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Blender 2:57 is here ...

[00:40 thu,14.April 2011   by ]    


The remarkable thing about this version is primarily that it is the first non-beta release of the new 2.5 branch. This is the first "feature complete", even though some originally for the 2.5 version of the envisaged functions cut during the development of the release plan. We have installed the new version once briefly. Hard to believe that Blender demands still just 73 MB of hard disk. In the editing area, the sequencer actually feels now at a little faster, he needs less memory. Unfortunately we could not move him to utilize more than one processor core of our system. This could however change abruptly, even if given the new multithreaded FFmpeg libraries in Blender feeder. The compositing capabilities have howevercompared to the previous versions is not great and have also changed very potent, but not very fast. These seem to speak multiple processor cores when there are multiple parallel node branches. But here is also the one hand, and a new adaptation OpenCL tilebased Compsiting concept for discussion (if we are still up to date). Any other factors are definitely features lush to slashCAM closer to respond to them, but one thing is certain: to know and to be able Blender is certainly not wrong, because with this system can be all kinds of magic. And with the upcoming Blender Real Blender Mango-film project, according to Ton Roosendaal in the following areas continue to grow: "It will have focus on visual effects for film, having good tracking tools for example,

Link more infos at bei www.blender.org

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Blender 2.57 ist da...


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Blender 2.57 ist da...

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