

Bild zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei www.adobe.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Adobe Lightroom 4 mit Videofunktionen ab sofort verfügbar


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Adobe Lightroom 4 mit Videofunktionen ab sofort verfügbar

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