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After Effects Warp stabilizer in comparison to the new FCPX Stabisitation

[12:01 wed,29.June 2011   by ]    

bildThe linked video comparison shows the differences between Adobe's new Warp Stabilizer and a Final Cut Pro X stabilization. OK, the comparison was carried out by an Adobe After Effects Manager, so the results are to be treated with some caution. Additionally, where only two clips simply chosen the standard settings of the tracker and an uncorrected record the original clips can not be seen. Overall, the AFX-tracker comes off it a little better. Perhaps we should even try to build something like an independent ... · VV = 25489873

Link more infos at bei vimeo.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: After Effects Warp Stabilizer im Vergleich zur neuen FCPX Stabilisation


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: After Effects Warp Stabilizer im Vergleich zur neuen FCPX Stabilisation

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